Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/29/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/29/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

The show opens at University Hospital. Brandon arrives back at the hospital and checks in with the desk nurse. She hands him a list of children who have been admitted since the earthquake. Sami runs up to Brandon to tell him that she found an open phone line, and was able to get through to Lucas to check on Will. Brandon asks about Will, and Sami assures Brandon that Will is being well taken care of by Lucas. Sami also mentions how she can’t understand why the hospital had to call Brandon away from their weekend getaway. Brandon promises they’ll continue their weekend later. Eugenia is glad to see Brandon, and Sami says she’ll stick around and help out where needed, instead of going back to the apartment.

As Brandon walks away, Sami confronts Eugenia about it being her fault that Brandon left Sami right in the middle of proposing to her. Eugenia denies that was her intention for calling Brandon into work. Sami tells Eugenia that Brandon was about to propose to her, but because Eugenia hit the panic button he had to put Sami on hold. Eugenia says maybe that's the only good thing to come out of this disaster. Sami storms off.

Brady and Nicole run into the hospital. Brady tells a doctor they need help, as Nicole says her husband has been hurt. Brady adds that the driver has been hurt too. The doctor asks where they are, and Brady tells them they are outside. The doctor tells his staff to get two gurneys and join him outside.

Dr. Craig Wesley is looking at Chloe’s chart as she wakes up in her hospital bed. Chloe calls out to her dad and starts apologizing. Craig goes over to her bedside and starts stroking her hair. He assures her that it wasn’t her fault, and everything is going to be okay. He says they just need to make sure that Chloe doesn’t get a fever, so an infection can’t set in. Craig promises Chloe he is going to be right there and will take care of her.

Kate is leaning out of a window 25 stories up, yelling to Roman. She asks why he is hanging in space 25 stories up, and he yells up not to remind him. As he reaches the window, Kate calls him a damn fool.  Roman tells her to shut up and give him a hand. He calls this just another day at work and unhooks himself from the rope line. Kate rips into him about scaring her by acting like a “flying wolenda”, while she’s already scared enough about the building falling down. Roman tells her to calm down and says that they have to get out of there before it is too late.


Lexie is standing up in the deep hole she fell in. She is crying and in immense pain, as she repeats, “No it’s too soon, it’s too soon.”

Back at University Hospital, Tony comes in and tells the desk nurse he is looking for his children, Cassie and Rex DiMera. The desk nurse tells him that they have been a big help volunteering around the hospital. The nurse says she told them to take a break, so they probably went to the cafeteria -  and the elevator is right over there. Tony runs to the elevator, hollering for someone to hold it. When he gets there he realizes the person holding the elevator is Marlena. Tony says he assumes Marlena is there for the injured. Marlena says yes and asks Tony where he is headed. He says he is headed to the cafeteria, so Marlena says she’ll join him. She notices the wound on Tony’s head and asks how the other guy is? Tony is confused, so Marlena mentions the wound on his head. Tony puts his hand to his head and lies about falling. He asks about Cassie and Rex, and Marlena mentions that she came over with them and that they’d be glad to see Tony. She also adds that she thought Tony would be at headquarters with John, taking care of the man who tried to kidnap Rex. Tony says he thinks that has already been taken care of. Marlena asks Tony if that is where John is, taking care of it down at headquarters.

The next scene shows John trapped in the sauna. He is banging on the door, yelling to see if there is anyone out there that can help him. He has stripped down to his boxer shorts and is sweating, weak, and having trouble breathing. He tries to use his cell phone, but there is no signal. Then he notices the box on the wall that holds the wiring for the sauna temperature. He attempts to pull off the backing to the box, but it is fastened to the wall with screws. John then pulls off a part of his cell phone casing and uses it to unscrew the backing.

Marlena and Tony are still in the elevator. Marlena mentions that she has been trying to reach John on his cell phone all night, but he isn’t answering. Tony mentions that electricity and cell phones are out all over town. Marlena asks Tony if he knows where John is. Tony flashes back to when the barbells and shelf fell down to block the sauna door, and John was telling Tony to let him out. Tony was going to just leave him there, but before he did, he was going to turn the sauna all the way up. He is brought back to the present by Marlena telling him to please tell her if he knows where John is. At that moment, the elevator slams to a stop. Marlena notes that since they are in a hospital, the emergency power generators will come on soon. Tony says that’s only for the OR, not elevators. He notices that they’ve stopped between floors, and as Marlena looks for a phone she asks what else can go wrong here tonight.

