Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/18/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/18/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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At the Pub

Rex arrives at the pub, where the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are well underway. Mimi sees him, and asks him if this is his first St. Patrick’s Day celebration. He astonishes Mimi, by saying something to her in Gaelic. She asks him what he said, and he repeats himself - this time adding some extra words. He explains that he did some studying on the holiday and the language, and wanted to try it out on her. He informs her that he just wished her a Happy St. Patrick’s Day, good health, and a long life. He questions the green stuff that everyone is drinking, and Mimi tells him that it is beer, and punch with green food coloring. She explains that the Irish love to party and asks him to dance. He declines, saying he does not know how. Mimi tells him that he does not need to be an expert, but Rex insists he does, as he walks over to the bar. Mimi decides to dance anyway, and Rex cheers her on from the sidelines.

At the Hospital

Brady arrives at the oncology ward, where Craig informs him that Chloe needs him. He explains that she is feeling the after effects of her chemo, and his reassurances are not helping her. He tells Brady that Nancy and Joy are due to leave the hospital today, and he is glad that he is there for Chloe. Brady goes in and attempts to talk to Chloe, but she turns away from him. When he asks her what is wrong, she tells him to leave her alone and to go away.

Meanwhile, Craig arrives to get Nancy who is complaining about having to be in a wheelchair, even though she feels just fine. Craig reminds her that it is hospital policy, and jokingly tells her to picture him as a gondolier, ready to take here where ever she wants to go. She tells him to take her to the nursery to pick up Joy, but first she wants to go by and see Chloe. He explains that Chloe is not feeling well, and explains how she wanted him to leave. He hopes Brady will have better luck with her.

Back in Chloe’s room, Brady tells Chloe he is going to stay by her side. She says she is having a bad hair day, and tells him to scram. She says she is trying to stay positive, but right now it's all just words. She tries to tell him she doesn’t want him to see her like this, and doesn’t want him to have to go through all this mess again. He assures her that he is staying, and asks if there is anything he can do to help her. Chloe informs him that he can help by leaving , as she calls the nurse in and tells her to make him leave. Reluctantly Brady leaves, and looks in on her through the window. Nancy and Craig arrive, and Brady tells them that he was “evicted” from Chloe’s room as well. Nancy tells him to go take a walk, and she will try speaking with Chloe. She goes in, and tells Chloe she realizes she wants to be alone, but she shouldn't retreat inside herself like she used to. Nancy reminds Chloe that she is not alone anymore, and gives her a picture of Joy. She tells Chloe that Joy is there to help her, just as she will help Joy for many years to come. Chloe apologizes, and feels bad for pushing them away. She admits to them that she is very scared at the moment, and is having a hard time staying focused and positive. Nancy assures her that she is allowed to be scared, as Chloe tells them she is tired. Craig lets Chloe know that he will be at the hospital all day and night, should she need anything. He promises to check on her, as he wheels Nancy back outside.

Outside, Nancy doesn’t want to leave, but Craig reminds her she needs to take care of herself (mentioning her blood pressure) for Chloe and Joy’s sake. Nancy understands, but is upset about being able to take one daughter home and having to leave the other daughter there to fight for her life. Inside, Chloe is looking at the picture Nancy gave her, as she drifts off to sleep.

At the Penthouse

John rushes down the stairs, shouting at the incessant ringing of the doorbell. He opens the door, and Belle rushes in. She falls into his arms, crying and saying she needs him. She tells John about the phone call to Shawn, and the girl that answered his phone. She thinks the phone was probably in Shawn’s jacket, and that the girl was either wearing the jacket or spent the night with Shawn. She comments that maybe he did score a home run. John asks if she really believes that Shawn would do that, and she admits that she is confused and doesn’t know. John reminds her they have been through a lot, and that true love will get them through this as well. She tells him she used to think so, but it isn’t that simple. John is telling Belle that she is loved by him, Marlena, AND Shawn, as the doorbell rings and Brady arrives. Brady sees that Belle is upset, and offers to return if it is a bad time. Belle urges him to stay, and asks about Chloe. He explains that she is just down, and John tells him that sometimes just being there is enough. Belle leaves, saying she has something important to do. Brady and John talk about Chloe, and Brady asks how John dealt with everything when Isabella was sick. John explains to Brady that he can’t push Chloe. Brady comments that Isabella didn’t make it, but John reminds him that times are different, and there have been many medical advances since then. He advises him to be strong, and to just know when to push and when to back off.

