Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/23/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/23/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

At the Gym

Bo and Hope are working out. Bo vents his frustrations over Vin and Chaz making bail, and Hope tries to convince him that it is just the way the system works. She reminds him that the things he does are good, and she confesses that she wants to do something outside the home and family. Bo wants to know what she has in mind, and thinks she wants to return to the force. She tells him that she worries too much about him while he is working and doesn’t want to put their kids through that, but isn’t quite sure what she wants to do. He convinces her that she still has time to figure it out before she makes a decision.

At the Hospital

Chloe worries about the results of the test. Craig and Nancy arrive, and Craig tells Brady he is glad he is there, which heightens the suspense. Chloe tells Craig to give it to her straight, so Craig announces that the transplant worked. They are all ecstatic and take turns hugging, as Craig announces more good news…he tells Chloe that she can go home the next day. Nancy passes out sparkling cider to all as they celebrate, and Craig reminds Chloe she must still be careful. Chloe reassures him that she knows all the precautions to take. Later, after Craig is called away, Brady informs Chloe that he is going to the symphony with Victor, but shares that it is a fundraiser for music in schools. Chloe tells him she doesn’t mind, and he promises to come back and tell her all about it. Brady leaves, as Nancy enters and asks Chloe what’s wrong as she looks upset. Nancy believes Chloe wants to be at the concert with Brady but Chloe denies it, so Nancy suspects that Chloe wanted Brady to stay with her instead. She tries to convince Chloe she is still entitled to be mad or upset about things, regardless of what has happened, because she is still human. She assures Chloe that she will never think her feelings are petty, and Chloe confesses she is worried about Victor trying to split the two of them up. She thinks the more time Brady spends with Victor, the less time he will be spending with her. Nancy tells Chloe that the first priority and instinct of parents is to protect their child, but Chloe assumes she is taking Victor’s side. Nancy denies that, saying she just wants to understand and be fair. She reminds Chloe that she wasn’t thrilled with her and Phillip together, and adds that she wasn’t crazy about Brady until after she go to know him and realized how happy the two of them make each other. She advises Chloe to give Victor time to see the two of them together, and to relax - things will work out. Chloe feels better after her talk with Nancy and Nancy prepares to leave, promising to give Joy a kiss for Chloe.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony asks Cassie why she tried to fix him up with Gabi, and she explains she wants him to be happy. She confesses that she would really like him with Marlena but realizes that won’t happen. Tony counters, asking how she knows that.

Meanwhile, Rex arrives at the mansion and goes to his room. He turns on a screen to see his device and notes to himself that everything is working perfectly. He notes to his recorder that his machine, which turns coal to diamonds, will make him rich and famous, although the power it gives him is what he wants most. He also notes that if the device falls into the wrong hands it could be catastrophic. A knock on the door reveals that Mimi is there to see him. She tells him they need to talk, as behind him someone is snooping around the device. Rex tells Mimi that they can’t talk at the moment because he is busy, and she reveals that was the reason she did the dating show. She tells him that she thought things were going somewhere between them but she can’t go at it alone. He doesn’t understand what she is saying as she demonstrates by pulling him in for a kiss.

Meanwhile, the snoop starts fiddling with the machine, knocks it out of place and it points to the ground.

Downstairs, Tony comments that anything is possible and tells Cassie that she should worry more about her own life instead of his. Cassie states that things would be much better if he and Marlena were in love and married. Tony tells her not to get her hopes up, and Cassie realizes that Tony has a plan to steal Marlena from John. Tony comments that Cassie is definitely his daughter in her ability to read people, as she says she wants to help him. He informs Cassie that whatever plans he has, he will do on his own. She tries to convince him to let her help and bluntly asks if he is going to steal Marlena from John or not.

Back upstairs, Rex breaks the kiss, telling Mimi it’s not a good time but if his plan works, he will be able to spend more time with her. Mimi is upset and tells him she deserves someone who is willing to be an equal part of the relationship. She comments that the guy might even be the “hunk” as she takes off. Rex tries to stop her and when she doesn’t, he follows her.

