Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/30/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

The show opens in University Hospital. Brandon is standing in the examining room worrying about Lexie. Sami comes up to him and asks if they could leave. Brandon says no, as they still need his help at the hospital. Sami says she is just anxious to be alone with him. They kiss, and Sami walks away.

Lexie is having a contraction, and Dr. Bader is urging her to stay calm. Lexie is telling Abe that he warned her about the tremors and not to go for a walk.

Sami confronts Eugenia, who tells Sami that this is harassment and she wonít put up with it. Sami replies that she will put up with it, because she knows what Sami could do to her. She tells Genie that she cannot tell Brandon the truth. Genie says that maybe Brandon will let Abe and Lexie raise the baby, but Sami tells Genie that he will claim the baby as his own and it will be over for him and Sami.

Rex and Cassie are in the DiMera mansion. Rex is listening a radio report about the damage from the tremors.  Cassie comes in and tells him that he made all that happen. She asks if he is proud.

Tony comes into Club Echelon carrying a briefcase. He apologizes for being late for the meeting. Tonyís business associate understands and mentions he had heard about the earthquake. Tony says that he experienced it first hand while stuck in an elevator. The businessman says that is the last place youíd want to be during an earthquake, but Tony says that good things can come out of it, very good things.

Marlena is alone is in her office, dictating case notes into a tape recorder. After finishing with a case and turning off the tape recorder, she decides to dictate about herself in the 3rd person. She mentions ďa womanĒ having a very unsettling experience in the aftermath of the earthquake. Marlena says that she feels like she is losing control of her life, as she looks at herself in the mirror.

John and Ops are in the gym. Ops is tracking Tony with the locating device he put on Tonyís car. They discover that Tony is in the riverfront district, half a mile south of the train tracks. John realizes that is Club Echelon and says he is on his way, but he stumbles on his way out. Ops grabs him and tells him to take it easy. John says that Doc convinced him to let things slide with Tony, but he refuses to do that anymore - itís payback time.

Rex turns off the radio and tells Cassie he isnít proud of what happened. Cassie says he did not sound like that back at the hospital, when he was bragging. She accuses him of being obsessed with the news, and the level of destruction. She tells Rex that he didnít do this, it was some one who knocked over his laser. Rex tells Cassie that is not why he was listening to the radio. He explains that what this is about is how a good scientist thinks of all the possible things that could go wrong, or endanger his research.  Cassie asks him why he did it. Rex says he is driven by some powerful inner force that keeps stretching his capabilities, whether he wants to or not. He says that it creeps him out, but in a good way.

Marlena continues to dictate into the tape recorder. She mentions that every good therapist also has a therapist of their own. She says that she could talk to one of her old mentors in Colorado. She then asks herself if she has the courage to do the same thing she asks of her patients every single day. Marlena says she loves her husband, but as she catches her reflection in the mirror again, she asks why she keeps thinking about Tony. She admits that Tony is using and playing her, but emotionally she feels compelled to spend time with him. She wonders if she thinks she can help him, to transform him.

Tony relays the story of being trapped in the elevator with Marlena to his business associate. He refers to her as an extraordinarily beautiful woman, who he found was drawn to him for the first time as he was drawn to her. The businessman hands Tony an envelope and tells him this is all the details of their business arrangement. Tony verifies that there are no copies, and the businessman assures him that everything is strictly confidential.

John approaches the club entrance and tries to get in, but is stopped by a guard. John makes up a story about forgetting his wallet, but the guard wonít let him in. John starts to walk away, and the guard leaves his post. John returns to the entrance and starts to pick the lock.

Brandon is standing behind the curtain in the examining room, listening to Lexie scream in pain. He has a flashback of being brought to the hospital, when his dad hurt him and his mom after he found out about Faye sleeping with Abe. In the flashback, Brandonís dad tells the doctor that they were hurt because Faye was carrying Brandon up the stairs and fell. When the doctor leaves, Brandonís dad tells Faye and Brandon that they will continue to pay for what Faye did.

Sami tells Genie that Brandon would never turn his back on the baby, not after the childhood he had. Genie says Brandon thinks Abe and Lexie would give this child a better life, but Sami says that Brandon hates Abe. She tells Genie about Abe having an affair with Brandonís mother when Brandon was young. Brandon knows about it, and thinks of Abe as a low-life sleazebag.

