Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/19/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/19/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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Salem University (Men’s Locker Room)

Belle arrives, and enters the men’s locker room. She calls out, as the coach comes around the corner asking who she is looking for. She tells him she is looking for Shawn, and is told that he is probably still in the shower. The coach comments that he may have fallen asleep in the shower, since they all partied quite heavily the night before to celebrate their win. Bell congratulates him on the victory, and as he leaves, the coach tells her that Shawn played a good game. As she waits, Belle recalls her and Shawn’s conversation right before he left. He comes around the corner clad only in a towel, and he notices her sitting on the bench. Later, dressed in jeans, he asks her what she is doing there, saying he is glad to see her. She tells him to save it because, unbeknownst to him, she knows what happened. She comments that he didn’t just score on the baseball diamond. Before he can get a word in edgewise she goes on, saying she knows about his one night stand, because she talked to the girl on the phone. Shawn tries to tell Bell that it isn’t what she thinks, but she gets upset. She says that she should have known he wouldn’t be honest with her, and she prepares to leave. A girl enters and returns Shawn’s cell phone, thanking him for letting her use it. She  apologizes for forgetting to return it to him the previous evening. Shawn assures the girl that there was no harm done, and the girl explains to Belle that Shawn let her use the phone to call her mother. Shawn adds that the mother is sick with pneumonia. The girl introduces herself to Belle as the equipment manager, Pam. She promises not to forget her phone next time, and leaves. Belle feels somewhat foolish, and supposes that was the girl she spoke to. Shawn affirms this, and comments that she really isn’t his type. Anyway, he is not the sort of person to go on the road and hook up with someone. He looks at Belle for confirmation, but she isn’t sure what to say. Instead, she asks Shawn what she was supposed to think when a girl answered his phone. He comments that she should know that he loves her, and wouldn’t do that. He asks why she didn’t at least ask for him, and Belle admits that she was too upset. She tells him that had they been communicating better, she would not have jumped to conclusions. He agrees that they have not been connecting like they used to, and she reminds him that is not her fault. Shawn realizes that he has blown it in the past by keeping things from her. He tells her that no matter what his intentions, she was hurt. He has a flashback, first of Belle finding out about the deal with Jan, and then when he broke up with her because of the whole Colin fiasco. He tells Belle that they have to find a way to start trusting each other again. Belle cuts him off, and tells him she wants to but doesn’t know how. She puts her arms around him. He tells her he has an idea on how they can start, and they kiss.

At the Hospital

Abe is a little “weak kneed” after watching a childbirth video before Lamaze class. A nurse teases that he will be going through it himself soon. He assures her that Lexie will be going through it, and he will be there to hold her hand. He comments that they still have some time before the class starts. Lexie teasingly suggests they return to the pub, because he looks like he could use a stiff drink. They talk about the baby being a second chance for them, and Lexie tells him she wants to redo the nursery. She also tells Abe that they have to choose a name. Abe tries to tell her that they may not find the perfect name until after they have held their baby, but Lexie is adamant about wanting a name now. Abe agrees, and they decide to start working on a list.

At Sami/Brandon’s Apt

Brandon is cooking and talking about how he has imagined this, while Sami is hard at work on the calculator, barely noticing that he is speaking. He asks her what type of noodles she wants, and asks her to set the table. She tells him she will do it in a minute, as she tells the calculator that she will not be beaten. He asks her what’s up, and she admits that she is having a hard time balancing her checkbook - she is missing $200.86. He tells her to take a break and come taste his sauce. She tells him that he is a man of many talents; he tells her he is also good at balancing checkbooks, and will find her $200. She is surprised that he is willing to keep her checkbook on track, and suggests they should get a joint account. Brandon comments that he isn’t going to let her get her hands on his paycheck every week. She gets upset, saying she has lost her appetite. Brandon tells her that he was only kidding. She tells him that she knows he was being serious, and that she is not a “bimbo”. She also tells him that she is good at managing her money, and informs him that she has CD’s, treasury bonds, an IRA, and even a small stock portfolio that is doing very well for her. He comments that it is more than he has, and Sami comments about who is the “bimbo” now. He tries to calm her down by telling her that she is one of the smartest women he knows, but he isn’t ready for a joint account yet. He says that it is like almost being married, and reminds her that they have already talked about it.  Again he says he is not ready for that yet. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, and it is Faye, there to congratulate them. Sami tells Brandon to invite her in, and Faye hands Sami a cake as a housewarming gift. Brandon invites her for supper but she declines. Sami insists that she should stay. Reluctantly, she agrees. Brandon gets a page from the hospital, and informs them that he has to check on a patient there. Faye goes to leave, but Sami asks her to stay so they can spend some time together. She offers her a seat, and the tension begins to mount.

