Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/15/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/15/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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Basic Black

Kate and John are looking over designs, when Brady enters. Kate leaves to give them some privacy, and runs into Belle outside. Kate informs Belle that John is with Brady at the moment and asks her if she is ok. Belle admits that she isn’t and is upset that she can’t see John. She comments that she is getting used to having to wait in line to see her family.

Inside, John asks Brady about Chloe. Brady tells him that she is fine, and thanks John for all the time he has given him to be with her. Brady starts wondering how he is going to tell John what he came to tell him. John tells Brady to just say it, so Brady looks at him and tells him he quits. He informs John that he doesn’t belong at BB and he doesn’t like his job, but assures John that he is grateful for the opportunity to work for him. John tells Brady he is proud of him and the work he has done. He then asks Brady about his next step, and Brady informs him he is going to work for Victor. John tells him point blank he isn’t going to do that. Brady tells John that Victor actually approached him about the job offer, and assures him that the only work he would do would be above board. He reminds John that he isn’t the most straight forward person to work for either. He asks if he can have John’s blessing and John finally agrees. Brady tells John about what he wants to do at Titan regarding music and recording, and eventually the conversation turns to Marlena, Tony and the twins. Brady wonders if they are bonding as a family, but John informs him that Marlena is bonding with the twins...not Tony. Brady expresses his hopes that things work out. John tells him not to concern himself with it, and advises him to concentrate on his career.

Meanwhile, Belle cries to Kate and feels dumb for being worried about trivial things. They talk about Shawn and the twins, and Kate asks if she wants to talk about it. Belle has a flashback about her underwear argument with Shawn and tells Kate about it. Kate tries to assure Belle that she is not abnormal for wanting some type of order in her life. Belle feels guilty for dumping her problems on Kate, but Kate tells her she is glad to listen and thinks she may even be of some help. Belle confuses herself about whether she wants to be with Shawn, as Kate comments that she has an idea. The two discuss the lingerie market, and Kate tells Belle she could use some help in that department. She asks if Belle would be interested in helping her. Belle says that she would be interested, and Kate tells her that she has the perfect opportunity for her.

Later, John and Brady are joined by Kate and Belle. Kate announces that she  offered Belle an internship and she has agreed. John and Brady are pleased, and the three of them hug.

At the Police Station

Shawn arrives, and Hope tells him about Bo’s bust. Bo arrives with Vin who is saying that arresting him was a big mistake, considering he knows people in high places.

Meanwhile, Lexie arrives to see Palmer, who receives a phone call informing him that Vin has been arrested. He tells Lexie that he has to go, and takes off with Lexie hot on his heels.

At the station, Vin asks for his lawyer. Abe suggests to Bo to let Vin cool it for a while until they can get him processed, and then let him call his attorney. Bo informs Vin that he will have to hold off for a bit, and Vin head-butts him.  Bo punches Vin and slams him on the desk, as Shawn and Hope watch and Palmer arrives. Officers take Vin away, and he threatens to file a suite for false arrest. Palmer starts applauding, saying it is a win for the boys in blue. Bo asks if Vin will ever see the inside of a jail cell. Palmer comments that it depends on them, but he will use the full force of his office to prosecute - as long as the evidence is in order. Lexie confronts Palmer as he walks out, saying she knows he is in trouble and may be the only one who can help him. She informs him of Jack and Jennifer’s talk show and their plans to talk about the drug case, which could hamper his prosecution. He wonders why she is telling him, and she comments that she is pregnant and wants these people off the street. She also reminds him that they went to school together, and he finally agrees to go to Jennifer’s house. Lexie offers to drive, saying she knows a shortcut. The two head out, as Abe emerges from the office and watches them go.

At Jack and Jennifer’s

Jack is finally informed that they are going live. He thinks it is a joke, until Jennifer informs him their show is “In the House” and will be going live shortly. Jack begins to panic and is not convinced that this will work. Jennifer introduces him to Ralph, and Jack’s apprehension grows even more. The team feverishly tries to prepare a squirming Jack for the show, but he runs out to tell Ralph that they are just not ready for this. Jack panics as the show prepares to go live, again saying they are just not prepared. However, the count down begins, and they go on air. The show starts, and Jennifer does all the talking. She tries to get Jack talking as well, but is only rewarded with one line/word answers. He then asks her about the theme song, saying he doesn’t like it. Jennifer tells him that if they should get cancelled and another station picks them up, he can choose the song next time. Jack asks for 24 hours to prep next time, as they cut to commercial with Ralph not looking pleased.

Meanwhile, the Brady family (Hope, Shawn, Zack, and Bo) are all at Tuscany, and Bo announces the debut of Jennifer and Jack’s show. He also says there is a big surprise in store on the show. Hope offers to get Belle, but Shawn adamantly declines as Maggie arranges to have the TV brought out to the table.

Back at the house, the show prepares to go back on air. Jennifer rushes to greet their first guest, telling Jack to stall for time. A panicky Jack begins talking about everything and nothing, and ends up talking about ketchup packets and fries. Meanwhile, Jennifer is outside with Palmer who tells her he is there to stop her. Jennifer tells Palmer that she and Jack are not up to anything, and invites him to appear on the show to set the record straight. He refuses, and Jennifer is glad because he won’t be there to stop them from telling their side of the story. However, Palmer reconsiders and agrees to do the show. Jack goes to commercial with a promise of a very special guest after the break.

The Brady’s watch, and Hope infers that the whole ketchup deal was only to make them laugh. They continue watching as the show starts again, with Jack and Jennifer onscreen with Palmer. They comment on his conviction record and go in for the kill, asking him about Ramsell and Maria. Palmer says he will aggressively pursue the case, and Jack then asks Palmer if he was aware of Maria’s “convictions” while he was seen dining with her. Palmer begins to squirm and announces that he cannot discuss the case, and Jennifer offers to tell the story for him. Palmer tells them that they shouldn’t talk about something when they don’t know the whole story, but Jennifer assures him they do know everything. Jack tells Palmer that he and Ramsell are partners, and elaborates by saying that he gets the criminals lesser, or dropped charges, in exchange for money. Palmer accuses Jack of slander. Jennifer announces that Abe has just arrived, and tells Palmer that if he is nice to Abe he may be able to give him a ride downtown. Abe walks onto the “set” and informs Palmer that he is under arrest. The entire house, as well as the Brady’s at Tuscany, watch as Hope realizes that Bo knew what would be happening on the show. They see Abe reading Carson his rights as he is cuffed by an officer…

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