Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/22/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/22/03

By Claudia
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At Dot.Com

Cassie goes on to a very distracted Rex about her new Italian leather shoes. She comments that this (referring to the TV show) is her chance to get people to like her. Rex sees someone enter and goes to greet him. Rex warns him that he better have exactly what he ordered.

Meanwhile, Shawn enters and joins Brady. They talk about Chloe and how much she wants to go home already. Brady asks Shawn why he isnít with Belle at the hospital, and Shawn replies that he wanted to give the two girls an opportunity to spend some time together.


At the hospital, Belle is visiting Chloe. She tells Chloe that they are going to throw a huge party for her when she is released from the hospital. Chloe informs Belle that she is not well yet and really just wants to go home. They decide to talk about something else, and discuss the show. They also talk about how Belle would love to switch sisters with her, saying that Joy is much cuter and sweeter than Cassie. Chloe wants to know who wins, but Belle holds firm that she canít talk about it yet. They then talk about Shawn, and Belle explains that they are doing ok and that she plans not to run away every time they have problems. She comments that if Brady and Chloe can get through cancer, surely she and Shawn can get through their petty issues.

Back at Dot. Com, Rex and his visitor are outside. Rex is informed that the price went up from $1300 to $1500. He doesnít have all the money and rushes inside to borrow the money from Cassie. She doesnít want to co-operate unless he tells her what is going on. Brady tells Shawn that he is returning to see Chloe, as Rex informs Cassie that he ordered something for his lab and was misquoted the price. She doesnít believe him, but gives him the money anyways after he assures her that he is not in any trouble. He rushes back outside and gets his product.

At the Police Station

Roman comes in to talk to Bo, but Bo informs him he doesnít want to hear anything that Roman has to say and blasts him for the report he wrote. However, Roman reminds Bo that he could have blown the whole case by doing the things he did. He also reminds Bo that it was a big mistake and he wasnít going to let him make an even bigger mistake by letting him get away with it. Roman tells Bo that they have to stick together, especially in light of Vinís threats. Bo comments that he wouldnít mind if Vin came after him, because that would make him a repeat offender and he would spend the rest of his life behind bars. Bo wants to show Roman something and heads out, telling Roman to follow him.

At the Gym

Ops joins John in the sauna. He informs John that they have put a tracking device on Tonyís limo, but still havenít been able to get into his house. He also tells John that Tony is in the gym now, playing squash, and that Marlena is also there.

Upstairs, Marlena enters the gym to work out and runs right into Tony. He comments that he has never seen her there before and asks if she is there to see him. Marlena informs him that she is not there to see him, and he prepares to take off. She stops him, wanting to talk about the TV show that Belle and Cassie are doing. He invites her to join him in the juice bar, and she accepts. Once inside the bar, Tony tries to get Marlena to open up to him, but she tells him that she doesnít trust him. He turns the tables on her, saying that she should know that it isnít good for her to keep her feelings bottled up in an effort to be strong for everyone else. She tells him that they should be able to provide security to the twins and he agrees, saying that money canít buy the love of a family. He confesses that he is glad Marlena is there to share this with him. The subject veers to John, and Marlena reminds Tony that John knows better than anyone what the twins have been through. However, Tony turns it around by saying that John would do anything, including hurting the twins, to get at him. Marlena informs him that John just doesnít trust him, and that it has nothing to do with the twins or her. She prepares to leave, as John enters the juice bar.

At Dot. Com

Cassie is joined by Chaz, who tells her that he missed her. Cassie comments that he barely knows her and he lets her know, not so subtly, that he wants to get to know her better. They are joined by Vin, who Cassie calls ďSalemís Favorite Drug DealerĒ, and asks him if this is a hobby for him or his career.

Meanwhile, Belle arrives back at Dot. Com and is joined by Shawn. They talk about her visit with Chloe, and Shawn mentions seeing Brady. He comments that Brady looked really tired, and Belle says that it has been very hard on him being strong for himself and Chloe. She comments on how hard the waiting is, and she notices Cassie with Chaz and Vin.

At the same time, Vin is telling Cassie that Bo Brady wonít be able to make the charges against him stick. She puts two and two together, and mentions that Shawn Brady is a very good friend of hers.

At the cemetery

Bo takes Roman to Ben Wellís grave. He asks Roman how Ben is supposed to rest, with his killer still on the loose. Roman comments that every case they solve is one step closer to getting rid of all the bad guys, but they both agree that it is a never ending cycle.  Bo adds that usually, in cases like Benís, its too late. He says that Shawn and Ben were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he admits that this could have been him had Roman not stepped in when he was going down the wrong path. Roman tells Bo that Benís life did make a difference, and it is their job to ensure that it continues to do so. Bo beats himself up for not being able to do more to stop Ben from being killed. He recognizes that he canít change the past but vows to change the future. Bo mentions that he hopes there is a forget-me-not in the flower bouquet for Ben and all the other innocent victims. They decide to go, and Bo vows not to return until he can promise Ben that Vin and his friends are behind bars for good.

Back at the Gym

John informs Marlena that he was at the gym, and someone told him she was there. He asks why sheís upset, assuming itís because he interrupted something, but she tells him she is upset for jumping to conclusions. John tells her she has a right to be upset, but with him, not herself. Marlena decides she would rather not talk in front of Tony, but John tells her that he wants Tony to get a full understanding of things. He tells Tony that he and Marlena have overcome many obstacles to be together, and stresses again how much he loves her. He warns Tony there is nothing he can do to break them apart. The two prepare to leave, and Tony reminds Marlena she wanted to talk about Cassie. John advises him not to use the children as bargaining tools, which doesnít sit well with Marlena. John comments that she doesnít know what he knows, and proceeds to tell her about Tonyís newly acquired Echelon. Tony tries to justify Echelon, but Marlena thinks itís best if she and John leave. After they walk out, Tony comes up with a plan that he says ďWill fix everything.Ē

Back at the Hospital

Brady arrives back at Chloeís room, where she is putting on make-up. She jokingly tells him that maybe if she has more color the doctors will stop taking so much blood. They talk about how much things have changed for the both of them, and she admits that sometimes she feels like she is still in a rush to live her life. She tells Brady that she has learned a lot through this illness, and Brady agrees. Later, as Brady is making a list of things to pick up for Chloe, the nurse enters to take her vitals. The nurse agrees to let Brady stay, and she takes Chloeís temperature. Chloe mumbles something about her blood work, and is informed that Craig should be there any minute because he wants to go over the results with her personally. The nurse leaves, and Chloe worries that it must be bad news. Brady tries to reassure her, by reminding her that she is already out of isolation and didnít have a temperature just now.

Back at Dot.Com

Cassie joins Belle and Shawn, wanting to introduce Shawn to Vin. However, Shawn refuses, saying he doesnít want Cassie hanging around them. Belle chimes in, saying that Cassie is going to do what she wants anyways. Cassie tells them that they donít know how to have any fun. She gets upset when she realizes Chaz and Vin left without her, and stalks off. Belle wonders if Cassie will ever learn, as the two decide they are at least grateful that she seems to have gotten over her crush on Shawn.

Meanwhile, outside, Vin tells Chaz he is going to get back at Bo through Shawn.


Rex arrives underground with his newly purchased product. He calibrates his device and comments that although it cost a lot the returns would be endless. He sets the timer on his machine and tells his recorder that if the experiment is a success, he will be more powerful than Tony and Stefano.

On Wednesday

*Rex and Mimi discuss not wanting to be alone.
*Chloe gets good news regarding her health.
*Cassie asks if Tony plans to steal Marlena away from John.

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