Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/17/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
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Today: Marlena, John, Tony, Kate, and Roman dine out at Tuscany, while Shawn and Belle make a decision about their future. Brady and Chloe also discuss their future.

Cast: John, Marlena, Roman, Kate, Valet, Tony, Bart, Maggie, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Cassie, Gabriella, Rex, Brady, Chloe, Nurse, Ops.

Salem Tunnels

Rex is in the tunnels, searching for something. "According to the map, this tunnel should end in a large un-mined deposit of coal. Eureka! perfect," Rex says when he finds a piece of coal.

At the gym

Marlena finds Roman working out and asks him for a favor. He tells her to name it, and she asks him to get her a bug-sweeping device. She tells him about her spending time with Tony, and how John planted a bug on her. Roman can understand why John did it, and Marlena wonders why nobody trusts Tony because of his name. She thinks fatherhood changed Tony. She asks him if he will get her one.

At Basic Black

At the secretary's desk, Kate is waiting for John to finish his meeting and receives a call from Tony. He invites her to Tuscany for dinner, and she excepts. Marlena arrives and hears about Kate going to Tuscany with Tony. She asks about Roman and her. Kate says, "Roman and I are history."

In John's office, Ops talks to John about finding anything incriminating on Tony D. He shows John a file on Tony, and learns that he is the owner of Echelon. John wonders why Tony would want to own a club, and Ops suggests the money. John says that they have to figure out what Tony is up to, and tells Ops what to do next.

John and Ops go outside, and John thanks Ops for waiting. Ops leaves. Kate hands John some papers to look over, then heads off to have dinner with Tony. Marlena wonders if it is easy for him to lie to people, and John tells her that there is no reason for Kate to know who Ops is. They decide to discuss this over dinner at Tuscany.

At University Hospital

In Chloe's room, she tells Brady that she is worried about him working for Victor. He tells Chloe that it isn't enough that he got her out of Philip's life, but he wants her out of his life too. Brady knows that Victor won't separate them, but Chloe tells him that his grandfather is playing him. Brady thinks that she still loves Philip, but she tells Brady that she loves him. A nurse interrupts and says that she needs to check on Chloe. Brady asks if it can wait, but the nurse says Dr. Wesley is monitoring the blood results. With "I love you's," Brady is kicked out. He returns later, and they go back to the previous discussion about his grandfather. He tells her that Victor didn't see her as daughter-in-law material and he was right. Chloe is shocked that he is talking about marriage, as they never have done before. Brady thinks they should give the marriage talk some thought and says that she is stuck with him. They begin discussing desserts after she eats her food, and he tells her that he loves her.

At the DiMera Mansion

Belle, Mimi, and Gabriella arrive to pick up Cassie for the next taping. As soon as they enter the house, Cassie and Belle begin arguing about each other's wardrobes while Mimi tries to referee. Cassie turns to Mimi and disses what she is wearing, and Belle defends her. Tony comes out and begins yelling, asking what is going on. Belle apologizes to Tony and tells him that sometimes Cassie acts like a child. Shawn arrives, and Belle asks if he is following her. He asks if he can speak with her for a minute. Belle agrees and they go outside. Gabby begins explaining to Tony that the fighting is what they are looking for, as he looks like he could care less. She tells Tony that he should view the tapes, but he would rather not. She introduces herself to him and tells him that she knows the show isn't everyone's cup of tea, but adds that she accepts criticism. Cassie tells Tony that he and Gabby have a lot in common, and that Gabby created Love Is Blind. Cassie and Gabby decide to leave, and she says she hopes to meet him again. He replies "Oh, my god." Gabby, Mimi, and Cassie are talking about the hunk, and they learn that they won't see his face until after the dinner. Gabby then yells for Belle.

Outside, Shawn brings Belle out and asks her to give him a second chance. He knows he screwed up, and he is willing to change. Is she? Shawn asks her again. "Are you willing to try?" Belle hears Gabby calling her and rushes off to the car.

Later, Shawn has been waiting with Rex and goes to talk with Belle again, as Gabby, Mimi, Cassie, and Belle return. Gabby is introduced to Rex and is completely smitten with him. She tells him about doing another show after this one is over. It will be reversed, with one girl and three guys. Rex tells her that he will be sure to tune in. Gabby asks if he would like to be one of the guys, and adds that if the girl doesn't pick him, she's insane. Rex says he has stuff to do, and Mimi says she does too.

Later, up in Rex's room, Mimi goes to go inside, but he stops her. She talks about their kiss, comparing it to Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe. He shuts the door in her face.

Back downstairs, Cassie and Gabby discuss doing a show with Cassie and Rex as co-hosts, and Gabby says she has a real future in television. Mimi comes downstairs, and Cassie jokes about Rex not asking her to marry him. She tells Cassie that she doesn't care about her brother.

Shawn tells Belle that what she is doing is making him crazy, and he wants her to stop doing this show now. Belle replies that she signed a contract, and it wouldn't be fair to the producers, Cassie, or Mimi. She tells him that the hunk seems really nice, and who knows what could happen if they have one date. Shawn asks if she saw the guy's face, and wonders what if the guy's face isn't - and Belle adds "What, perfect, like yours?" She says that physical attraction means nothing to her, but Shawn tells her that he saw how she was checking him out the whole time at the gym. He tells her to deny it all she wants, but she loves him, body, mind, and soul, just like he loves her. he promises that if they get back together, he will not make the same mistake again. Belle says that she needs to tell him something about "Love Is Blind." She begins to tell him, but backs down, saying that she signed a paper promising not to reveal anything about the show. Shawn convinces her to tell him, and she says she did some things to turn off the hunk. Shawn asks why, and she says because he is the only guy she wants to date. She says that she wants to get back together, but it has to be different this time.

At Tuscany

John and Marlena arrive and are seated by Maggie. Marlena assumes that he met with Ops to try to bring down Tony, but he says they are working on a number of projects. He knows this is hard for her. Maggie seats Tony and Kate and John spots them. He asks Marlena if she knew they would be there. Tony leaves his table for a minute, while Maggie returns to John and Marlena and clears their plates. John tells Marlena she still didn't answer his question. She says she just likes the food there, but he tells her she didn't eat anything. He asks if her loss of appetite might have something to do with seeing Tony with Kate. Tony returns to his table without a coat, and tango music begins to play. He and Kate begin to tango, while John and Marlena watch. Roman arrives and sees them dancing. Marlena walks over to talk to him, but he doesn't want to talk. He just hands her the bug-sweeping device and leaves. After the music ends, everyone applauds Kate and Tony. Marlena returns to John and says she hates fighting with him. He says he does too. Kate thanks Tony for the dinner and the dance, but tells him it can't happen again as she is in love with someone else. He offers to walk her to her car, but she declines. Tony gets Bart and asks him for the address. They head out back to the limo.

Outside, Kate finds a parking ticket and gives it to the valet, but Roman takes it and says she is with him. He tells her that if she doesn't let him pay for it, then he will use the handcuffs again.

Later, back at the penthouse, John and Marlena return home and talk about his secret life. As they kiss, the bug sweeping device falls from her purse. John picks it up and asks what it is as the previews roll.


*Belle tells Shawn that she can go crazy sometimes, and starts a food fight as others from the dorm join in.
*John tells Marlena that Roman and Kate were getting hot and heavy, but Kate is miserable, because Roman can't commit. He blames it on her, saying she ruined Roman for any woman.
*Kate asks Roman why he can't say the words she wants to hear. "'Cause I got my own way of saying things," he says.

The End.

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