Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/11/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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At the Hospital

Lucas tells Sami that he has an important board meeting and that she will help him prepare for it. Sami refuses, but along with Brenda’s help, Lucas basically tells Sami that she works for him as well and will do as he asks. He hands her a folder and tells her he needs five copies of all the papers, hole punched and with a cover. He takes off, and Brenda advises her to get a move on since the main copier is not working properly, and she will have to double - check all her work. Brandon shows up, and Sami complains to him about how Lucas is treating her. However, Brandon tells her to go easy on Lucas because he has a lot riding on this meeting…meaning money for the pediatric counseling fund. He takes off, and Sami is rejoined by Lucas. He advises her to listen to Brandon, or her boyfriend may not get the money his department needs.  Later, Sami arrives at the meeting with refreshments. Lucas gives her a hard time and enjoys watching her squirm. He goes as far as causing her to spill milk. As she tries to blast him for it, he conveniently reminds her that if she isn’t careful Brandon won’t get the money he needs.  The meeting starts, but before they can get down to business one of the board members announces that she is pleased with the amount of money that Lucas has decided to give the pediatric counseling program. Sami realizes she has been duped and becomes furious. Later, after the meeting, she jumps on Lucas for humiliating her in front of the board.  Lucas tells her that they make a great team and should work together more often - which triggers Sami even more.  She promises him revenge, as Brandon comes up and asks what is going on. Lucas tries to play innocent and shows Brandon the figure which will be donated to his program, which thrills Brandon. After Lucas leaves, Sami tries to vent on Brandon, but he tells her to get a grip and walks off.

Meanwhile, Ops arrives for a session with Marlena. John also arrives moments later, but is informed that Marlena is with a patient who made an appointment at the last minute. He decides to wait around and notices Ops’ briefcase on the sofa.  Inside, Marlena tells Ops that he should get comfortable as he sprawls out on her couch. He tells her that he can’t eat, or sleep, and gets headaches because of the stress level at his job.  Marlena asks him what he does for a living but John interrupts them, saying Ops doesn’t need to answer that question.  Marlena attempts to take John out of the office but Ops breaks in, saying that he will answer. He comments that he works in the technology business. Marlena gets suspicious and asks the two if they know each other. Ops tries to tell Marlena that, like everyone else, he knows of John but not personally. They are interrupted as Marlena gets an emergency call from another patient and goes into the reception area to take the call. Back in the office, Ops informs John he was ordered to check Marlena out and find out how much she knows.  He admits to John that he believes Marlena may already know, and then she returns, saying that she knows everything.  She informs John that she has known for some time that he is ISA, and shares that she knows Ops is as well.  She tells them that she would never breach ISA security, and understands if this is something he feels he has to do. She does comment that she hopes it isn’t just another way for him to get at Tony, and John admits that it is.  Ops decides to leave, to give the two of them some privacy. After he leaves, John tells Marlena he has proof that Tony is taking over where Stefano left off, and is continuing to find more every day.  He asks Marlena if she is going to be ok with this, considering Tony is the father of her children.  Marlena tells John to do what he thinks is necessary, and she will deal with the rest as it happens. Later, John returns and informs her that the ISA wasn’t happy to learn that she knew of his involvement with them, but he also adds that he cleared things up with them.  He tries to assure her he is only doing this to protect the family, and, trying to lighten the mood, asks her for a kiss.  She hesitates, so he asks her if it would make a difference if she knew she would be saving the world by doing this. She concedes that she can deal with it if it is for her country. Relenting a small smile, she gives him a kiss.


The girls are being prepped for the show, and having their hair and make-up done.  Cassie is dictating to her make-up artist about how she wants to look. She is completely convinced that she will win.  The producer arrives and gives them an overview of how the show will run, and what they can expect.  She departs saying, “May the best girl win,” and Cassie comments  that will be her. 

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Rex arrives and heads up to his room with a box. Shawn arrives moments later and lets himself upstairs. He knocks on the door, which frustrates Rex and he scrambles to hide his box under the bed. He lets Shawn in, and the two talk about Rex’s moving out. Rex asks Shawn about Belle and Shawn confesses that he needs someone to talk to. Rex informs Shawn that he should take action immediately, and tells him about the dating show. Shawn rushes off to

The girls are trading serious insults, with Belle and Mimi commenting on Cassie’s looks and Cassie saying they are just jealous because they know she is going to win this contest. She picks up the paper and sees that Chaz was arrested. She doesn’t want to believe it, and Belle comments that after her recent behavior she can see why Cassie would be attracted to a criminal.  Mimi mentions that she could be in jail because of Chaz right now, and Cassie says she may end up there anyways for killing Belle. Cassie and Belle are almost coming to blows as the producer comes in with the director.  They prepare to start shooting, and are told not to hold anything back.  Mimi is nervous, and Belle tells her to relax as they are ushered to their table. The producer points to the door where the “hunk” will appear, just as Shawn enters.  Belle comments that she will forfeit if Shawn is the mystery man.  The director wants Shawn removed but after some explanation of who he is they allow him to stay. He attempts to talk to Belle, but she walks off.  Shawn follows her and tells her that he doesn’t want to see other people, because he loves only her.  Belle thinks that Shawn doesn’t want her to do the show because he is afraid of competition, but he informs her that he doesn’t want her to get hurt.  She takes this to mean that he thinks she will lose, and she walks off muttering we will just see about that.  She rejoins the other two as the shooting begins.  Gabi introduces the girls, and then the mystery man, who is draped with a bandana around his face and blindfolded, An unhappy Shawn watches.

Meanwhile, at the Mansion, Rex is working on his project when he is interrupted again, this time by Eliana offering breakfast. He informs her that from now on he wants no visitors unless he is notified first. She leaves and he returns to his work. Later, the project appears finished, and he puts it in his back pack, seeming very satisfied with himself.

Back at, the show returns from a commercial break. The “mystery man” tells the viewers what he liked about each of the girls.  He starts by saying that Mimi was funny and outgoing, and seems like she would be ready for anything. He says that Cassie was confident, and mentions that he thinks confidence in a woman is sexy. This pleases Cassie to no end.  He says that Belle was sweet, and the type you would take home to introduce to your mother. Gabi interprets that to mean boring, but he tells her that it isn’t -  in fact he got a sense of mysteriousness from Belle. Gabi addresses the camera and tells everyone to stay tuned for the next show, to see who was the first girl to be ditched as they cut the first segment of the show. She reminds the girls not to mention the outcome until after it airs the following day.  The girls go to pose for pictures with the “mystery man”, and after he is led away they prepare to pose for pictures with just the three of them.  Before they shoot, Gabi explains how the next show will run. After she is called away the photographer returns to start taking some shots, and all three girls begin to fight for camera exposure.  Shawn drags Belle away when things heat up a bit between her and Cassie. She tells him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone, as Cassie tells him that dumping Belle was the best thing he ever did.  He sits down and has a flashback of their fight the night they were to make love, and is interrupted by Jordan. She offers to buy him a cup of coffee, and he accepts. They head to the counter, as Belle comes back into and comments that she doesn’t want fame, she wants Shawn and doesn’t understand why this is happening…

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