Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/1/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/1/03

By Claudia
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At the Dorm

Shawn and Belle are getting very physical, and Shawn laughs about her already having changed her panties. Belle is not amused, but he continues to tease her about her 'day of the week' panties. Belle is annoyed at his laughing. He tries to tell her that he was just nervous, but Belle doesnít believe him. Shawn tells her to calm down, and she admits that she too is nervous. She explains that she wanted him to find her sexy, not funny. She says that she wanted everything to be perfect for them, and comments that he looks like he wants laugh again. Shawn tries to apologize for hurting her feelings, but then asks if she ironed her underwear like she does everything else. She gets mad that he is still making jokes after she just told him he hurt her feelings. Shawn tells Belle that he just wonít say anything, because the right thing never seems to come out. She thinks that Shawn hates the fact that she is so organized, but he tells her that he loves the fact that she is a perfectionist. He then tells her that he loves everything about her. He tries to explain that they are both nervous, and suggests they forget about it and start over. They then start to kiss again.

At Club Echelon

John is still on the phone with Cassie. She informs him that she is in Abeís office - as a favor to Marlena - but will be put in jail if one of her parents doesnít pick her up. John says that that is not him, but she reminds him that he is her step-father and uncle; she doesnít want Tony and Marlena to know yet and has no one else to call. John tells her he will be right there and tries to take off, but Tony stops him. Tony comments that John has his own dirty secrets, and John tells him to go to hell and walks out. He leaves without noticing Jack on the ground. Jack comes to, and wonders if he has died and gone to heaven as a woman cradles his head to her bosom. Jennifer watches the scene and comments that he hasn't yet, but will soon. She interrupts, and the lady tells Jennifer that she saw him first. Jennifer explains that she in fact saw him first, because he is her ex-husband and current fiancť. The lady is not put off however, saying sheís had plenty of those types before. Jack gets up and tells the woman that he isnít interested. She leaves with a parting shot, telling Jack to ask for Natasha when heís ready for a real woman. Jack wants to explain, but Jennifer tells him thereís no need.

Meanwhile in Boís car, Maria hits on Bo in a serious way as she kisses him. Bo breaks the kiss, and tells Maria that he isnít interested in that. She asks him if he is gay. He says he isn't, and tells her he is looking for a good time 'of the chemical variety'. He asks her if she can help him with that. She refuses, until he flashes her money. She then thinks that maybe she can be of service.

Back at the Dorm

All is well again between Belle and Shawn, and they both agree they want the night to last forever. She apologizes for overreacting, but he lets her know that everything is ok. They talk about how much they love each other, and how they canít stand to be away from each other. Shawn tells Belle that while he was gone he couldnít stop thinking of her, regardless of the fact that there were guys and girls coming and going from his room all night. Belle gets upset, and comments to Shawn that he never told her there were girls in the hotel room. Shawn tells her to calm down, saying it was nothing. Belle refuses, saying if that were the case he would have told her. Shawn explains that his room mate invited some guys over to party, and they brought some cheerleaders from State with them. He gets frustrated when Belle starts questioning how long they were there, how many of them there were, and what he did with them. She then gets furious when she finds out that some of the girls were still there when he woke up. She walks to the door and tells him to get out. Shawn tells Belle that she is overreacting, but she asks how she is supposed to react to him partying and having girls in his room. Shawn reminds her that none of them were there with him - or spent the night with him - as she tosses his cloths out the door, hitting a girl walking by. The girl looks over and recognizes Shawn. She reminds him that her name is Amy, and expresses that she had a wonderful time at the party in his room. Belle assumes (correctly) that she is one of the girls from State, as Shawn is saying  to Amy that he wouldnít know about the success of the party. Amy says that, as she recalls, he had a great time and calls him Tarzan. She then explains to Belle about how Shawn got on the roof of the hotel (as part of a dare) and stripped to his boxers to jump into the pool. Belle listens intently as Amy continues, saying Shawn lost his shorts in the water and couldnít retrieve them. She says that someone finally brought him a hotel towel. Shawn tries to get her to leave, but she begs him to do the Tarzan call. Belle comments that there is a whole side of him that she does not know. Shawn admits that all Amy said was true. He says he was just trying to get everyone to leave, although it didnít end up that way. Belle tells him that he jumped at the chance to party with sexy cheerleaders because he was bored with her. She assumes he thinks she is too straight laced for him. She pulls him out the door and then slams it behind him. He collects his cloths, muttering everyone else loved the Tarzan yell.

Outside Echelon

Jack swears on a stack of bibles that nothing was going on with Natasha, or anyone else for that matter. Jennifer assures him that she was just teasing him, as Jack explains about the bouncer and Maria. She asks if he is ready to leave, but he tells her about Bo going off with Maria. Jennifer insists on waiting with him. She tends to his wounds and wants to take him to the ER. He refuses, saying he thinks that Maria and Echelon may hold the answers. He reiterates that he isnít leaving until Bo returns.

Meanwhile, Bo and Maria arrive at a house. She tells him to stay put as she gets out. He waits a moment before following her to the door. She knocks, and a guy answers, commenting that she is late. They chat as Bo approaches (fidgety and scratching his nose) asking if everything is all set. The guy asks Maria what he is doing there. Bo interjects, saying he is there to party. He explains that he needs a party, as Maria tells the guy Bo has the money to pay for it. The guy asks Bo for references, and Bo says he has plenty. He then names off Franklin, Grant, and Jackson. The guy is doubtful, and tells him to come back when he has real referrals.

