Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/26/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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At the Dorm

Shawn and Rex are playing video games when a chipper Mimi arrives with coffee. She teases them about needing caffeine, but tells them the coffee is for someone who needs it more than they do.

Upstairs, Belle is watering plants and decides that Cassie could use some watering also. She thinks better of it as there is a knock on the door. Mimi comes in with the coffee, which turns out to be for herself and Belle. They are whispering so as not to disturb Cassie, who tells them not to talk so loud anyways-causing them both to giggle. Belle unceremoniously pulls the covers off Cassie, telling her she needs to get up. Mimi joins her by telling Cassie she tried to warn her, but Cassie only responds by saying she feels ill and needs water. Belle, with a mischievous look, goes to get her water canister. She hands it to Mimi, who proceeds to “water” an unsuspecting Cassie. Cassie exclaims that she feels like she’s dying, but Mimi assures her that she isn’t. Cassie wants a doctor, but Belle reminds her that she does not like doctors and informs her that all a doctor would do is take blood and lecture her. Cassie mutters that she already is getting a lecture. Belle agrees that Cassie needs help, only not from her.  Cassie flops back on the bed, and Belle and Mimi thoroughly enjoy her discomfort.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Shawn asks Rex where he wants to go for breakfast but Rex doesn’t hear him. Shawn grabs his attention, and asks  him what he wants to do. Rex says that he wants to get out of college and into the real world. Shawn tells him he only meant breakfast, but they talk about Rex’s plans instead. Rex informs Shawn that he won’t drop out of college, but he is ready to get out and learn some “street smarts”. He explains that people are only out for themselves, nice to you one minute and stabbing you in the back the next. Shawn tries to convince him otherwise, but to no avail. Rex tells Shawn that the golden rule should say, “Do unto others BEFORE they do unto you.” Shawn tells him that it sounds like Tony talking, and not Rex himself.

At the Police Station

Hope arrives at the station, and is informed that Bo is in Abe’s office. She talks to Simmons for a moment. Meanwhile, Bo is on the phone with the drive-by victim’s father. Hope enters as Bo finishes the call. He tells her that they had the drive-by shooter in custody two weeks ago, but couldn’t make the charges stick. Hope tries to tell him he couldn’t prevent what happened, but he is convinced that he has to do more to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Bo explains that he is upset about the fairness of the system. He tells her that people and victims like Ben Wells have rights too, only they are no longer around to fight for them. He vows to put a stop to needless deaths, and as he escorts Hope out he tells her he has to get back to work.

At the Hospital

Victor arrives in search of Brady, and the nurse tells him Brady is still with Chloe. The nurse hopes that perhaps Victor can convince Brady to get some sleep, or at least a bite to eat.

