Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/21/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/28/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

Today: Tony leaves John to die...Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Belle, and Shawn help out at the hospital...Chloe searches for Brady, while he tries to help Victor and Nicole...Abe is stuck at the station, while Lexie is stuck in the pit...And Roman tries to save a stubborn Kate.

Cast: John, Tony, Roman, Kate, Fireman, Abe, Chief Gibson, Officer, Lexie, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Mimi, Ms. Andrews, Chloe, Craig, Eugenia, Lori, Woman, Man, Woman #2, Man on TV, Nicole, Brady, Victor, Don.

In the limo

Nicole wakes up to find Victor and Don knocked unconscious. She tries to wake them up, but to no avail. Next, Nicole tries using her cell phone but gets no signal. She feels a pulse on Victor, grabs a corkscrew, and decides to end his life. Suddenly she hears a knock on the window. It's Brady, and he tells her that he saw the limo in the ditch while he was driving by. Nicole claims she was trying to break through the window with the corkscrew, but he tells her that the windows are bullet proof. Finally, Brady gets the door open, checks Victor's pulse, and tells Nicole that they have to get him to the hospital.

At the hospital

In Chloe's room, she is trying to reach Brady on his cell phone, but he won't answer. A nurse rushes in and tells Chloe that she cannot leave the room. Chloe continues to try and call Brady, and finally leaves to look for him.

In the trauma center, Craig is telling the staff where to bring the many patients. Rex, Cassie, Mimi, Belle, and Shawn rush in to volunteer. When Cassie learns that Belle and Mimi used to be candy stripers, she starts making fun of them. Another tremor hits and shakes the whole hospital. Rex holds Mimi, Shawn holds Belle, but no one holds Cassie. Mimi then goes off to help people, while Belle and Shawn rush to an old lady and wheel her to another room. Cassie and Rex can't believe he caused this. Rex leaves to do something.

Cassie finds a little girl and sits on a chair beside her. She learns that the girl's parents were hurt in the earthquake. Later, Cassie returns to the little girl and tells her that her parents will be fine. Cassie begins to tell her about the time she almost lost her parents. The girl's parents return and thank Cassie for taking care of their daughter.

Later, Rex returns, and when a nurse walks up to him he is forced to volunteer. Elsewhere, Belle and Shawn talk about how this earthquake made them realize the importance of life, and he apologizes again.

In a cubicle, we find Mimi tending to a woman, and the woman recognizes her as "Flirty Mimi" from Love Is Blind. Mimi is happy to be recognized, just as Cassie walks in and the woman recognizes her as Cassie. Belle and Shawn then walk in, just as the woman turns on the TV and we see a preview for "Love Is Blind." The announcer calls Cassie slinky and sultry; Belle, adoring and vivacious; Mimi, fun and flirty. Shawn gets angry, calling the game show a circus, and he especially gets mad when the woman asks who won.

Meanwhile, Chloe is roaming the halls searching for Brady, when all of a sudden she collapses in a chair.

Eugenia gives Craig the phone, and he learns that Chloe is missing. Craig rounds up the whole hospital staff and orders them to search for Chloe. He finds Chloe passed out on a chair and puts her in a wheelchair.

Belle, Shawn, and Mimi run into Craig and Chloe, and learn that Brady is missing. Belle is sure that he is just helping people and tells Chloe to get better.

Back at Chloe's room, Craig returns with her and tells her that she is running a fever. She asks if she is going to die or not.

Belle, Mimi, and Shawn leave to help at the homeless shelter, while Rex and Cassie vow to find out their true purposes.

At the police station

Abe and Roman are sending units out to save people, while Abe wonders why Lexie isn't answering her phone. Abe asks an officer if they found his wife yet, and Roman receives a call about Kate. He heads off to the building. Abe also goes to leave, but another call stops him.

At the abandoned building

Kate continues pressing the down button on the elevator and gets frantic. She tries using her cell phone, but gets no signal. Finally, she hears Roman's voice from the other building. Kate follows his voice to the window and sees him on the other side. When they learn that the elevator is broken, Roman shoots a hook across the building and she ties it to something secure. Roman tells her to climb across, but she flat out refuses.

Back at the police station

Abe finally has the chance to leave, but someone calls in about a fire. After that call, Abe rushes off to find Lexie.

In the pit, on the DiMera Estate

Lexie finally comes to and realizes where she is. She grabs her scarf and ties it to a branch. She tries to climb up it, but falls and is knocked out again. When she comes round, she fears she is going into labor.

At the Titan Gym

John continues pounding on the door and spots Tony unconscious. He yells for Tony to help, but when Tony wakes up he asks John to name one reason why he should help him. He reminds John that he almost let him die on the DiMera Island and refuses to help him. Before Tony leaves, he tells John not to worry about Marlena, as he will comfort her in her time of need. John pounds on the door, calling Tony a bastard, but Tony just turns up the heat and leaves. John screams "You son of a bitch!" as the previews roll.


*Kate tells Roman that she isn't going to climb out the window.
*Sami and Eugenia argue about the baby being Brandon's, while we see Lexie eavesdropping.
*Marlena questions Tony about where John is.
*We see John pounding on the sauna door.

The End.

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