Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/2/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/2/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita
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At the Pub

Hope and Bo are at the pub. Hope teases Bo about the hardship of his undercover work at Echelon. They then grow serious, and worry because the house Bo was taken to for the drugs is within walking distance of Salem University. Jack and Jennifer arrive to find out the latest on the investigation, and they all conclude that this could be bigger than they first suspected.

Outside, Nicole arrives, as do Kate and Roman. They exchange words, as Kate and Roman enter the pub, with Nicole on their heels looking for someone.

Kate and Roman join the table, and Bo tells Roman that Jack and Jennifer just wanted to get any new information on the Ben Wells case. Kate and Roman go off to have breakfast, and Jennifer and Hope go off in search of coffee. Bo and Jack discuss the fact that they are working on this case behind Roman’s back.  Bo is sure if Roman knew, he would have his badge.

Meanwhile, Hope and Jennifer discuss the same thing. Hope confesses missing working with Bo, and Jennifer tells her about Jack being mauled by a “working girl”. They tease about Jack’s under-cover experience with him as he gets a call from Vern, who tells him they need to get to the TV station for an emergency meeting. Vern tells him someone is there bearing gifts from Bill Horton, and the two head off.

Bo walks off, as Jack goes to Jennifer and is stopped by Nicole who wants to discuss Victor.

Roman and Kate leave with their breakfast “to go” as Kate questions why, thinking they were “dining in”. Roman explains that he got the message that Bo did not want him there, and Kate comments on thinking that things were getting better between them. Roman agrees with her.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Bo that she overheard Victor on the phone, and she knows that it was not Titan business. She prepares to go on as they are joined by Victor, who tells Bo that Nicole is concerned for his safety. Victor lets Nicole in on the fact that Bo already knows he was speaking to his former contacts - seeing as how he was doing it at Bo’s request. He informs Bo that he hasn’t found out anything but will not give up. Bo pulls him off to the side and tells him he needs another favor. Bo tells him he needs information on Palmer, and Victor agrees to help him. They rejoin Nicole, with Victor promising that she won’t be bothering Bo in the future.

At the Hospital

Brady is keeping vigil, as Chloe awakens to find out it is morning. Craig knocks on the door and signals for Brady to come outside. Brady expresses to Craig that he is worried about Chloe and is afraid that she has lost her fight. Brady is worked up over Chloe’s weakened state, but Craig assures him that everything is, in fact, going according to plan.

Later, another doctor comes out of Chloe’s room and gives Craig a thumbs up. Brady, Craig and Nancy go in to see her. They discuss the transplant and that it will be over soon. She asks Craig how long before they know if the new marrow is working, but Craig tells her they are unsure about the timeline. He does, however, promise her that they will keep her completely up to date on her progress. They prepare to leave so Chloe can rest, but Chloe wants to spend some time alone with her mother. Chloe wants to hear all about Joy going home from the hospital, and Nancy tells her about how Honey and Sugar have appointed themselves Joy’s protectors. Nancy goes on about the dogs and the baby, but Chloe interrupts her and admits that she is scared.

At the TV Station

Jack and Jennifer arrive at the TV station, with Jennifer wondering why she is there for Jack’s surprise. Jack is convinced that Bill is testing him and wants him to have a breakdown. They enter the room, and Oliver Wentworth is there, as is Harold. Oliver and Jennifer talk some about Bill, as Jack stresses over the gift from Bill, knowing that he is not Bill’s favorite person. Oliver announces he wants Jack and Jennifer to do for his show what they have done for his newspaper, and he tells them the show is theirs. The two are shocked and try to convince Oliver that they are not who he is looking for. He disagrees, assuring them that they are perfect and it won’t be like last time. He even tells them that they will be flexible regarding the Spectator. Vern finally breaks in, reminding Jack that he has never steered Jack wrong where his career was concerned.  Oliver tells them they could be Salem’s answer to Regis and Kelly. He introduces the two to his station manager, who takes his turn trying to convince the two that they should do the show. They are still skeptical, as two chairs are brought out with their names already stenciled on them. Jack wonders why this is a gift for him, as Jennifer shares her concern over the fact that she is still expecting her gift. The manager returns, asking Jennifer for her autograph. Jennifer and Jack are starting to wear thin, and Jennifer comments that the manager is very persuasive.