Rex tells Cassie that they arenít like normal people, because they are smarter. He says that even the people who like us are weird, because we are different. Cassie asks how they change, and Rex tells her that they donít, they cultivate those differences. He wants to figure out how they are genetically engineered, and asks why they are so insecure when they should be running the show. Rex says he wants to have control of his destiny.

Tony looks at the details and says that everything looks in order. The businessman asks if it is a go. Tony says absolutely, and offers a celebratory drink to seal the deal as he leads the businessman out of the room. John walks into the room after they leave.

Genie asks Sami why the baby would care who his father is. Sami says Abe would freak out if he knew that Brandon slept with Lexie. She says Abe would not forgive Lexie, and their marriage would fall apart. Genie asks if Sami is worried that Brandon would then go to be with Lexie. Sami says that Brandon and Lexie donít love each other, and that the kid is going to end up in a messed up family like she was; and look how she turned out. Sami asks Genie if she remembers when Lexie went ďfruit loopsĒ when she had to give up Isaac to Hope and Bo. She tells Genie that if Brandon knew, he would go for custody of the child, which would make Lexie end up in a straight jacket. She says that the babyís future is in their hands and that she is just as responsible as Sami is for changing those paternity test results, because Sami did it under Genieís watch. Then Sami goes back into the examining room to find Brandon has left.

Brandon goes into the hospital chapel. He tells God that he knows he is not the father of Lexieís baby, but they share a special bond. He wants this baby to have the things he never got. He says everyone thinks of Abe as some sort of superhero, but Brandon knows who he really is.

Abe is trying to calm Lexie. He tells her that their baby is strong enough to survive if he were born tonight, just like their love was strong enough to survive. Lexie says she wants to look to the future, because the present isnít all that great for her right now. Abe tells her to think how lucky she is that she is in a hospital and not stuck in a hole. Lexie says it wasnít luck when she was rescued, it was a miracle. She says that the guy who rescued her came out of nowhere and then just disappeared; she never even got to know his name. Abe tells her that when sheís up to it theyíll get a sketch artist, so that Lexie can give a description. Maybe someone would recognize him, and they could then thank him. Lexie says she was so distracted she couldnít give a good description. Abe says then theyíll put an ad in the paper to thank him.  Lexie says to just thank God, and Abe says he does that every day.

Tony comes back into the room to find his guard there. He asks if there is anything wrong, and the guard tells him he is just making his rounds. Tony says goodbye to the businessman and turns out the lights. As he is leaving, he hears Johnís voice telling him Tony might think he has disposed of his competitor, but John didnít think so. Tony pauses on his way out to try and figure out where the voice is coming from.

Lexie is having another contraction and tells Abe to go get Dr. Bader. Sami tries to stop Abe, to ask where Brandon is, but Abe tells Sami not now and calls for Dr. Bader. Dr. Bader comes in and asks Lexie whatís wrong. Lexie says she was having a contraction that she thought was going to get worse. Dr. Bader tells her the medication is working and that the contraction was smaller than the previous one. Dr. Bader wants to examine Lexie, so Abe steps behind the curtain. Sami stops Abe and asks how Lexie is. Abe tells Sami what Dr. Bader said and that he had something to do, and he leaves.

Brandon is telling God that if he was the father of that baby, then he would give him the life he deserves - the kind of life Brandon never got. Brandon says ďdamn my fatherĒ and he smacks the pew. He feels that the hatred inside him makes it seem like he is failing God. He wants to be able to forgive Abe, but doesnít think he can. At that moment, Abe walks in and asks Brandon what he is doing in there. Brandon asks Abe what do you think. Abe tells Brandon that Lexieís contractions have slowed down, and Brandon is relieved. Abe sits down on the pew behind Brandon and asks him why he has an extra interest in their baby. Brandon asks if it is wrong that he wants to see a baby born safely. Abe says he doesnít see Brandon showing this interest in every other pregnant woman in town. Abe then asks Brandon if he resents him, thinks he doesnít deserve this. Brandon tells him that he doesnít think people who do bad things should come out on top. Abe tells Brandon that he should work on his own life and find his own happiness. Brandon gets up to leave, and Abe calls after him. He tells Brandon that he knows that he was affected by his past sins and he is truly sorry, but the only way Brandon is going to grow up and become a man is to let go. Brandon says he canít do that and leaves the chapel.

