Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/27/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/27/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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Today: Many arguments at the hospital while Sami and Eugenia exchange threats, and Lexie badgers Brandon about his obsession with her baby. Tony and Victor play a little pool. The Deveraux's/the Brady's dig up more info on Carson and his mysterious date.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Jack, Jen, Carson, Harold, Tony, Victor, Bart, Nico, Brandon, Lexie, Sami, Eugenia.

At the Spectator

Jen is reading an ad and finds the lettering to be pretty small. Harold looks at it and agrees. Jen tells him to tell Ed to reprint it. He asks if she needs anything else, and she says a one way ticket to Hawaii. He takes her seriously and goes to call transportation, but she tells him that she was kidding. Hope arrives and says hi to Harold. Hope brought Jen some lunch, and they discuss the reporter life. Hope tells Jen that she wants to start working, as Zack is going to be starting school. Jen asks her if she wants to help her solve a mystery. She tells Hope about the mystery woman that Carson was with the other night, and they go on the Internet to research her. Later, Jen and Hope find a picture of the woman, and save it on a disk to give to Bo. Jen and Hope high five each other.

At the University Hospital

Eugenia walks up to Sami and asks if she and Brandon are having problems. Sami tells her that it is none of her business, and she and Brandon are living together. "Genie" thinks that Sami and Brandon have no chance in hell. Eugenia taunts Sami some more, suggesting that Brandon might break up with her if he finds out that he is the daddy of Lexie's baby. She then leaves.

On the terrace, Lexie pulls Brandon out to talk. She asks him why he is obsessing over the baby, and why did he embarrass her in the Blue Note? She wants him to leave her alone for the sake of her family. Sami walks out on the terrace to find them talking, and he tells her that it is a private conversation. Lexie tells him that they can talk another time, and she also takes time to tell Sami that Brandon is in her Lamaze class. Sami asks Brandon why, and Lexie tells her that she isn't enough for him. Lexie walks off, after telling Sami to keep Brandon occupied. Sami is shocked to learn that it is Brandon who is chasing Lexie, and asks about him helping that woman. Brandon brings up Lexie and Abe's fertility problems, and Sami asks why. He says because she can't drop her suspicions of him being the father of Lexie's baby. Sami begs Brandon to drop out of the Lamaze class, but he refuses, telling her he can't. They argue, until Sami asks if she is enough for him. He says more than enough. Nothing much happens after this.

Back inside, Lexie tells Brandon that Abe is all she needs. At Sami's desk, Eugenia returns to taunt Sami, and threatens to reveal the truth about Sami switching the results. Sami tells her that if Lexie finds out, it is her ass on the line. Lexie walks up and asks to speak with Eugenia. Lexie thanks Eugenia for being a good doctor and leaves. Meanwhile, Sami tells "Genie" that the only way for her to keep her job and for her to keep Brandon, is for Eugenia to keep her mouth shut.

At the DiMera Mansion

Bart announces that Tony's guests are there. Nico and Victor walk in, and Tony and Victor dismiss Nico and Bart. Tony suggests they play a game of billiards, but Victor says he takes competitions seriously. Tony and Victor have a meaningless talk while playing pool, and Victor brings up Mr. Big, asking Tony if he knows about him. Tony claims not to know, and Victor asks him what favor he wants. Tony hands him a note. "No way in hell," Victor says. Tony tells Victor that he has to do it. They decide to play a game of billiards to see whether the favor has to be done or not .While playing, they discuss their dead loved ones (Isabella and ? for Tony). Nico and Bart come in to see if they are needed, but they are not. Tony wins the game. He then gets the paperwork ready.

At the police station

Jack arrives, and he and Bo go into Abe's office. They decide to work together, and shake hands. Bo and Jack both think Mr. Big is Carson Palmer. Bo never thought about Palmer. Jack tells him about the way he handled Shawn's case, Larry's case, and the press conference, and how it didn't add up. Jack says that he needs Bo's help to prove Carson is the bad guy. Bo and Jack continue to talk about him, until good ole' Carson himself walks in, asking if they wanna tell him something. Palmer talks about how he is finally gonna nail Ben Welles's killer. Jack asks if he can make a headline of it, and Carson tells him that he will sue him and the Spectator. Bo tells Carson to get the hell out of his station, and Carson starts threatening him. He says that if Jack or the Brady's so much as jaywalk they will be in prison. He then leaves. Bo goes after him, but Jack stops him. Hope and Jen arrive, with a floppy disk with the woman's picture on it. They pop the disk in, and find the rap sheet of the woman, Maria. Bo says she has a rap sheet a mile long. Jack says Carson is sleeping with the enemy. Jack and Jen leave, and as the previews roll, Bo tells Hope that he is never gonna lose her again.


*Jack and Jen scare someone in the D.A.'s office, with a mouse.

*Mimi and Belle talk.

*Marlena asks John what's happening to them.

The End.

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