Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/8/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/8/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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At the Hospital

Brady arrives to see Chloe who is now in isolation. She confesses that she is not feeling very optimistic, and he tries to reassure her that she is going to be ok. She tells him that she wishes he could come in and lay next to him, and he comes up with a plan. He has her close her eyes and imagine that he is entering the room and hugging and kissing her. She opens her eyes and tells him that she can feel him beside her. She tells him that she feels better, and he shares that her smile makes him feel better too. He tells her how proud he and everyone else is of her. She comments that he looks tired and asks if he has been getting sleep. He assures her that he has been getting enough. He also tells her that when he does sleep he dreams of her, and he shares with her a dream he had of the two of them buying their first house together. He tells her that he knows the bone marrow from Joy is working, but Chloe tells him she would rather talk about something else. She asks him how work is going, and he tells her of Victor’s job offer. He confesses that he is torn by having to choose between working for his father or his grandfather. She asks him what his job would be, and he relays all the details. He tells her that he may do something regarding music. Chloe confesses that it helps to talk about the future, and as Brady assures her that the two of them will indeed have a future and be together forever, he notices Chloe drift off to sleep.

At the Dorm

Cassie, Mimi, and Belle get ready to sign up for the dating show, as Cassie is sure it will make Chaz jealous. As the two of them go back and forth, Belle reminds her that Chaz went to a party without even inviting her.  Belle finally decides that maybe Chaz is the perfect man for Cassie, considering how alike they are. Cassie accuses Belle of being jealous of her relationship with Chaz, but Belle tells her that she doesn’t want her causing problems for her parents. Cassie tries to say that Belle is just upset because she isn’t the center of attention anymore, but Belle assures her that she can do without all the negative attention Cassie has been getting. Cassie questions if Belle has ever done anything spontaneous but decides for herself that Belle lives by order and perfection. Mimi chastises the two for always being at each other’s throats, and comments that just once she would like to be involved in one of their conversations. She challenges the two to try and get along. Cassie comments that she will put herself on the market again, since Marlena doesn’t like her seeing Chaz. She looks at Belle and comments that since Shawn is a free agent, she may just go after him. Belle informs her that Shawn doesn’t like bossy women, and the two start to bicker again. Mimi tries to get them to calm down, but the insults keep flying. They are then joined by the show's producer, Gabi Ortiz, who tells them she wants to see a Jerry Springer knock- down fight. She asks if the girls are friends. Belle informs her that she is Mimi’s friend, and Cassie tells her that she and Belle are sisters. Mimi adds that the two of them obviously don’t get along very well, which seems to please Gabi. She announces that they are what she is looking for and wants all three of them on the show. Belle wants details before she signs on. Gabi explains that the “hunk” will be blindfolded and date three friends at the same time. She tells them they want to see how friends will turn on each other to win, and comments the uglier the better. She leaves to get the contracts, and Belle voices her skepticism. Cassie says it’s because she is afraid she will lose, but Belle informs her that she is not afraid of that at all. Belle wonders why Mimi is so for the show, and Mimi tells her that even if she loses it will make guys notice her. Cassie quips that after they notice her they will leave her to be with Cassie. She flounces off, with Mimi calling her retreating figure a bitch. She tries to convince Belle to join also, by telling her she could use the opportunity to teach Shawn a lesson. Belle has a flashback of her ruined night with Shawn, and asks Mimi where she needs to sign.

At the Drug House

Vin is packing up as Chaz keeps a look out. Chaz asks him what the plan is, and Vin tells him in no uncertain terms that if the cops show he starts shooting—or be shot.

Outside, Roman is urging Bo to wait for backup but Bo disagrees, saying they need to go now or they will get away.

Meanwhile, Jack and Hope find Jennifer’s car. Jack tries to call her cell again, only to find it lying on the ground. Hope calls Abe and informs him of what is going on, as Jack worries about what Maria might be doing to Jennifer.

At the same time, Jennifer starts to wake up in the trunk as the car stops, and Maria gets out with a tire iron in her hand. She tries unsuccessfully to call for help as Maria locks the car and walks off.

Back at the stakeout car, Bo is giving dispatch a description of Maria’s car and tag information. Roman sees someone coming out of the house, and Bo takes pictures. He realizes it’s Vin, loading a duffel bag into the car. Bo wants to go in, but Roman stops him by reminding him that Abe warned them to wait for backup. Bo radios the station again, and Abe confirms that back up is on the way and again tells him to hold tight. Bo decides not to wait after all and jumps out of the car, with a protesting Roman not far behind him. Roman catches up to Bo and pulls him into the bushes. He tells him he is disobeying a direct order, just as the door opens. Bo tries to go for it as Vin calls to Chaz, and a shot is fired.