Ops is in the grounds of the DiMera mansion. He mentions that because of the 'quakes, the DiMera state of the art security system is down and he is on the ISA channel by his lonesome. He mentions going in and seeing what he can dig up, and hears Lexie calling for help.

Victor is on a gurney, being wheeled into emergency at University Hospital.  The doctor is saying Victor is in possible cardiac arrest and starts ordering tests and procedures. The nurse tells Nicole that she’ll have to leave, and although Nicole says she is his wife, the nurse won’t let her stay. Nicole calls her a bitch and moves to go after her, but Brady pulls her back. The lights flicker. Nicole asks what now, as she tells Brady to stop sticking around and go to Chloe. She asks him what does he care if “the old geezer kicks it.”

Kate tells Roman that she won’t be leaving the building by going out the window. Roman tells her that the rope between those two buildings is their only way to safety; all she has to do is go hand over hand. She tells him to go to hell, and he asks if that is any way to talk to her rescuer. She says he can  go without her, she’s staying put. She tells Roman she isn’t going to let him drag her on a rope 25 stories up. Roman asks Kate why then did she let him risk his life to climb up there. More debris falls, and Kate says they have to do something. Roman tells her to put the harness on. Kate yells no, so Roman says they are doing this his way and drags Kate to the window by her elbow. She pulls away and says she’ll never forgive Roman for this. Roman turns to her and says that at least she'll live to tell about it.

Chloe asks Craig not to tell Nancy, because she doesn’t want Nancy to think she’s destroyed what they’ve worked so hard for these past few months. Craig tells her she didn’t destroy anything. Chloe says she panicked when she couldn’t reach Brady. She adds that nothing is important unless Brady is okay, and she wouldn't be able to handle it if something happened to him.

Brady asks Nicole what is the matter with her, how she can say that when her husband is in a critical condition. He asks if she cares about him at all, and Nicole answers that she married him didn't she? She tells Brady to go see Chloe, and if and when Victor comes to she’ll be sure to tell Victor his grandson didn’t care enough to stick around. Brady says he isn’t leaving until he’s sure Victor is going to be okay, and she threatens to bar him from being able to see Victor. Brady starts to threaten her, but she interrupts to ask if he would belt her. He asks her what kind of sick and twisted mind does she have, and leaves to go ask the desk nurse if he can check on a patient, Chloe, while he’s with his grandfather. The desk nurse says she will get someone to run a note to Chloe, to let her know that Brady is here in the hospital. Nicole comes out of the exam room and makes eye contact with Brady, surprised to find him still here.

Sami gets a soda out of the machine while she waits on Brandon. As Eugenia walks by Sami stops her, and says they have to get something straight. Eugenia tells Sami she is doing a lab, but Sami tells Eugenia that her career will be over if they found out about her screwing up the lab tests. Eugenia asks Sami what she wants, and Sami says she wants to be Mrs. Brandon Walker, so stay out of her way. Eugenia asks how one of the nicest guys in Salem got sucked in by Sami. Sami says it’s called love. Eugenia says deception is more like it, and if Brandon knew that Sami switched those paternity tests then it would be a different story. Sami tells Eugenia to be quiet about that, and says that Brandon will never find out because she and Eugenia had made a deal - she doesn’t tell about the lab mistake, Eugenia doesn’t tell about Sami switching the results. Eugenia asks what if she decides to chance it and tell Brandon the truth, there isn’t a thing Sami can do about it. Sami asks Eugenia if she wants to bet, as the camera pans upwards to show a light fixture slowly coming apart from the ceiling.

Eugenia asks if Sami is threatening her, but Sami replies that Eugenia is the one who is threatening. Genie asks Sami can’t she see that she’s hurting Brandon. Sami says no one will be hurt as long as Genie keeps her mouth shut. Brandon walks in and asks Sami what she meant by keeping her mouth shut. Sami asks Brandon if girls can’t have a cat fight in private. Genie tells Brandon that she was just telling Sami to keep her mind on the job, but all she can think about is getting back to the resort with Brandon. Sami asks Brandon how his patients are, and Brandon says they are settling in for the night. Sami wants Brandon to go back to the apartment now, but Brandon tells her that the children are more important and still need attention. He asks her how she would feel if Will was one of those children, and that this wasn’t a time to be thinking of themselves.

