Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/10/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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Today: Bo comes up empty handed, as do the whole police force...Vin gets away...Cassie breaks the news to Tony...Kate overhears Carson doing damage control with the Mayor, while Jack and Jen decide to take their selves off the case.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Ofc. Santos, Jack, Jen, Abe, Tony, Bart, Vin, Arnie, Carl, Ofc. Ryans, Ofc. Peroli, Roman, Kate, Carson, Arthur, Bartender, Maria, Man, Officer #1, Officer #2, Officer #3, Officer #4, Dispatcher, Chaz, Cassie, Rex, Woman.

On the road

Bo is chasing down Vin, but the chase gets dangerous when Vin starts running cars off the road. Dispatch tells him that backup is coming, but it never does.

At Carson's office

Carson continues to shred papers while Jack watches. The shredder jams, so Carson stops and goes back into his office. Jack takes this chance to grab the papers, just before Carson returns. Jack grabs him and asks him where Jen is. He is clueless. Carson threatens to press charges if he doesn't leave him alone, and he leaves. Jack gets the message from Jen and leaves.

At the Blue Note

Kate is ordering a drink, and the bartender turns the TV up. There is a special announcement about the shooting of the Salem PD cop.

At the police station

Roman walks Chas into the station while the cops are congratulating him. One cop makes a comment about a punk selling drugs outside of his son's school, and asks Chas if it was him. Abe brings in Chas for questioning, while the cops rag on Roman about Kate's "I love you." Abe and Roman hope Bo can catch Ramsell in time.

Roman and Abe begin to question Chas. Chas starts lying, saying he is just a college student and he doesn't know Vin, but Roman tells him he doesn't go to college anymore. Chas says he went back to Vin's house to get his sweater, but he can't remember what color it was. Roman keeps interfering and taunting him about working for Vin, but Chas claims to not know Vin. Chas claims that the cops started shooting first, but Roman argues that. Abe begins telling him that he would like to cut him a break, but it doesn't look good for him. Roman then goes berserk and attacks him, having to be pulled off by Abe. The cops hit a dead end, but hope that Bo is having better luck with Ramsell.

Back outside, Abe is bringing Chas in to get his picture taken. Roman finds "Romance Brady" taped on his desk and asks who did that. A couple of male cops taunt him about Kate professing her love, and Roman says that it was just a joke. Kate is standing outside, hears that and rushes off. Roman gets a call and heads off with two cops. Later, Bo returns and tells Abe that he came up empty handed. Bo takes his shot at Chas and starts shouting at him. Bo attacks him and Chas whines, asking the cop to get Bo off him. Bo says that he is tired of playing pat-a-cake with the bad guys. It is time to crack some skulls, and he asks Chas what he knows about Ramsell. Bo attacks him again, but Abe comes out and stops him. Bo is tired of all the criminals getting out of jail, and Abe is happy that they got Chas. Abe gets a call and tells Bo that they found Ramsell's abandoned car.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony returns from Echelon and finds Cassie and Rex unpacking. He is happy to have them home. Cassie is carrying one of Rex's boxes and drops it, and some glass shatters. Tony asks what it is. Rex talks about a centrifuge, but Tony and Cassie have no clue what it is. Rex explains, but they both still don't understand. He asks for money and Tony agrees, asking what it is for. Not wanting to bore Tony, he doesn't tell him. Cassie almost drops a another box, and Rex blows up at her. In the den, Rex decides to go upstairs, but Tony stops him and asks what is in the boxes. Rex tells him that it is some glassware he borrowed from the school. Tony says he will buy him supplies. He asks Cassie if she is involved in anything, and she tells him about the dating show. He refuses to let her do it. Cassie tells him that she will do it, and they argue about her exposing herself to a lower level of 'prostitution.' They continue to argue, and she tells him that she will hate him forever. Outside, Cassie joins Rex and asks him about his secret project. He snaps at her again. Later, Tony receives a phone call from Arnie, who tells him about Vin Ramsell hiding out at Echelon. Tony calls Bart in and tells him to bring the car around. Cassie kind of blackmails Rex, by saying that she will tell Tony about his secret plans if he reveals that she still plans to go on the show. He asks why she would want to be famous. People will recognize her on TV, at the mall, on campus, at restaurants, and Tony will probably recognize her too. She asks him to judge the outfits she wears, and goes upstairs. Rex begins testing a microphone. Cassie returns in a very sexy outfit, asking Rex if she is hot. He calls her annoying and says she looks like a "Hoochie Mama". He tells her that it doesn't fit her image. Rex tells her the outfit sucks, so she goes up to change. Rex says that when he is done, the science world will never be the same.

At Club Echelon

Vin arrives and asks Arnie if he can hide out there. Vin goes into the back room. Abe and two cops arrive and ask Carl Waters if they can look around. They don't have a search warrant, so Abe has to get one. Carl finally agrees to let them look around. Meanwhile, Arnie calls Tony and warns him. Abe and the cops come up empty handed and leave.

Outside, Tony arrives and orders Bart to wait in the car. When Tony returns, he tells Bart that business is not in the discussion.

At the alley

Hope arrives and searches for Jen. She finds a bloody jacket and begins to worry. Jen comes out and tells Hope that she cut her arm. She says she is not leaving until Maria comes back. Maria comes back with a big dude. Maria tells him to look in the trunk, but she is gone. Maria calls her a bitch and tells her to come out. We see Jen and Hope hiding and they make a noise. Finally, they stand up, and Maria comments on Jen bringing a friend. The man holds a gun to Hope's head, while Maria tells Blondie to drop to the ground. Jen asks what they are gonna do to them. She says kill them. Later, Hope and Jen begin beating up the man and Maria. Jack arrives and jumps on the man's back, making bullets fly everywhere. Hope gets a hold of the gun just as the police arrive, and Jack and Jen manage to push Maria into her trunk. Roman congratulates Jack, Jen, and Hope on a job well done. Roman, Jack, Jen, and Hope joke around about them doing a good job, and he thinks about making them deputies. Bo arrives, wanting to question Maria and the man as they are being arrested. Bo doesn't appreciate Hope risking her life like that, but Hope says he would've did the same thing. He agrees.

Later, back at the Blue Note

Kate returns and orders another drink. She spots Mayor Shepard and Carson talking about the Brady brothers. She moves closer, to hear Carson bashing them and saying that they take the law into their own hands. The Mayor gets a call and leaves. Kate joins Carson and talks with him. He pretends to like the Brady's, but she doesn't buy his act. As Carson leaves, he tells her that she could do better. Later, Roman calls Kate and she tells him that she doesn't know if she ever wants to talk to him again.

Later, at Vin's house

Jack and Jen arrive and try to get in while the cops are loading up drugs. They decide to take themselves off the case, because they realize they are putting Abby's and their own lives at stake. They head home.

Later, back at the alley

Hope asks Bo to take her home, but he says he has work to do, so he asks Santos to make sure she gets home safely. He tells her that he wants to nail this drug dealer, and asks for a kiss for good luck. Bo walks away, leaving Hope alone as the previews roll.


*Mimi tries to stop a fight between Cassie and Belle.
*Sami accuses Lucas of playing her all along.
*Brandon tells Sami that she looks incredible.
*Marlena asks John if the only reason he is doing this is to bring down Tony. "You're damn right it is," he says.

The End.

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