Marlena continues to dictate. She asks if she is addicted to the pain and turmoil, and if she is bored when things are stable. She also asks if she needs to find someone to rescue, perhaps someone who needs help when every one around her is happy. She ponders if that is why she was attracted to psychiatry, to help people. Marlena tells herself she is blessed and lucky and should treasure every moment. She says she has an addiction to danger and Tony represents danger, he unsettles and unnerves her. Marlena says she has been perceived by so many people as perfect, but no one knows how she really feels. She adds that they wonít, sheíll cover it up.

Tony calls out Johnís name. John says that John is dead and that Tony killed him, but heís come back to haunt Tony. Tony turns on the lights to find John sitting in the glass enclosure above the bar.

Cassie asks Rex how he plans to figure out his gifts. Rex tells Cassie that he is going to study his DNA, and find out who he is and what he is meant to do. Cassie says they already asked Dr. Putnam to do it, and he disappeared. Rex says he doesnít need Dr. Putnam, heís going to do it himself. Cassie tells him he shouldnít do it.

Brandon moves aside the curtain to talk to Lexie. She tells him that she is not supposed to have visitors, as she needs her rest. Sami finds Brandon and tells Lexie that she is glad that she and the baby are okay. Sami then tells Brandon that they should leave Lexie to rest. She says they should go down to the cafeteria and get some coffee, and then call the resort to see if they can get their room back; Brandon could then finish asking her that question. However, Brandon isnít listening to her, he is watching Lexie.

John comes down into the room, calling Tony a sick son of a bitch for leaving him to die in the sauna. Tony calls John his superhero and asks why he would want to leave John to die. John tells Tony that he did it to be able to covet his wife, Marlena. Tony tells John he is right, he does want Marlena, but he wants John alive so he can suffer like Tony did when John took Kristen away from him. John says that Tony is finally being honest, and this earthquake gave him the perfect opportunity to carry out his plan. Dying in the sauna meant that John would suffer, and that he would spend his last hours thinking about Tony going after Marlena.

Sami asks Brandon what he thinks of her idea. Brandon starts paying attention to her again, so she asks Brandon once more if he wants to go for coffee. Brandon says that is a good idea, and Sami adds that they could talk and go back to the resort. Brandon says he doesnít want to do that, and can they just go home. She makes Brandon promise to get back to that question eventually. He offers to grab some coffee before they go.

Abe asks Dr. Bader when she can go home, and he says she can go home tonight. He then leaves to do the paperwork. Genie comes over to Lexie and lets her know she is glad the baby is alright. She adds that she couldnít live with herself if anything happened to her or the baby, especially with everything going on. Lexie asks her why she would say that.

Marlena is still dictating into the tape recorder. She is saying that the hazards of being a psychiatrist are self-awareness, and analyzing everything into the ground. She realizes that there is goodness in Tony, and that she has to help him find it to help him be a better person. She has to do it for Cassie and Rex, because she canít sit back and watch her children become DiMera's. Marlena says she has to try despite the risks; she has no choice. 

Tony tells John that life is a game and there has to be a winner at any cost. John says the cost is him dying. Tony says that if John happens to be snuffed out by an act of God, who was he to question it. John starts to attack Tony and the guard walks in, gun drawn, and orders John to stop or heíll shoot. John lets go of Tony, who tells the guard that his brother wasnít trying to kill him, he was getting ready to leave. John tells Tony that Tony screwed up; he overplayed his hand, so brace himself because he is going to regret it.

Genie explains that she just meant she didnít want anything to happen to the baby and leaves. Lexie asks Abe what that was all about. Abe says he doesnít know, that Brandon was showing unusual interest in the baby, but then he is Lexieís friend.

Sami sees Genie walk in the room and tells Brandon she forgot to ask Genie a question about work. She goes over to talk to Genie, and asks her if she thought about what she said. Genie tells Sami that she wonít tell Brandon for now. Sami goes back over to Brandon and says letís go.

Cassie tells Rex not to unlock his DNA, because he would unlock hers too and she doesnít want to know. Rex doesnít see whatís wrong with that. Cassie fears that heíll find out they are freaks. Cassie wants to be normal, but Rex says they arenít normal. Cassie asks if they canít just pretend, but Rex wants to find out his true destiny.

The guard asks Tony if he is really alright. He tells Tony that John tried to come in earlier, but he didnít realize John was Tonyís brother. Tony tells the guard it was alright - in fact he thinks they needed that moment, because it has helped them come to some new form of understanding.

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