Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/3/03

By Justin
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Today: Belle goes to Marlena for advice, only to find Cassie in her bed...Shawn seeks answers from John, Mimi, and Rex...Sami gives Brandon the boot out of her apartment.

Cast: Shawn, Belle, Rex, Mimi, Marlena, John, Cassie, Tony, Lexie, Ops, Lisa, Denise, George, Gwen.

At the hospital

Sami is taking a call from someone when a nurse, Denise, walks up. She tells Sami that if Brandon was her boyfriend, she wouldn't let him help another woman with her Lamaze class. Brandon tells Gwen that he will be there for the next session, and Sami sees them hugging.

Later, Sami rounds up some guy named George and gets him to talk to Gwen. Sami introduces George to Brandon and Gwen and they get acquainted, while Sami and Brandon go elsewhere to talk.

Sami and Brandon argue, and he refuses to quit the Lamaze class. Brandon catches onto Sami's plan to get him away from the class and tells her that it is not gonna work. Lexie walks up and agrees with Sami on this. Brandon tells Lexie that he is talking to Sami alone, so she walks off. Brandon tells Sami that he will be Gwen's coach whether she likes it or not.

Brandon and Sami return to find Lexie, Gwen, and George chatting and laughing. When Brandon asks her when the next class is, Gwen tells him that George is her partner now. Gwen thanks Sami for introducing her to George, and tells her that they both like to collect stamps. Gwen and George then go to the cafeteria for some peppermint tea. Lexie leaves, telling Brandon that they won't be seeing each other at the class anymore. Sami asks Brandon where they are going for lunch.

At the Brady Pub

Lisa, the waitress, asks Shawn what she can get him. He asks for his usual. John arrives and sits next to Shawn, asking how everything is. Shawn replies that "It sucks." John tells him that Belle told him everything about them wanting to have sex the night before, but learns it didn't happen. Shawn says they had a fight, and he hasn't seen her since. Lisa comes by with Shawn's breakfast, and he orders it to go. Shawn tells John to wait to do his happy dance until after he leaves, and John is happy that Belle waited, telling him that men don't push. They will wait until the girl is ready. Sami walks by with Brandon, and comments on how he waited for her mom. Brandon takes Sami to another table, telling her not to pick a fight with John. Shawn leaves with his food. Ops arrives with a delivery for John Black. John says that he will take down Tony. LOL as Ops says "the dude is smooth." John says "Not as smooth as this dude, nor as smart." John and Ops talk about the security system Tony has, and Ops says that he has nothing. John thinks he is giving up, but Ops says he isn't. They both leave, saying they will talk later.

Elsewhere, Sami says that John has some strange friends. Brandon tells her that John doesn't need the Sami Brady seal of approval on who he hangs out with, and he does not need permission to hang out with his friends. Sami tells him that the only reason he was there was to see the stretch marks and to be close to Lexie. He asks what difference does it make if he was. Sami doesn't believe she is enough for him. She rushes off in anger, and Brandon starts to chase her, but stops. Lexie sees Sami run off and goes in, asking Brandon what that was all about. Lexie tells him that she just wants him to be happy, and walks off.

Later, at Sami's apartment

Brandon arrives to find his stuff outside the door. He tells Sami to open up, and we see her sobbing on the couch.

At Salem University

Mimi arrives in Belle's room, to find her cleaning up. She starts questioning her about having sex with Shawn. Belle says it was the worst night of her life. Belle begins to tell Mimi about her 'days of the week' panties, and Mimi goes into a tirade about her only supposed to wear those everyday, not special occasions. Belle says that Shawn was laughing at them. Mimi thinks he wouldn't have been laughing if she took them off. After a while, Belle decides to go home for advice.

At the penthouse

Cassie is at Marlena's house. Marlena offers her tea and breakfast, but she declines. There is a knock at the door, and Marlena answers it to find Tony. Tony orders Cassie to come home with him now. Cassie stays in the room, while Marlena and Tony talk alone in the hallway. Tony wonders how she could be so irresponsible, and Marlena says that they have to make it clear that drinking is not tolerable. She says that they have to make her choose a different way next time, and Tony asks how. Marlena says that they have to be friendly, firm, and rational. They return to Cassie, but she ignores everything he says and goes upstairs. Tony gets angry and yells after her. Marlena congratulates him on becoming a parent. Marlena and Tony joke around, just as Belle walks in and asks what is going on. Tony says that he was getting some parenting skills from Marlena. Belle heads up to her room, unaware that Cassie is there. Tony says that Belle is a role model, hoping she will be a good influence on Cassie.

In Belle's room, Belle finds Cassie on her bed and asks her what the hell she is doing. Cassie tells Belle about her getting drunk and calling John. Belle asks why she called her father. Cassie tells her that she isn't talking to Tony right now, and Marlena said she could have her old room. Belle tells Cassie that she and Shawn had a fight. While holding a picture of Shawn, Cassie says if Shawn were her boyfriend, she'd find much better things to do than fight. Belle tells Cassie to put the picture down, but she throws it. They physically start hitting each other, and both fall on the bed. Marlena and Tony hear them fighting and are shocked at what they see. Tony pulls Cassie off Belle and they leave. Belle tells Marlena that she just wanted her attention. Marlena asks for what, but Belle just replies that it was a mistake coming there.

Marlena stops Belle from leaving. Belle rushes to the door to find John, who says "Hi, Tink." Belle tells him never to call her that again. They start lecturing her for not watching out for Cassie, so Belle tells them to go ahead and blame her.

In Tony's limo, he brings Cassie there and tells her that he will try to protect her. She wants something like John and Belle have. He says that he can't be John Black, but he will protect his daughter.

Back at Salem University

Back in Belle's dorm, Rex arrives and finds Mimi doing her homework. He asks her to be Cassie's friend, and to do it for him. She agrees and they kiss, long and passionately. Shawn walks in and questions Mimi about Belle's behavior, wondering if she kicked him out so they wouldn't have to have sex. Mimi thinks it is possible, but it doesn't sound like Belle. Shawn leaves, and Rex tells Mimi that they have a problem. He doesn't want things to turn out like they did with Shawn and Belle.

Later, in the hall, Belle and Shawn run into each other. She just keeps walking while Shawn looks on, upset, as the previews roll.


*Brandon tells Sami to open up, or he is coming in. She has a shocked look on her face.
*Victor offers Brady a job at Titan.
*Nicole tells Brady that he won't take over her company. He asks if she is jealous. She goes to slap him, but he grabs her arm.

The End.

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