At the Dorm

Cassie is alone in the room, and starts going through Belle’s box of mementos from Shawn. She is reading a letter from Shawn to Belle, when Marlena enters, declaring she is shocked. Cassie tells Marlena that she can explain, but Marlena interrupts, saying she thought Cassie never had to study. Cassie realizes Marlena’s assumption and plays along, saying that some classes are harder than others. Cassie assumes Marlena is there to see Belle, but Marlena tells her that she wanted to spend some time alone with her. Cassie attempts to put her off. Marlena thinks it is because she had hurt Cassie's feelings, before they found out about their relationship to one another. She apologizes, and asks if there is anything she can do to make it up to her. Cassie confesses that she wasn’t studying. She tells her she was feeling lonely because everyone is off celebrating some Saint’s day, and no one, not even Rex, invited her along. Marlena tells her to get her coat - they are going out.

At the Police Station

Hope arrives at the station, and Bo asks her how the session with Marlena went. She informs him that Larry was there. She explains that Marlena wanted her to envision Larry at the session, so that she could blast him for all that he has done to them. Hope admits that had Larry really been there, he would be dead; that is how angry she was. She tells Bo that she finally feels free, as Lexie arrives to see Abe. She comments to Bo about the hours, and he tells her that even with Larry behind bars, they are extremely busy. Abe comes out of his office and hugs Lexie, dropping some papers in the process. Bo picks them up and reads that Eddie, the kid that was just arrested, has been released. Abe explains that they had nothing to hold him on, and Bo gets furious. He vows not to let this happen again, as he prepares to leave. Abe stops him, saying he isn’t going anywhere. He tries to calm Bo down, and informs him that he just finished speaking with Palmer. He tells Bo that he had to promise Palmer that Bo wouldn’t take the law into his own hands. Abe reminds Bo that with all that has recently transpired with Shawn, he needs to be careful or Palmer will have his badge. Bo gets upset, and comments that he is a father as well as a cop. Abe agrees with him, and they both know that they need to do something to clean up the streets. Hope tries to tell Bo that he needs to keep a professional distance. Bo mentions that the kid’s parents are probably going through a rough time, and Abe agrees, saying being a parent does change your perspective on things. Lexie giggles as the baby kicks her. She asks Hope if she wants to feel it. Hope does so, and they bond as Hope mentions that the baby is a real kick boxer. Abe informs Lexie that he will have to miss the next Lamaze class, due to a meeting with the mayor. Lexie is somewhat upset, and Hope offers to accompany her. Gratefully, Lexie accepts as the two hug, saying the past is the past, and that they are finally friends again. They start to discuss Lexie’s working at the free clinic, and she informs Hope that she is almost done with her community service. She also confides that it has made her realize she misses being a doctor, and wants to go back to work some time after the baby is born. Hope kids around about rejoining the force, but Bo tells her it is too dangerous. She comments that she wants to do something to help the children in the community, and Bo tells her to figure out some other way. She tells him she just may do that. Lexie announces that they all should go to the pub to celebrate. Bo doesn’t want to go, despite pleas from Hope. Abe finally pulls rank, telling him to take the rest of the night off. He comments about possibly replacing Bo on the shooting investigation, as he locks the file in a cabinet in his office. Hope drags Bo toward the door as they all head out. He forgets his jacket, and as returns to grab it, he throws one last look at the locked cabinet with the investigation file in it.