In Chloe’s room, Brady is still steadfastly watching over a sleeping Chloe. He is about to tell her that he would gladly go through this for her, when Isabella appears, saying that is what it means to love someone. Isabella tells Brady she is there because she wants to help him. He tells her about how sick Chloe was the night before, and how she didn’t want him there. Isabella assures Brady that Chloe didn’t mean the things she said, and Brady agrees with her. She notices the butterfly and talks about how fragile they are; yet they have so much stamina and energy. She goes on to tell him a story about a time when she watched a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. She explains that she tried to help the butterfly by making the cocoon hole bigger, but the butterfly fell out and died instead. She tells him that Victor was the one who explained to her, that the only way they can survive is by struggling through the metamorphosis alone. She tells him that although he wants to help Chloe, there are just some things he can’t do for her. Isabella explains to Brady that Chloe must fight this on her own, so that she will come away from it as strong as God intended her to be. The door opens as Victor enters, and says “Isabella?” Brady asks him if he is talking to Isabella, but Victor tells him that the butterfly reminded him of her. He has a memory of her wedding day, and then the day she told him she was dying. Victor tells Brady that he felt closer to her when he came into the room. Isabella tells Brady that Victor can’t see or hear her.  Brady tells Victor that butterflies also make him think of Isabella, and asks why he is there. Victor explains that he is there to apologize for how he treated Brady before. Victor asks about Chloe, as Brady explains about the purpose of the treatment before the transplant. Victor asks him if there is anything he can do, but Brady tells him that he isn’t sure what he is supposed to do himself; he also tells him that he is glad he came by. Victor tells Brady that although he thinks about Isabella everyday, the two of them talking about her is how they keep her alive. Brady looks at Isabella, and then tells Victor he can think of another reason why Victor feels so close to her. Brady says it is because they are seeing Chloe fight the same way Isabella did, that they feel so close to her. Victor tells him that Isabella would be proud of him, and that when she was still alive she made him a better person. Isabella tells Victor that she would hate to see him go down the wrong path again, and thinks she has more faith in him than he has in himself. She asks Brady to help Victor understand what she is saying. Brady tells Victor that because Isabella is a part of him, he can safely say that Isabella loves Victor and would want him to let go of his bitterness and anger. Victor doesn’t understand what he is talking about. Brady tells him he meant the way Victor treated him, and how he himself said Isabella brought out the best in him. He tells Victor that Isabella would want them to get along, and Victor agrees. Victor tells Brady about how Isabella wanted to be in Italy when she died. He is glad that John honored her wishes, knowing before- hand that she would not be returning. He wishes he could hear her voice just once more, and Brady tells him he can always talk to him. Victor is touched, and tells Brady that he should probably get some rest. Before leaving, he tells Brady that a lot of Isabella is alive in him.  Brady tells Victor she is in him also as Victor leaves. Isabella thanks Brady as she disappears, and Chloe begins to wake up. She apologizes for what she said to him, and admits that she is tired and hates being so out of control. She admits this is the longest she has been able to sleep, and confesses that it was very peaceful. She tells him that she dreamt of him staying by her side, despite what she told him. He  assures her that it was no dream.

Outside, Victor is joined by Nico who informs him that Tony wants to meet with him ASAP.

Back at the Dorm

Belle assures Cassie she will get her some medicine and picks up the phone. Cassie asks who she is calling, and Belle informs her that she is calling Marlena. She tells Cassie that Marlena will know exactly how to help her.

Meanwhile downstairs, Rex tries to get Shawn to understand that it is hard to figure out who to trust and who not to trust. He tells Shawn that Tony is the only one who has been consistently nice and dependable. He reminds Shawn that he wanted them gone in the beginning, and now Cassie and Belle are having problems of their own. He tells him that things are just complicated, as Hope arrives with Zack to see Shawn. She tells Shawn that she just wanted to come by to say hello, as they are joined by Rex. Rex asks if he can take Zack for a stroll, and Hope agrees.  Rex goes off with Zack. Hope explains to Shawn about Bo’s case, and about the kid (who was Shawn’s age) that was shot; she felt like she needed to see him. She mentions that he looks tired, and Shawn tells her that they had an eventful night.

Upstairs, Belle is unable to reach Marlena.  Cassie says she needs to feel better now. Belle explains that her hangover just has to run its course. She comments that if she can keep them down this time, she can have some aspirin and water. Cassie tells Belle that she has had wine before, but it  made her happy instead of sick. Belle tells Cassie about Dozer, and how he almost died of alcohol poisoning. Cassie asks why everyone drinks if it is so bad. Belle informs her that not everyone drinks. They tell Cassie about her behavior, and Mimi tells her she is lucky that Rex was there to keep Chaz at bay. Cassie asks if they are talking about sex. Belle affirms that they are, and Cassie tells Belle that she knows more about the subject than she does. Belle tells Cassie she was only going to say that she knows nothing about Chaz, and asks her if she’s ever heard of STD’s. Cassie tells her that she is not making her feel better and wants to sleep. Belle decides to leave her alone as Cassie “sweetly” asks for water…to drink this time. Belle flings her a bottle of water and a bottle of aspirin, and informs her that they are leaving for class. Mimi inquires if Cassie wants them to wake her for BioChem, but Cassie tells them that the class is a waste of her time. Belle and Mimi take off, with Belle telling her to “have a nice day”. Cassie gets frustrated, and chucks the bottle of aspirin towards the wall.

