Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/4/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/4/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Norman

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At Sami’s Apartment

Brandon gives Sami, who is still on the couch crying, to the count of three to open the door. She refuses to move as he counts, and she hears a loud bang. She runs to check the door, and realizes Brandon was faking. He pushes himself in, and she yells at him to get out. He wants to rationally talk things out, but she starts chucking oranges at him. He admits that he has been sending mixed messages, and she wants him to admit that he can’t let go of Lexie. He tries to tell her he is committed to her, but she doesn’t believe him. He tells her he will prove it, and they start to kiss. Things heat up, and the two make love. Later, during the after-glow, Sami confesses that sex isn’t going to fix things between them. They talk about Lexie, and Sami thinks that he is holding something back. Brandon confesses that he is and tells her that he is connected to Lexie’s child, and always will be. Sami panics that he knows her secret, and he wonders what is wrong with her; he hasn’t told her how he feels connected to the child. Brandon believes that Sami still thinks he is the father of the baby, which shocks Sami because she realizes that he is meaning something different. Brandon explains that he has an emotional bond with Lexie’s baby and explains that he is afraid that Abe won’t have enough time to spend with him/her. He apologizes for getting involved and tells her they should probably not talk about it anymore. He promises her that they will always be together forever. The two decide to go out for dinner, and Brandon heads off to take a shower. Sami makes a frantic phone call to Eugenia and asks her if she let something slip to Brandon. She tells Eugenia not to say anything, reminding her of what the consequences would be.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Brady arrives to see Victor, as Nicole strolls in in her bikini. He asks if she is ok, and she announces that she is fine - considering she is the Queen of the mansion. Victor enters, and Brady tells him that he doesn’t have a lot of time as he needs to get back to the hospital. Victor promises that he will keep it short and sweet. He tells Brady that he knows he is bored at Basic Black, and offers for him to come work for him at Titan. Brady thinks that Victor is joking, but Victor tells him that he’s been watching him work for John and is impressed by him. Brady wonders if he is doing this to get back at Kate or Phillip, but Victor assures him that is not the case. Victor explains that he has no one left to groom to take over at Titan, and would like for it to be him. Brady asks if the business is legit, and Victor tells him it is. He knows that Brady is an honorable man. Victor tells him that he can start where ever he would like and receive and excellent salary. He asks Brady if he is interested. Brady tells Victor that he needs some time to think. Victor understands, and tells Brady to let him know.  Brady prepares to return to the hospital. He stops in the entry hall and Nicole approaches, saying that Victor didn’t have the right to offer him Titan. Brady asks her why she is so angry, and she tells him that he is the type to mess things up for people. She believes he is taking advantage of Victor and pushing himself on him, but Brady reminds her that Victor was the one who invited him over. He also reminds her that Titan belongs to Victor, and he can do with it as he deems fit. Nicole tells him to turn down the job, and Brady asks if she is jealous. He tries to leave, but she grabs his arm, saying they are not done talking. He tells her he is too exhausted to fight with her, but she continues to goad him. Nicole comments that Kate is the driving force behind BB, and tells Brady that if he joins Titan he will get left behind. They continue to argue about BB, and Brady tells Nicole that Kate has been a great mentor to him. He tells her that if she’s bored being a hausfrau she doesn’t need to badmouth him. She tells Brady that if he takes Victor’s offer he will just embarrass himself. Brady speculates that Nicole is unhappy, and she comments that she is tired of the “old boys club”. He tells her that at least he doesn’t have to sleep his way to the top, and grabs her arm just as she is about to slap him. She reminds him that he is in her house, and she demands respect. He quips “sure thing grandma” and she tells him to get out. He prepares to leave, saying he is going to see a real lady with real problems. Nicole enquires what he means, and he informs her that he’s talking about Chloe. Nicole asks how she is, but Brady wonders why she even cares. He takes off, calling her a gold digging shrew and leaving a fuming Nicole behind.

