Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/9/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/9/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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About 30 minutes of the show was cut off because of live coverage of Donald Rumsfeld’s speech. Summary picks up where show did.

At the station

Abe informs Bo that Vin’s car has been found abandoned. Abe leaves to “shake down” a few places.

Meanwhile, Jennifer, Jack, and Hope struggle with Maria and her accomplice. Hope almost gets shot, but Jack jumps on the guy. He and Hope overtake him, with Hope giving him a swift kick in the groin. Jennifer is fighting with Maria, and she and Jack finally manage to lock her in the trunk as the sirens approach and Roman arrives. He comments to them that they did a good job in catching the “bad guys”. Jennifer recounts how she called Jack and Hope, mentioning that she never wants to be kidnapped again. Bo arrives, and Roman tells Bo he should be proud of the three of them. Bo wants to question Maria, but Roman tells him that he will take care of it. Jack prepares to take Jennifer home, but she wants to do more investigating first. Hope tells Bo she is glad that he is ok, and he admits that he doesn’t like her being in danger. They hug, and she tells him she would do it all over again if she had to.

At Tuscany

Kate returns and notices Palmer and the Mayor (Arthur) talking. She overhears Palmer telling the Mayor that the Brady brothers are making his job very difficult. The Mayor receives a phone call, and announces that he must leave for another appointment. Kate joins Palmer and asks why is he there and not at the station. Palmer suggests that he is staying out of the way to let the Brady brothers handle the situation, and comments that he is confident they will screw up somehow. He prepares to leave, and tells Kate she could do better - referring to Roman.

At Echelon

Vin arrives and takes cover, as Abe also arrives and asks to see the manager- Carl Waters. Carl arrives and wants to see a search warrant, and Abe tells him he will go get one. He also tells Carl that his men will stay behind to take the names and numbers of all the patrons, in case they need to contact them later. He hints at the fact that some of their wives may not like that. Carl agrees to let them look and leads them off as Arny, the bouncer, goes outside to inform Tony of the situation. Tony tells him to find out everything about Vin, and to make sure that he is followed should he leave. Tony calls Bart to bring the car around, saying he has an errand to run.

Meanwhile, also at the mansion, Cassie wants to know what Rex is up to. She threatens to tell Tony that she is worried about what he may be doing. Rex tries to talk Cassie into not doing the show, as she tries to convince him not to tell Tony. She is convinced that she will find love, and heads upstairs to try on some outfits she bought especially for the show. Rex ensures that he is alone before pulling out a recorder and dictating notes to himself.

At the Drug House

Jack and Jennifer arrive to have a look around. After informing an officer that they are with the press, they are told that Abe has informed everyone not to issue any statements as of yet. Jennifer worries about what is happening in Salem. Jack pulls out the documents that he took from Palmer’s office and comments that if they can prove his connection with the drug ring, they will be able to bring him down. Jack gets sentimental and realizes that he almost lost Jennifer tonight. She thanks him for loving her so much and tells him she wants to hang around to find out any information they can. He tries to convince her to leave, even promising to talk to Roman and Bo the following morning himself. He wants to go home and be together with her and Abby. She is convinced, and the two head toward home.

Meanwhile, Tony arrives at Echelon.

At the DiMera Mansion

Cassie comes in wearing a belt for a skirt, and Rex tells her that she looks like a "hootchie mama". She comments that she has to flaunt what she has if she is to win,  but Rex tells her that he still disapproves. Cassie takes off to try on the next outfit, and Rex tells his recorder that after his project is complete the scientific world will never be the same.

At the Station

Roman calls Kate, who is still at Tuscany, and tells her he wants to talk to her. However, she says that she does not want to talk to him and hangs up.

Back at Echelon

Tony returns and refuses to tell Bart about what happened, saying he only wants to go home.

Inside, Abe finishes his search and asks about Vin, as Carl tells him the club is clean of drugs and such. Abe and his officers prepare to leave, and one asks if Abe believes him. Abe comments that he is a “real angel”.

Meanwhile, Hope asks Bo to take her home. He has one of the officers to take her instead, saying he has work to do. She worries as he changes the clip in his gun, and she pleads him not to go alone. He kisses her, saying he will be fine, and takes off.


*Cassie, Belle, and Mimi take pictures for the dating show.
*Lucas and Sami go at it.
*Marlena confronts John about his revenge for Tony.

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