Brady and Nicole go back into the examining room, and Brady asks the nurse how Victor is. The nurse says the doctor wants to run a few more tests. Brady asks if he can go in and see Victor. The nurse tells Brady that Victor is asking to see him, and then adds, alone, as she looks at Nicole. Brady goes in, and Victor asks about Don, the driver. Brady tells him he only had superficial injuries. Victor tells Brady that he saved his life, and Brady said he only did what anyone else would have done. Victor looks up to see Nicole standing around the curtain and says don’t be so sure.

Lexie is still yelling for someone to help her. Ops calls out to her to ask if she’s alright. He tells her he will have her out in no time and not to panic. Lexie says she is pregnant and already started labor, but it’s too early to have her baby. She cries out to hurry because she can’t have her baby while she’s in the hole.

Roman finishes putting the harness on Kate. Kate says she doesn’t want to die. Roman tells her to do what he says and they’ll both get out of there. Kate says they won't and walks back across the room. More debris falls and Roman tells her he has to trust her. He leads her to the window and tells her to focus on the other building. Kate is shaking her head no. Roman says then focus on me and leans in to kiss her.

John finally unscrews the backing to the sauna temperature controls. He pulls out the wires and untwists them. Then he tries to pull up a board from the sauna bench. He is able to pull one out on his second try.

Tony calls out for help from the elevator. Marlena mentions that the staff uses the elevators, so they should have them working again soon. Marlena asks Tony about having seen John earlier today. Tony says yes, he saw him at the gym. Marlena asks if John said where he was going. Tony says after John accused him of organizing the kidnapping of his own son, he couldn’t wait to get away from John. He says he left John before the earthquake hit. Marlena says she hopes John is alright and that when they get out, Tony should have his head wound looked at. Tony mutters that John came after him and when Marlena asks what he said, Tony tells her that he thought John was going to kill him.

Abe Carver comes into the police station to ask if they’ve found Lexie yet. He tells the officer to check the hospital again. The officer tells him he just checked, and Lexie hadn’t been admitted. Meanwhile, Ops is pulling Lexie up out of the hole. He puts something under her head and tells her he is going to go call a medic. He talks on his ISA network to tell them to get a hold of local 911 and to get an ambulance over to the DiMera mansion.

Craig comes back to Chloe’s room to tell her that Brady is fine and in the hospital having left a message for Chloe. Chloe asks why Brady isn’t here, and Craig tells her about Victor. Chloe asks if Victor is alright and then tells Craig to go take care of him. Craig makes Chloe promise to stay put in her room while he’s gone.

Victor tells Brady that he will have to carry out his orders at Titan. Brady says he wasn’t expecting to take over the company so soon, but with Victor as his mentor he’s sure he can handle it. Victor says bringing Brady on board was the best decision he’s made in a long time. Brady tells Victor to get some rest. On the way out, Nicole grabs Brady and asks what Victor told him. Brady tells Nicole it is none of her damn business.

Sami stops Genie again and asks if Genie is having fun turning Brandon against her. Genie says that Sami should stop worrying about her and make herself useful around here for a change. Sami tells Genie to go to hell and walks away, leaving Genie standing there looking disgusted. Brandon walks up, sees the light fixture about to fall and pulls Genie out of the way. Sami walks back and sees what happened.

 Roman is telling Kate to think about a stiff drink and steak and fries as she moves to the window. Kate looks down out of the window and faints against Roman. Roman says this is a lucky break and hooks his harness back onto the rope as he holds her up. The next scene shows Roman and Kate having made it to the other building, and Roman is setting Kate down into a chair. Kate wakes up, and Roman tells her that they’ve made it and now she can give him her undying gratitude.

The officer comes into Abe’s office to tell him that there’s a 911 out to the DiMera place. Abe asks what happened, and the officer tells him there’s a pregnant woman in labor. Abe exclaims, Lexie! They both run out of the office.

Ops and Lexie hear the sirens of the ambulance coming. Ops goes to tell them where to come, but really hides behind some bushes. Lexie recognizes the paramedic and as they load her onto a stretcher, she tells them to call Dr. Bader. She then flashes back to telling Abe she was pregnant, laying in bed and feeling early contractions, and seeing the Lamaze birthing video for the first time.

John uses the board from the bench to break the glass window in the sauna door. Then, after taking a few quick breaths of fresh air, he uses the board to try and push the shelves away from the door.