At Echelon

Victor arrives to see Tony, and the two talk about Echelon and their extra curricular activities regarding the club. Victor advises Tony to keep quiet of his business plans in regards to his children -the way Victor has always done. He asks Tony what his plans are for the club, and wonders if it is going to be a cover for other business plans. They chat, as Brady arrives and informs Victor that Henderson said he would be there. Tony takes his leave, and Victor comments that it must be important in order for Brady to seek him out like this. Brady informs him that he has decided to accept the job at Titan, on the condition that Victor promise the business is legit. Victor assures him that it is, and Brady accepts the offer. He asks Victor not to make any announcements until he has the opportunity to speak with John first. The two part ways, and Tony returns, remarking on Victor’s ability to sidestep the legitimacy questions so effectively. Victor assures him that Titan is a legit business, so he was not lying. Tony tells Victor that he wants the assurance that since he is the new owner of Echelon, all Victor’s previous business is over. Victor promises Tony that he would never give him the opportunity to know his private affairs.

Meanwhile, Brady is trying to leave. His cell rings, and it’s Chloe. She hears laughter in the background and asks where he is. He tells her that he is at a Gentleman’s Club, and she assumes he means strip club. Even though he tries to tell her he was there to see Victor she gets upset. She tells him to go back to his lap dance and  hangs up on him.

Back in the parking lot

Hope informs Jack that Maria went to the drug house and then left. Jack gets frustrated when he learns that Roman and Bo did not tail her. The police finally show up and start to investigate, as Jack decides he can’t just stand around. He plans to go make Palmer tell him where Maria took Jennifer. Hope tries to discourage him, but to no avail, and Jack takes off. Later, in her car, Hope is talking to Abe. He informs her that his number one priority is finding Jennifer. Hope agrees, but admits that she is worried.

Meanwhile, Jack arrives at the DA’s office and witnesses Palmer shredding documents. His cell phone rings and he scrambles to answer it.

At the same time, Jennifer is slowly freeing herself as she gets her hands and legs untied.

At the Drug House

Roman asks Bo if he brought his radio, but Bo informs him he left it in the car. More shots are fired from all four. The gunfire continues, and Bo and Roman realize the shots are getting closer.

Meanwhile, Jennifer uses the lug wrench to try and pry open the trunk, to no avail. She then tries to kick at the back seat, eventually breaking through. She finds a cell phone in the car and calls Jack. There is no answer so she leaves a frantic message on his machine and hangs up. She then proceeds to call Hope, who informs her that she is close to her location and is on her way.

Jack finally answers the phone, and it is Abe calling. He has no new info and before Abe can get very far with Jack, he informs him that he is getting close to the truth and hangs up. He returns to find Palmer still shredding documents. He goes back to the supply room and calls Palmer, posing as a clerk needing some files immediately. This gets Palmer out of the office and gives Jack a chance to sneak in and take a peek at the documents. Jack hears Palmer call the judge and hurriedly grabs some of the papers for evidence. He hears Palmer vow to get to the bottom of the situation of whoever called him.

At the drug house, shots continue as reinforcements arrive and Bo realizes Vin is getting away. Bo gets up to shoot at the car, and Roman gets hit and falls to the ground. Bo rushes to his side, calling his name.

Back at the Hospital

Brady returns and explains that Echelon isn’t a strip club, and that he only went there to accept Victor’s job offer. He tells her that he decided to take the job to ensure their future. He also tells her that the place was bizarre, with all those desperate men, which gets a smile from Chloe. They tease about the girls there being ugly, and he comments that the only way he would go back there is if Chloe got a job as hostess there. She teases that she can always go there if singing doesn’t work out, but Brady tells her that he is going to ensure that all her dreams come true. Chloe comments that she could never work in a place like that, but Brady teases her about being the first erotic opera singer, saying he would be the first in line for a private performance.

Back at Echelon

Victor notices that Tony has made staff changes. He expresses the fact that he thought Tony understood he wanted his staff protected. Tony questions his protectiveness, and Victor informs him that the bouncer in particular is a very loyal employee. Tony reminds Victor that he is the new owner of Echelon and can do with it what he sees fit. Victor warns him not to make any enemies, but concedes that Tony does own the club now and bids him a good night. An employee approaches Tony and informs him that Victor told him to treat Tony the way he treated Victor. Tony tells the employee that he is no longer to take orders from anyone but him. He informs the employee that business will be conducted differently from now on.

Back at the Drug House

Bo urges an unconscious Roman to talk to him. Roman begins to wake up, and says something about having the wind knocked out of him and possibly having some broken ribs. Bo gets the other officers, who now have Chaz in custody, to assist Roman. As soon as they arrive at Roman’s side Bo takes off in pursuit of Vin, leaving a protesting Roman behind.


*Cassie informs Tony she is doing the TV show.
*Cassie models an outfit for Rex, who tells her she looks like a “hootchie mama”
*Jennifer, Hope, and Jack struggle with Maria and her accomplice as a shot is fired.

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