Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/25/03

By Claudia
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At the DiMera Mansion

Rolf is in the process of explaining to John, Marlena, and Tony about the research purposes that the twins were supposed to serve. Marlena slaps him, and accuses him of being even worse than Stefano. John convinces Marlena that they should probably go home, but she has a dizzy spell on the way out. He tells her to sit down while he gets the car. Tony joins her in the entry hall, and they talk about what they have learned. They decide not to tell the twins. Marlena tells him that she wants the children to have a normal life from now on, with parents who love them. Tony extends his hand, saying,  " " "Partners?”.  After a brief hesitation, Marlena accepts, stating...“ Partners”. She tells Tony that knowing she was with the children before they were taken from her makes her feel somehow closer to them. Tony agrees, and comments that they are all connected, as John returns.

At the Blue Note

Sami and Lucas argue at the bar. Lucas’s date tries to leave, but he convinces her to stay and she goes to get their table. Lucas orders his date a drink, (water for himself) as Sami quips that he will have to get her drunk if he expects to sleep with her. He counters, asking her if that is what she does with Brandon…when she can keep him away from Lexie. He tells her to go to hell, and joins his date at their table. A satisfied Sami listens as his date questions him about the parade of bimbos in his life. However, her satisfaction is short-lived when Lucas explains to his date that Sami is “Just a jealous loser”, who will do anything to make his life miserable.

Meanwhile, Lexie yells at Brandon for interfering, and informs him she was not planning on having a drink. Abe tells him to leave or he will have him removed, but Brandon tells him that he cares about the baby more than they know. He says he will ensure that the baby and Lexie are protected.

Back at Lucas’s table, his date asks him how many women he is sleeping with. He tries to convince her that she is the only one he wants to be with.

Sami is still standing there watching the scene around her. She remembers her discussion with Brandon about Lexie’s baby, as she finally returns to their table.

At the Pub

Belle asks Cassie if she’s been drinking, but Cassie tells her it is none of her business. She accuses Belle of being jealous because she has a guy interested in her, and Belle can’t even get to first base with Shawn. Belle rejoins Shawn, Mimi and Rex at the table, and informs them that she had no luck talking to Cassie. Mimi offers to get them snacks, and Belle suggests to Shawn that they forget about Cassie. Belle and Shawn kiss, and Shawn tells her how much he missed her while he was away. Belle suggests they return to the dorm so that she can show him how much she missed him, and they kiss again.

Meanwhile, Cassie is watching them as Chaz returns, and tells her not to let Belle ruin their evening. He hands her another beer, and she takes another long swig before they kiss.

Belle and Shawn take off, as Mimi returns with pretzels. Rex tells Mimi that he missed her, and uses Shawn’s line about closing his eyes and seeing her with him.  Mimi asks him if he is serious. He uses Belle’s “ Let’s go back to the dorm so I can show you how much I missed you” line, as Mimi mentions that she must be dreaming. He asks her if that means yes, as she kisses him. They prepare to leave when they hear a scream, and breaking glass. Rex calls out to Cassie, and rushes off.

Back at the Blue Note

Abe tells Brandon to get lost, but Brandon tells them that since he is Gwen’s coach for Lamaze class, they will be seeing a lot of each other in the future. He also hints that since the babies are due at almost the same time, they might be in adjoining labor rooms. Abe tries to rebut, but Brandon cuts him off and leaves.

Abe is furious, and asks Lexie what is going on with Brandon.

Meanwhile, Lucas and his date discuss Sami. He plays it off, by saying she is still angry because he dumped her. His date comments about him leaving Will, but Lucas explains that he didn’t know he was Will’s father until later. Lucas tells her he would rather talk about them, and they kiss.

At Sami’s table, she is furious about Brandon’s interest in Lexie.She comments that he wishes the baby were his. Things get argumentative between them, and Lucas comments that they look tense. She asks him if his bimbo left, but Lucas informs her that they are actually going back to his place - at her insistence. Sami turns back to Brandon, calling Lucas a jerk under her breath. Brandon comments that at least Lucas is having fun, but Sami tells him that it is his fault for not being able to stay away from his one night stand. Brandon asks her when she is going to let that go, and she tells him when he can let it go, then she will.

Meanwhile back at Lexie and Abe’s table, Lexie wants to go over and talk to Brandon, but Abe tells her not to. Abe tells her that he wants Brandon out of their lives, and comments that Brandon acts like he wants to be the father of the baby. Lexie overreacts, and tells him never to doubt that he is the baby’s father. Abe asks Lexie why she said that, seeing as how he has never questioned being the baby’s father. She plays it off, saying that she just meant that no one can try to take this baby away, like their adopted baby.

At the same time, Brandon is telling Sami that there is nothing between him and Lexie, and that it is like saying there is something between her and Lucas. Sami comments that it is hate and loathing, and she would rather join a convent. Brandon suggests she and Lucas get counseling, but Sami informs him that as soon as she can get enough evidence on Lucas, she is going to have Mickey draw up new custody papers. Brandon tells her not to.

At the Dorm

Shawn and Belle arrive in her room, and things quickly get steamed up between the two of them. They end up on her bed, with both of them saying that they have imagined this for a long time. Belle barely gets Shawn’s shirt off, when a drunken Cassie stumbles into the room. She comments to Shawn that the "hottie" is back, and asks him if they won the game. He asks her how she got to the dorm, but she tells him that she doesn’t remember. She then says that she is not feeling well, and passes out on the floor. Belle tells Shawn that she will do CPR this time if needed, as Rex and Mimi arrive and explain that she passed out at the pub also. Belle speculates that Chaz was giving her beer, and calls him a dirt bag. Cassie momentarily comes to, saying Chaz rocks, before she passes out again. This time they are unable to get her to wake up again. Rex and Shawn put Cassie in bed, and Belle tells Mimi that she won’t forget this. She states that Cassie has ruined her life for the last time.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

John informs Marlena that the car is out front. She grabs her coat and they leave. Tony goes back in to speak to Rolf, but discovers to his dismay that Rolf has once again disappeared. He calls Bart, and informs him that Rolf has gone again. Bart is upset, and realizes he will have to search for him all over again. However, Tony tells him that he has gotten what he needs from Rolf…for now. He also admits that he got more from Marlena than he expected. He tells Bart that the children are not his only connection to Marlena. He says that they are kindred spirits, and are guided by the same impulses. He tells Bart that he feels Marlena realized it as well.

Outside, John wants to know what was going on between Marlena and Tony. She tells him they can discuss it when they get home. John assumes she wants to get away from the house that has caused her so much pain, but she tells him she no longer feels that way. She explains to him that after all that has happened there tonight, she has changed. She tells him that she, Tony, and John himself are all intertwined, and must ensure that the future is better than the past.

On Wednesday:

Bo and Hope discuss “Mr. Big” and the gang situation in Salem.

Rex and Shawn discuss Rex’s “do unto others before they do unto you” theory.

Belle and Mimi talk to a hung-over Cassie.


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