Marlena starts arguing with Tony about him saying he thought John was trying to kill him. Then Tony says he is feeling dizzy. Marlena says he may have a concussion and asks if he is feeling nauseous. She tells him he should lie down before he falls down, and Tony asks right here? Marlena sits down on the floor of the elevator and has Tony put his head in her lap. He gets comfortable and then smiles.

John finally gets the shelves away from the door and manages to push the door open past the barbells. He collapses onto the floor, as Ops runs in looking for him. Ops sees John on the floor and runs over to him. John begs him for water as Ops asks him what happened. John tells Ops that DiMera locked him in and turned the heat up.

The elevator comes back on, and Marlena helps Tony up on his feet.

Craig finds Brady on his way to see Chloe and tells him Chloe will be so glad to see him. He goes  off to get him a sterile gown. While waiting for the gown, Brady stands in front of the door to Chloe’s room. Chloe turns her head to see Brady standing there and smiles. Brady waves to Chloe.

Nicole goes in to see Victor. Victor says he wondered what happened to her, and Nicole says he only had to ask for her. Victor says he is glad that Nicole is there. Nicole thinks this is one of Victor’s mind tricks. Victor tells Nicole he saw what she did after the accident, and that she was hovering over him. Nicole says she didn’t do anything to him. Victor tells her that she could have let him die, so why didn’t she?

Genie tells Brandon that she doesn’t know what to say, if he hadn’t been there... She asks how she can repay him, and Brandon tells her just to continue to be herself. Sami walks up and asks Genie how she is. Brandon says she is okay but shaken up. Sami offers to take care of Genie’s files and suggests that Genie go rest in the nurses’ lounge. Sami and Brandon are talking as Lexie is wheeled in. Brandon runs over to Lexie and asks Dr. Bader if she is in labor. Abe runs in and pushes Brandon out of the way. Lexie tells Abe what happened to her and mentions about a man getting her out. Abe asks the paramedic if he rescued her and he says no. Abe asks Lexie if it was one of the DiMera servants and Lexie says no, it was a stranger, he was an angel. Dr. Bader orders some drugs to try and stop the labor, and goes to check for an available delivery room, just in case. He comes back to tell Lexie that the labor is very advanced.

Brady is sitting next to Chloe’s hospital bed. He kisses her hand. Chloe says that Brady is really here, and he thanks God that Chloe is okay. Chloe says they both have so much to be thankful for tonight.

Victor asks Nicole why she blew her chance to kill him. She tells him that maybe she isn’t the monster he thinks she is, and that once he’s back on his feet they can start fighting again.

The doctor checks out Kate, and she turns to Roman and says that she told him there was nothing wrong with her. Roman asks Kate why he thought she’d actually be grateful. Kate says she already told him that she was grateful for saving her life. Roman asks if that proves something to her. Kate says it tells her that he’d risk his life falling to his death from a high rise, rather than tell her he loves her - that makes her very sad.

Dr. Bader takes Abe out of the room to talk, and says it’ll be a while before they know anything. Lexie asks the attending nurse if the contractions are slowing down. The nurse tells Lexie to concentrate on her breathing, and offers some ice chips. Genie tells Sami that she should tell Brandon that he is the father, because he would want to be here while his baby is in distress. Sami replies that if Genie cared about Brandon she would let him be happy with Sami. Genie says she can’t go on lying to him after he saved her life, and that she has to do the right thing. Lexie looks over to see Sami and Genie in a heated discussion.

John is sitting on the floor of the gym against the sauna door, tending to a cut on his foot. He asks why Tony turned up the heat and left him to die. Ops says it may be time to let ISA round Tony up, but John wants Tony for himself. Ops says that if Tony keeps making attempts on John’s life, that John is going to need backup and lots of it. John says one good thing did come out of tonight. Ops says he almost got shot tonight, John almost roasted to death and he still is delirious. John says this should prove to Marlena that he was right all along about hating Tony.

Joseph, a hospital repairman, helps Marlena and Tony out of the elevator and asks if they are alright. Marlena assures Joseph that they are fine. She tells  Tony that they will be as soon as they get him some medical attention, but Tony says he is fine. Marlena drops her purse, and Tony leans down to help pick up her stuff. Marlena says she’s got it and tells Tony to tell Rex and Cassie that she will catch up with them later. Tony asks Marlena if she is no longer joining them, and Marlena says that no, she is going to find John and walks away. Tony watches her leave and smiles.

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