Back at the Hospital

Nancy returns upset and has Craig go in to talk to Chloe. Brady tries to comfort Nancy by assuring her that they are all going to be Ok.

Chloe gets emotional while reading the consent forms. Craig comes in, and she thanks him for all that he has done for her. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to blame himself if something goes wrong. She also makes him promise that they will never tell Joy if the transplant fails. She explains why, saying she doesn’t want Joy to feel like she failed her in any way. A little later, Brady returns to Chloe’s room. She confesses that she hates waiting, and he promises her that they will never be separated again. A tearful Chloe tells him she loves him, and Brady responds in kind. The doctor comes in and announces that it is zero hour. Brady prepares to take leave, telling Chloe he loves her and will be back soon.

Back at the Pub

Hope joins the crowd, and Victor tells her that Bo hasn’t showed him a single picture of Zack. Hope informs him that Zack is upstairs playing Candyman Lane with Grandpa Shawn. As the two head off, Victor teases her that he is going to teach Zack how to play poker. 

Nicole tries to talk to Bo, but Bo interrupts her and explains that he and Victor have an understanding. He advises her to not try to play one for the other again.

They join Victor and Hope, who informs him that Zack is going to the Zoo. She mentions something about Abby’s Binturong, which confuses Bo. He tells her that he must get to work, and Hope announces that she is going with him. The two leave, leaving Victor and Nicole alone.

Later, Bo and Hope arrive at the station, disagreeing about her presence there. Abe calls Bo into his office and yells at him for stealing his files. He reminds him that when he breaks the rules people get hurt.

Roman and Kate arrive.  Roman asks Hope why she’s there, then realizes that Bo is in Abe’s office. They can hear Abe yelling at Bo through the door, and Roman goes in to see if he can help. Abe continues to ranting at Bo, as Roman listens quietly. Roman finally breaks in, standing up for Bo and telling Abe that Bo has one of the best arrest records at the station. He tells him that although Bo may bend the rules he won’t break them, and guesses that Abe doesn’t want him off the case anymore than he does. Roman also explains that this investigation concerns their very way of living, as Kate and Hope listen from the door. Abe is skeptical, but Roman offers to partner with him and take full responsibility. Bo says he doesn’t need a babysitter, but Abe tells Bo the only way he can continue will be with a partner. He tells Bo the choice is his. Bo agrees to partner with Roman, so he can remain on the case. He tells Roman that he wants to stake out the alleged drug house, and Roman agrees.

Kate worries as she hears this, and voices that it sounds dangerous. Hope reminds her that everyday they come to work is dangerous. Hope treads onto the topic of Kate’s feelings for Roman. Kate tries to say she doesn’t love him but is unable to say it. Hope asks why she hasn’t told Roman, and Kate confesses she was hoping he would say it first. Kate worries about the upcoming stake out and comments that Hope must be used to this, but Hope tells her that you never get used to it.

Back at the Pub

Victor tells Nicole they are going home and when she tries to refuse, he tells her that she has no choice.

Once outside, he reminds her that although she may be beautiful and clever, she has no power. She tells him that nothing lasts forever and he agrees, saying that at that point there will be a fresh hell for her.

Later at the Hospital

Nancy and Craig hold Joy, and Brady comments how small she is. Nancy offers to let him hold her, but he doesn’t think he should. Nancy assures him it’s ok and hands him the baby. He tells Joy that Chloe will be singing her lullabies soon. Chloe watches from her room, as Brady looks in on her and their eyes meet.


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