At the Police Station

Bo and Roman are preparing for their stakeout. Bo believes that if they can get Vin they can also get Palmer. Kate is worried when she sees Roman get his gun together. He assures her that it is standard procedure, and jokes that the only thing not settled is where they are going to get coffee and donuts. Bo and Hope leave to give Kate and Roman some time alone. Roman is touched that she is worried about him. She questions him about how dangerous the stakeout will be, and he tells her that all they are going to do is sit in the car and take some pictures in hope of getting a search warrant. She comments that he should go back to school to become a CPA.

Outside, Hope is watching and comments to Bo that it’s obvious that Kate is in love with Roman. Bo warns her not to play cupid. Bo tells Roman that they have to go, but Kate tells him there is something she must tell him first. She hesitates and then pulls him into Abe’s office, where he asks her what she wants to tell him. She comments about how crazy things were when they first went out, and how they finally did end up together. She gets nervous, and starts to pick at some lint on his shirt. He prods her on, telling her he really needs to get going, and she tells him to be careful. He reminds her that she has already told him that, and as she kisses him she explains that she also wanted to tell him something else. She says goodbye, and as he walks out of the office Hope asks if everything is ok. He relays what Kate said, and asks Bo if he is ready. Bo and Hope say goodbye and they take off. Hope goes to see Kate in Abe’s office, finding her very upset. She suggests that Kate come home with her. Kate gratefully accepts, and the two head off.

Later at the Brady House

Kate worries as she has a flashback of the night Roman handcuffed her at Tuscany. Hope returns from putting Zack down for a nap, and thanks Kate for keeping her company. She offers her something to eat but Kate refuses, so Hope goes to get them something to drink. She returns with lemonade and tells Kate she should try to relax, but Kate confesses that she won’t be able to until she hears from Roman. Hope comes up with an idea to join Bo and Roman on their stake out, and as she heads upstairs as she tells Kate not to go anywhere. 

Meanwhile, Bo thanks Roman for helping him out with Abe and tells him there is no one on the force he would rather partner with. Something happens at the house, and Bo starts to snap away with the camera.

Back at the house, Kate tells Hope that she doesn’t think the guys would like them showing up at the stakeout, as Hope returns with a police band radio. She explains that they can listen to the entire thing right there in the living room; she even gives Kate her own handle…"Bracelets". Hope and Kate talk about Roman, and Kate confesses that she tried but was unable to tell him how she felt. They hear the guys on the radio, as Roman tells dispatch that they believe they have enough info for a search warrant but are going to stay a while longer just to make sure. Bo thinks that the stake out may not last as long as they thought, and is glad that they will be able to get back to Hope and Kate so soon. Hope gets on the radio and Bo teases her a bit, saying they are getting ready to bust into the house. Kate then gets on the radio and tells them not to. Roman grabs the radio and asks her what she is doing with Hope. Hope explains that they are there listening on the radio to make sure they are ok. Bo gets back on and reminds Hope that listening is ok, but talking on the radio is not. The guys back at the station listen in amusement. Kate gets on the radio and tells 32 (Bo and Roman) that it is “Bracelets” and tells Bo that his partner will know what she means. Roman tells Kate that she needs to make it quick because they have to leave the radio open. She hesitates for a moment and tells him once again to be careful…with the entire station now listening in. He tells her they have to sign off now, and she tells him that she loves him, leaving Roman speechless. He asks Bo if they are on an open channel, and he affirms they are. Kate asks if he is still there, and he tells her to sign off. He feels bad for snapping at her and prepares to call her back, when there is movement at the house.

Kate thinks she blew it and believes that Roman will never be ready. Hope tells her that she may be over-reacting, but Kate thinks that it is over as she rushes out.

Back at the car, Bo wants to go in the house now that it is empty. Roman tries to stop him, to no avail, and rushes out of the car after Bo…


*Jennifer gets knocked out, gagged, and tied up by Maria
*Bo and Roman hit the jackpot
*Cassie, Mimi, and Belle decide to participate in a reality TV dating show.

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