At the same time, downstairs, Shawn tells Hope that although she may not trust him she has nothing to worry about with him. Hope assures Shawn that she does indeed trust him because he is her son. Rex returns with Zack, and Hope decides to take off. Shawn wonders what is taking Belle so long, seeing as they have to get to class. Later, Belle and Mimi join Rex downstairs and Belle informs Rex that Cassie is sleeping. Rex tells Belle that Shawn was waiting for her before going to class, but had to grab something from his room and will return shortly. Mimi decides she wants to buy a bottle of water before class, and invites Rex to accompany her. He agrees, and they take off as Shawn arrives back downstairs. He comments to Belle that she looks chipper, but she tells him that she is actually very tired. He offers to take notes for her in class so she can get some sleep, but she refuses, saying she would rather not hear Cassie moaning and groaning.

Outside, Chaz shows up and asks Rex if Cassie is there. He tells them that he just wanted to know how she was feeling, but Mimi informs him that Cassie is asleep. They are joined by a friend of Chaz’s, who he introduces as Vin. Vin invites them to a party and Rex is tempted to accept, but Mimi declines on their behalf.

Later at the Police Station

Bo arrives, dragging in Tommy, and pulls him into Abe’s office. It turns out Tommy is an informant, because once in the office Bo tells him that they have not seen each other in a while. He wants to know what Tommy can tell him about what is going on in Salem. Tommy tells Bo that there is someone taking up and supplying the gangs on the street, and he also informs him that no one knows who it is. Tommy tells him that the word is out that if they team up with the new guy they will be “hooked up”, and if they don't, they are in for a series of bad luck. Bo demands to know who the “Mr. Big” is. Bo tells Tommy that he wants him to find out who the person is and report back to him. Tommy agrees, but not until he gets what he wants from Bo. Bo is hesitant, but Tommy insists that Bo hit him and make it look good so that his friends don’t realize he is a snitch. Bo reminds him that is considered police brutality, and maintains his refusal. Tommy asks if this means he is going to have to walk into a door again, as Bo punches him square in the nose and pushes him out the door with Tommy screaming he is going to sue him. Tommy leaves, as Hope returns and joins Bo in Abe’s office. She asks if the guy was an informant and Bo affirms that he is. He tells Hope that there is a “Mr. Big” on the streets of Salem. He also tells her that they have no idea who it is. Bo tells Hope to be careful and not to mention this to anyone yet. She states that she wants to do something to help, and Bo reminds her that she has the most important job in the world…taking care of Zack.

Back at the Dorm

Shawn tells Belle of Hope’s visit, and confides in her that he doesn’t want him mom to worry about him. Belle reminds him that they aren’t going to do anything stupid, and she also tells him that Hope used to be a cop; she probably knows more about what they do, than they do themselves. Shawn tells Belle about his conversation with Rex, and they think that Rex is lonely; they agree that they are lucky to have each other.

Meanwhile outside, Mimi tries to convince Rex that that is not the type of party he needs to go to but he is not quite sure, saying he is over-due to attend a party. Mimi tells him that she hopes they never see Chaz again.

Upstairs, Chaz arrives at Cassie and Belle’s room. He knocks and, when Cassie answers, tells her he just wanted to know if she was O.K. He also tells her about Vin’s party, and invites her to go. She agrees, as long as she feels better by then. Chaz tells her that she just needs a “little hair of the dog that bit her” as he hands her a flask, telling her to trust him.

Back at the Station

Bo asks Hope what made her come back, and she tells him she was hoping he would have lunch with her. Bo tells her that he would love to, but has too much work to do. Hope tells him that she is proud of him, and assures him that he does not have to fight this war alone. Hope and Zack leave, with Hope vowing to herself that she will help Bo fight this. She calls Doug, and asks him to watch Zack for a while.

Inside, Bo gets an urgent phone call. He speaks to the person for a moment, and wants them to come to the station immediately.


Victor and Tony talk about the "King Pin" and Victor asks Tony if he knows anything.

Lexie accuses Brandon of being obsessed with her baby, and wants to know why.

Sami and Brandon argue about his involvement with Lexie.

Bo tells Jack of his suspicion that someone in the DA’s office is working with the criminals to keep them out of jail.

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