Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/7/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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Today: The Brady brothers continue their stakeout with many warnings and visitors for the bad guys...Jen is kidnapped...Jack finds info on Palmer and reports it to Abe and Hope...Cassie, Mimi, and Belle decide to join a dating show.

Cast: Bo, Roman, Vin, Chas, Maria, Jen, Jack, Abe, Hope, Carson, Ofc. Hill, Man, Belle, Mimi, Cassie, Penny, Shawn, Rex.

At the Brady's

Hope is listening in on the cop radio, hearing the cops make fun of Roman for his girlfriend professing her love. We hear the cops trying to reach Bo and Roman, but they can't, which makes Hope worry. She calls Julie and asks her to watch Zack.

At the police station

Abe comes out of his office and finds the cops are trying to reach the Brady brothers. A male cop keeps asking for them, but there's no answer. Jack and Jen are outside and about to go in, but they hide when Carson storms into the p.d. He asks what the Brady brothers are up to. Abe tells him that it is none of his concern and threatens to arrest him. He pulls aside Ofc. Hill and asks her to give him an update. Carson leaves, and is followed by Jack and Jen. Soon, Hope arrives, waiting for an answer from the Brady brothers.

At Carson's office

Carson arrives and goes into his office, talking to someone. Jack and Jen are there and go into a closet. Jack turns on his speaker, and listens to Carson and Maria talking about Jack and Jen. Carson tells her that Deveraux and his bimbo are onto them.  Maria says she will take care of them, then leaves. Jen takes the opportunity to follow Maria outside, but Jack stays and listens in. Later, Carson calls in a code blue for Vin and Chas.

Outside, Maria walks to her car, but feels like she is being followed so she hides. When Jen walks out, Maria hits her over the head with her purse.

At Salem University

Shawn is studying in his room.  Rex is also there, but he is working on the computer. Mimi arrives, and Shawn takes the cue to leave. Mimi begins to look at what Rex is doing, but he yells at her. Mimi begins telling him about Cassie being arrested.

Cassie walks in to Belle's room. She and Belle immediately argue about Belle trying to "kick her ass" at the penthouse. Soon Chas arrives, and Cassie kisses him. Belle is quite rude to him and, after he leaves, Cassie chews her out for being rude to her "boyfriend." Shawn arrives just as Cassie leaves. He tells Belle that they need to talk.

In Shawn's room, Cassie arrives just as Mimi tells Rex about her being arrested. Cassie tells Mimi to mind her own business, and asks Rex to move back to the mansion. Mimi begs him not to. Just as he is considering whether to stay, Mimi goes over and takes a look at his secret project. This makes him mad, and he decides to start packing. Mimi rushes off after being yelled at by Rex.

In Belle's room, Shawn and Belle argue about their stupid fight. They decide that they aren't right for each other, and he leaves. Mimi arrives and learns of their break up. She is more upset than Belle.

Back in Shawn's room, Shawn finds Rex packing. Later, he tells Rex about the break up, and Rex is shocked. He thought they were meant for each other.

Back in Belle's room, Cassie returns to cause more trouble. Mimi and Belle argue with Cassie, until Penny arrives with fliers for the new TV show. Belle, Cassie, and Mimi decide to join her, and they leave.

At the police station

Hope, Abe, and the other cops finally hear from Bo and Roman, who tell them that they went to check out the house. They also tell them that there are tons of drugs there. Bo wants to make a bust, but Abe orders him to wait for backup. Jack arrives and takes Abe and Hope into Abe's office. He tells them about hearing Carson's warning to the bad guys. Abe and Hope ask if he heard from Jen, and he tries to call her as we see her cell phone under Maria's car. Jack begins to worry.

The stakeout at Vin Ramsell's house

Bo bolts out of the car and tries to pick the lock on the door. He is followed by Roman, who tells him that this is illegal. Bo decides to kick open the door, but Roman stops him and shows him another way inside. When they get in, Bo says "Jackpot." They hear a car pull in, and out steps Vin who heads inside. Another car pulls in, and Maria steps out and goes inside. Bo and Roman dive in the bushes. The Brady brothers check around Maria's car and head back to theirs. We see a close-up on the trunk with Jen unconscious inside it. Later, we see Jen again and she comes to.

Bo and Roman return to the car and call headquarters (see above). Bo is getting anxious and he doesn't want to wait for backup.

Inside, Maria warns Vin about Bo and Roman. He loads a gun while she tells him about knocking out Jennifer Horton. He gets furious with her and orders her to dump Jen somewhere. Maria leaves and drives off, and Bo gets mad. After Maria leaves, Vin receives a warning call from Palmer. Bo and Roman spot Chas's car pull in. He hops out and heads inside. Vin tells Chas about Carson's warning, and they open a drawer full of guns.

Outside, Bo's patience runs out. He loads a gun and prepares to leave the car, as the previews roll.


*Chloe asks Brady, on the phone, how the outside life is. He says "lonely."
*Mimi, Belle, and Cassie talk with the producer.
*Jack tells Abe and Hope that he is going to force Palmer to reveal Jen's whereabouts, and we see Jen awake but tied up.
*Roman and Bo are hiding in the bushes, and gunshots fire at them.

The End.

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