Back at the Pub

Cassie and Marlena arrive at the pub, where the dancing continues. Mimi rejoins Rex after the song ends, and she sees Cassie across the room. Rex spouts his Gaelic as Marlena and Cassie join them. Mimi informs Cassie that there is a guy there who wants to spend some time with her. Cassie asks if it is Shawn, as she looks around. Mimi reminds her that Shawn is out of town, and pulls her off to the side, asking if she still wants Shawn. Cassie denies it, saying there are lots of cool guys at SU. Mimi informs her that there are lots of cute guys right there at the pub, and Cassie admits that she doesn’t know how to get their attention. Mimi asks her if she knows how to do a jig, and she admits she doesn’t. Later, Cassie is thanking Mimi for teaching her to dance, and asks if she is sucking up to her because she likes Rex. Mimi stumbles around for a minute, and finally admits that whilst she thinks Rex is hot, she has a hard time reading him. Cassie tells her that although they are twins they are not psychic, and she will have to figure him out on her own. She starts to walk off as Rex approaches, but ends up holding back. Marlena asks him if he likes Mimi, and he admits that “she’s alright.” Marlena tries to explain that if he wants a relationship to work, he must be honest with himself and the other person, as well as vulnerable to each other. Rex says that's  a recipe for disaster; showing emotions will make you lose your power. He walks off. Cassie is getting crowd attention as she tries out her new dancing skills. The guys at the bar direct their attention to the door, as Cassie realizes Belle just arrived. She finishes her dance. Marlena congratulates her, and then heads over to see Belle. Belle admits she really isn’t in the mood to party, as Mimi rushes over with Cassie and Rex in tote. Mimi informs Belle that they are all dancing and having a great time, and she drags Rex off to the dance floor for a slow dance. Marlena excuses herself to go speak to Caroline, leaving Belle and Cassie alone. Cassie comments on Mimi being nice to her, saying she hopes Belle doesn’t mind sharing her best friend. Cassie comments that Belle probably wishes Shawn were there, and Belle states that he will be back soon. Cassie asks her if they have had sex yet.

Meanwhile; Abe, Lexie, Bo and Hope arrive, and share a toast with Shawn Sr., Caroline, and Marlena. Bo receives a phone call that seems to disturb him deeply.

Back at the Hospital

Brady is back, looking through the window of Chloe’s room. Craig arrives, wheeling Nancy who is holding Joy. They knock on the door, awakening Chloe. Craig holds up the baby to the window, bringing a smile to Chloe’s face.

Back at the Pub

John arrives and is looking around, when Marlena comes up behind him and slips her arms around him. John tells her about Brady and Belle’s visits, and explains that he hates all the tension between them. He asks what he can do to make things better, and Marlena tells him he can start by dancing with her. The two dance, as do Rex and Mimi. Mimi is telling  Rex that she likes dancing with him, when he grows suddenly distant and leaves the dance floor. She asks him what is up. He tells her that when he and Cassie first got to Salem they were open and foolish, but he intends to change that.

Meanwhile, Belle blasts Cassie for prying into her personal life. Cassie comments that she knows that girls who don’t put out lose their men. Belle comes back, saying how would she know anything about it; she has zero experience on the matter. Cassie says that is easy enough to fix, as she looks around and spots the guys standing at the bar again. She goes over, and throws her arms around one of them. She asks him to dance and he agrees.  They head to the floor and dance, with him looking at Belle over Cassie’s shoulder. Mimi comes up to Belle, and they both agree they are not having fun. Belle wishes Shawn had never left. She gets upset and leaves.

At the Brady/Carver table, Bo informs them that Ben Wells, the drive-by victim, died a few minutes ago at the hospital. Bo prepares to leave, but Abe gets up to stop him, saying he is putting Roman in charge of this case. Bo doesn’t believe him, but Abe tells him not to go to the station, or anything else; he is off the case. Bo leaves anyway, and Abe returns to the table. He tells Hope that Bo is making a big mistake…

On Wednesday’s Show:

*Brandon and Sami argue: Sami tells Brandon that she is not a bimbo.

*Marlena and Tony discuss Cassie: Marlena tells Tony that Cassie was dancing with some fellow at the pub, and had a wild look in her eyes…Tony asks her why she didn’t stop her.

*Belle confronts Shawn: Belle accuses Shawn of having a one night stand, saying she called his cell phone and some girl answered it.


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