At the Penthouse

Marlena is struggling to find her keys, and starts dropping things. She sets everything on the table outside the door, and drops more papers. The elevator opens, and Tony offers to give her a hand. She thanks him for his help and continues digging through her purse, still unable to find her keys. Tony suggests she look in her jacket pocket, but she dismisses him, saying she never puts her keys there. She is shocked when she humors him, and actually finds them in her coat pocket. She asks him why he is there, and he tells her he has come to talk about the children. She invites him in, and asks him what is going on with the twins. He informs her that he is feeling somewhat lost, especially with Rex asking about matters of the heart. Marlena assures him that most people don’t know how to respond to those types of questions. She offers him a seat and they discuss raising children.  Marlena is concerned that the twins may be learning too much, too fast. She comments about Cassie dancing with the boy at the pub, and mentions there being a “wild’ look in her eyes. Tony asks if she got Cassie away from the boy, and Marlena tells him that she did not. She explains that she does not want to seem overbearing, especially considering that the relationship between her and Cassie is already somewhat rocky. She reminds him that they are both in new territory with the twins, and Tony tells her he is grateful they are able to talk about this. He tells her he should go, before John gets home. Marlena informs him that John is at a business meeting. Tony tries to be funny, suggesting he should go home and check the locks on his windows. Marlena is not amused by his humor, and he apologizes. He admits that he really wants to go to the pub to get Cassie, but Marlena tells him to resist the impulse. Tony hesitatingly asks her to dine with him, and she agrees. As they leave, she says she can only go for a little while. 

Back at Sami/Brandon’s Apt

Sami prepares tea for herself and Faye. Faye offers to help. They step over each other, and Sami ends up spilling milk on Faye. Faye assures her that there is no harm done, and they ask each other about their respective jobs. They sit to drink their tea, and chit-chat. Sami comments that the apartment isn’t like Nicole’s new mansion, and Faye makes a comment on how busy Nicole is now. Sami comments that she isn’t too busy to come by there, and Faye reminds her that she is Brandon’s sister. Sami says that she knows that, and wonders how Brandon ended up with such a good heart. Faye asks what she is implying, and Sami tells her that she has seen the way Nicole treats her, saying she can be pretty hateful. Faye tells Sami that she won’t allow her to badmouth her daughter. Faye gets upset, and prepares to leave. Sami asks her not to go, and tries to apologize. She tells Faye that she really admires her for standing up for her family. She comments that she can see Fay doesn’t approve of them living together without a more formal commitment. Faye says that if she is talking about marriage, she thinks that would be an even bigger mistake. Sami finally has enough, and bluntly asks Faye if she believes Brandon should dump her.