At the Station

Cassie tries to tell Abe that she is innocent and it was the others, as he notices his filing cabinet has been tampered with. John arrives, as a cop makes a call announcing his arrival to someone. He enters Abeís office, and asks Cassie what she did. Abe explains that he thinks Cassie was with the wrong people at the wrong time. Cassie tries to interrupt, but John cuts her off so that Abe can finish. Abe goes on to say that a beat cop found them in Salem Place, after hours drinking. He also tells John that they havenít actually charged Cassie.  Palmer enters, and comments that Abe would always make exceptions for his friends. Palmer tells Abe he is through using his power to help the Bradys. John tries to say this has nothing to do with them, but Palmer says it does, since John is an honorary member of their family. Abe tells Carson to let the department do their job, but Carson tells Abe he wants Cassie locked up. John says he wants her released in his custody, seeing heís her step-father and uncle. He tells Carson that because she is a first time offender she would only get a misdemeanor anyway. Carson tells John to tell it to the judge, but John explains that he knows people in high places; if Carson decides to cross him in a matter this small, he will regret it. Palmer receives a call, and steps out. Cassie is convinced that Palmer will let her go, and is grateful to John. She comments that he really does care, and she gets somewhat light-headed. John explains that drinking is not good, and advises her that she may not be as lucky next time. Cassie asks if thatís it, as she was waiting for a lecture. John tells her that he believes she was just experimenting because things are still new to her, and cautions her to be more careful in the future. Cassie promises she will be, and is ecstatic when Abe agrees she has learned her lesson; she happily hugs John telling him thank you. Tony enters and watches for a moment, before asking what is going on. Abe explains it to him. Cassie asks why John called Tony, but Tony admits that he followed John not even knowing she was there. He asks for a moment with Cassie, and John leaves, telling her he will be right outside if she needs him. Tony goes off on her, saying he wonít have her disgracing his name like that. He prepares to take her back to the dorm. Cassie tells him that she was kicked out of the dorm, for being caught with beer. Tony is outraged, and criticizes her for making one stupid mistake after another. Cassie gets extremely upset. John comes back in to Cassieís defense, saying she was only being a kid and obviously regrets what had happened. Tony tries to tell him itís none of his business, but John reminds him that he too is involved in Cassieís life. Tony tells Cassie they are leaving, but Cassie refuses and asks John if he will take her home with him, so she can be with her mom.

Back at Echelon

Jack and Jennifer go back inside, and are joined by Bo shortly thereafter. Bo relays what happened as all three speculate on Palmerís involvement. They wonder if Maria is just the go-between for Palmer and the gangs, or what. Bo leaves to continue his investigation, as Jennifer wonders why guys even come to places like this. She teases Jack about having her and not needing to go to clubs like this, and Jack assures her that he is a very lucky man.

Later, Jack and Jennifer arrive home. Jennifer wants to call Jo and Vern to check on Abby, but Jack reminds her of the time. Instead, he wants to call Bo, but Jennifer in turn reminds him that Bo said he would call them. She tells Jack itís time for him to relax, and sits him on the couch. She takes his jacket off and loosens his tie. She teasingly asks him if he wants a drink or back rub, but then has a better idea and says she will just lean into him, like Natasha at Echelon. Jennifer tells him she has created for him his very own Club Echelon ,but Jack confesses that it isnít very appealing to have a woman wait on him hand and foot. He tells her that he is looking for a life partner with a big heart. He explains that he has already found that person, and does not intend to let her go. Jennifer teasingly asks if he really doesnít want her to play club hostess, as she unbuttons his shirt. He tells her he isnít interested in playing lonely man any longer, but decides that he does want a back rubÖonly he gets a little more than a back rub.

Meanwhile at Echelon, Bo introduces himself to Natasha as Norman. They sit and order champagne. He asks her what she offers, and she asks him what he wants. He tells her he wants to have a nice evening, as the champagne arrives. He pays $200 for the champagne, and is asked by the waitress if it is the best he can do when he hands her exact change. He nods as Natasha assures him she can guarantee him a good time. As they sip their drinks, Bo asks her what itís like working there with all the people.  He explains that this is his first time, and wonders if all the girls are as nice as she is. Natasha tells Bo they are not as pretty, or as nice as she. He tells her about seeing Maria and thinking she looked scary and mean. Natasha admits that the other girls would get fired if they treated customers the way Maria did. Bo continues to ask questions, but Natasha begins to get suspicious and gets up to leave. Bo tries to stop her, but she explains in no uncertain terms that she will call the bouncer and he wonít be allowed to come back. Bo lets her go and takes off.

Back at the Station

Tony wonít allow John to take Cassie, and Cassie asks Abe why not, since it was ok earlier. Abe asks if Marlena is home, and John agrees she is. Abe tells him to take Cassie to her, much to Tonyís dismay. He accuses John of trying to come between Cassie and him, but Abe steps in, saying Cassie requested to be with her mother. She and John take off, leaving a brewing Tony behind.

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*Abe yells at Bo for not following the rules.

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