Meanwhile, the snoop rushes off after realizing he has tampered with the machine.

Upstairs, Rex asks Mimi why she even likes him, and she tells him to look in the mirror. He wonders if it is all about looks, but Mimi swears it’s more than that. She comments that she has always sensed that Rex was alone and tells him she can relate to that. She tells him that if they got together, neither one would have to be alone anymore.  Rex confesses he does feel alone and doesn’t like it. He tries to explain that it has to be like that for now.  Mimi tries to tell him to just take a step, but Rex tells her again that he can’t. She then accuses him of leading her on and promises not to bother him anymore. She takes off, and he goes back inside, realizes that the laser has been tampered with and rushes out.

Downstairs, Cassie is pressuring Tony to let her help him. They see Rex rush out and Tony stops him, saying he knows everything and they need to talk about what he has been up to. Rex wonders what Tony knows, as Tony admonishes him for the way he has been spending money. Rex is relieved that Tony doesn’t know about his plans, but gets impatient when Tony wants to go over his bank statements. Rex promises they will do that later and rushes out. Cassie comments that Rex gets too involved, and Tony states that he needs to learn balance. Cassie plays nice and offers to go over her bank statements with Tony, who agrees.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Two of Victor’s friends arrive, and Nicole is forced to play hostess as Victor reminds her it is her duty to be nice to his guests. She joins the couple in the living room and prepares to discuss what Victor really thinks of her, but the rest of the guests arrive. Nicole again announces that she wants to tell them about how Victor treats her when they are alone, but is sidetracked as Victor receives another guest who he seems to be very close to. She questions him and he introduces her to Linda Browning, who comments that she also can’t wait to meet Brady. Linda walks off, and Nicole comments that Victor plans on using Linda to get Brady away from Chloe. Victor denies trying to set them up, but adds he can’t help what may happen after they meet. Brady arrives and shares his news about Chloe with Victor and Nicole.  Victor is then called away by one of the guests and Nicole tells Brady that Linda is his “date”. Brady goes over to Victor and interrupts him, saying they need to talk. He questions Victor about trying to set him up and Victor doesn’t deny it, saying they are the perfect match and goes on to explain that it is Linda Browning. Brady realizes who she is in accordance with the music business, and decides he really would like to talk to her. Brady returns to Nicole and chastises her for interfering ,as Victor approaches and introduces Brady to Linda. Later, Victor announces that it’s time to leave for the symphony, and Linda and Brady realize they are seated together. He makes a call to Chloe and promises to call her when he gets to the hall, and to visit her as soon as the concert is over. She wonders if Victor asked about her and Brady informs her that he actually told Victor about her good news and he was thrilled. She reminds him to call her before the show and they hang up.

Meanwhile, Rex is stopped by the guy who sold him the laser device. The guy tells Rex that if he had known he was a DiMera, he would have charged him more it. He proceeds to tell Rex that he owes a lot of people money and when Rex tries to get away pulls a gun on him, and tells him he is going to help him solve his problems. He asks Rex if he has a cell-phone and when Rex pulls it out, tells Rex to call home.

At the Gym, things are heating up with Bo and Hope in the sauna, and Hope thinks she feels the earth shake. Bo teasingly says he will take that as a compliment as the two continue to “neck”.

At the DiMera Mansion, Cassie and Tony are going over her bank statements.  Tony receives a phone call demanding $1 million if he wants to see Rex again. Cassie asks what’s up, and as Tony informs her that it seems Rex has been kidnapped, the earth begins to shake.

Meanwhile, Rex also feels the movement and says, “Oh God…No.”

On Thursday:

*Rex’s ransom is set at $1 million cash, unmarked.
*John informs Marlena that Rex has been kidnapped.
*Tony vows he won’t lose his son.
*Roman proposes to Kate and she accepts.

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