Meanwhile at the Hospital

Brandon sees Abe and Lexie, and asks if all is well. Lexie informs him that they are there for their Lamaze class. Brandon civilly asks Abe how coaching is going, and Abe responds that it is going well. He suggests to Lexie that they go get a seat in class. She agrees, but heads to the ladies room first. Brandon asks Abe if he is giving Lexie a hard time, but Abe says that he and Lexie are very happy. Abe deduces that Brandon’s relation with Lexie has nothing to do with her, but everything to do with his wanting revenge on him. He apologizes for the pain that his affair with Faye caused, but reminds him that it was a long time ago. Brandon tells him that this is all about the present and future. Later, Abe and Lexie are on the floor as another lady comes in alone. Abe helps her set up her pillows and blanket. The instructor enters and announces they had a birth, but is called out again by a nurse. She comes back in to inform Abe that he has an emergency call at the nurse’s station. He goes to get it, as the teacher starts the class with relaxation techniques. Brandon is at the nurse’s station, and the nurse comments his happiness. He replies, saying Sami gets the credit for that. He heads off, as Abe arrives and takes his call. Brandon sees him, and heads toward the Lamaze classroom. When he gets there, he watches Lexie lying on the floor.

At the Blue Note

Marlena and Tony arrive, and are shown directly to a table. The waiter asks if Tony will have his usual, and then takes Marlena’s order. He departs, saying their champagne will be out shortly. Marlena questions the champagne, and Tony comments that he is a creature of habit.  Marlena says he doesn’t, however, have simple tastes. They are joined by a guy who offers to buy them a drink, but Tony declines. The guy comments that he gets the picture, and leaves. Tony puts him off as an old business acquaintance, as they are joined yet again. This time by “Joseph, from Chicago.” Joseph comments to Marlena that Tony is a great man, and takes his leave. Tony informs the waiter that he does not wish to be disturbed again, and Marlena comments she is seeing a whole new side to him. They are interrupted yet again, but this time by Bart who is there to inform him that ‘you know who’ has been found. Tony orders Bart to get his people to bring him back to the house. Tony tells Marlena he will have to take a rain check on dinner. She questions him about who they have found, and what he plans to do with him.

Later, at Sami/Brandon’s Apt

Faye tells Sami she only wants Brandon to be happy, and can’t do anything if he feels that she is the woman for him. Sami assures her that they are in love, and tells Faye that she cares for Brandon more that she will ever know. They talk about his anger problem, with Sami touching on his hatred for Abe. She asks Faye if she knows what that is all about. Faye tells Sami to let it go, but Sami insists that the two need to make peace. Sami wants Faye to help her understand, saying she knows they had an affair. Sami wants to know why it bothers Brandon so much. Faye gets upset, and asks Sami if she has no tact. Sami tries to get Faye to stay, but has no luck this time and Faye leaves, telling Sami she should get her answers from Brandon. Sami gets mad, saying Faye twisted everything she said. She tosses the cake in the trash.

Back at the Hospital

Lexie sees Brandon in the doorway, after the instructor calls for a break. Brandon enters the classroom, and offers his services to the woman, Gwen, who Lexie and Abe were speaking to earlier. She appreciates his offer, but doesn’t want to be a bother to him. He assures her it is no problem, and, glancing at a shocked Lexie, tells her that he would never leave the mother of his child alone.  Abe returns, and asks what Brandon is doing there. Lexie tells him she doesn’t know, and suggests they ignore him. The class continues with back massages. Gwen comments that Brandon will make a good father, as he looks at Lexie and says he is looking forward to it.

Later in the Locker Room

Things are getting kind of hot between Shawn and Belle, but they are interrupted by the coach, who comes in and tells them it is time to lock up. Shawn goes to get his stuff, as Belle comments about them having bad luck. She tells him she does not want to let him go, because she has spent the whole day worrying if things were over between them. He assures her that they are forever, as they kiss again. The coach returns, but they are oblivious to his presence.

Back at the Blue Note

Tony stalls for time by trying to change the subject, but Marlena calls him on it. She tells him that if he tells her about the “mystery man” she won’t bug him anymore. He agrees, and reveals that the man is Rolf. Tony tells her he believes Rolf has the missing answers about the twins. Marlena decides she is going to accompany Tony to question Rolf, and they prepare to leave…

On Thursday:

*Victor and Nicole are in bed, but Nicole ends up on the floor.

*Jack and Jennifer discuss Carson Palmer.

*Rolf is questioned by Marlena and Tony, with John present.

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