Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/17/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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Cast: Bo, Carson, Abe, Roman, Jack, Jen, Bill, Abby, Brady, Woman's voice, Victor, Nicole, Eddie, Ben, Nurse, Joan, Cop.

At the Deveraux's

Jen comes into the kitchen with a whole plate of eggs for Abby, while Jack is trying to fix the toaster. Abby tells Jack that they will get a new toaster for their wedding. After they are done eating, Jen comes into the kitchen and tells Jack that Abby wants to be the flower girl. Jen finds Jack working on the toaster, and she gets a few laughs out of it. Jack is totally determined and focused on the toaster, until the phone rings. Jack answers it and it is Harold, telling him about a press conference that Carson Palmer is holding. Jack rushes off to the conference.

At the police station

Bo and Roman discuss the other night and plan to make another double date. A cop comes in with a gang member, Eddie ,who just got released from prison. Eddie tells Bo that he is innocent. "Innocent, my ass. You're garbage," Bo tells him. Bo gets frustrated with the gang member and is about to pummel him, but Roman and Abe stop him. The cop takes Eddie away, as Abe wonders what Bo's problem is. Bo slams his paperwork on the table. Abe tells Bo to calm down, but Bo is literally on fire (his anger, I mean) as he tells Abe and Roman that it shouldn't be like this. He learns that a teen was shot by Eddie, which infuriates him. He vows to catch the gang's group leader, "Mr. Big". Bo storms out to question the victim.  Roman and Abe know that Bo's anger can't be good.

At the press conference

Carson is explaining the crime rate in Salem, but Jack doesn't understand it.  He asks Carson to be more specific. Carson goes into the percentages of the crime rate, and Jack talks about the stuff that threatens on a day-to-day basis such as gang activity, theft, drugs, rape, robbery, murder. Carson tells him that all the stuff he needs to know is in the packet, and Jack implies that the DA's office is trying to hide something. Carson goes on and on about different things that are not understandable, and Jack makes fun of him for it. Carson leaves to go to another meeting.

At the hospital

A nurse tells Brady to go get some coffee, so he heads off. He soon finds himself watching Victor yell at Nicole. Victor tells Nicole to wear a fake smile if she has to. Brady walks up, and they share a conversation. Victor brings up Chloe and asks how she is doing. He finally gets to the point and tells Brady that he doesn't approve of his involvement with Chloe, but Brady says that he didn't ask for his approval. Victor tells him that he doesn't want to see him hurt, just like Philip. Brady tells him that was different. Vic wonders if Chloe hurts every guy she gets her hooks into. Brady tells him about Philip's possessiveness, and how he gave him and Chloe his blessing before he left. He asks his grandpa to pray for Chloe, and he agrees. Bo arrives, and asks to speak with Victor alone, so they go out on the terrace. Nicole accidentally spills coffee on her blouse, and Brady begins wiping it up. Brady seems embarrassed, but Nicole tells him that there is nothing to be embarrassed about, except that she is his step-grandma. She calls Brady arrogant, telling him that he "copped a fall." She didn't mind, and she doesn't think he does either. Nicole promises not to tell Chloe, although she knows he won't be getting any for awhile. Brady calls Nicole lonely, and tells her that he knows why. He tells her that he knows she lost her position at Titan, and Nicole tells him that she wasn't fired-she quit. Brady thinks it may be personal, but she thinks that he is only talking to her because he thinks he can cop another cheap thrill.

On the terrace, Bo asks Victor what he said to Larry at the hearing. Victor tells him that he threatened Larry. Bo asks how, and Victor tells him that he pointed out to Welch that he could arrange his death sentence, so Larry agreed to plea guilty. Next, Bo asks him if he is the one who is providing all the gangs with weapons, drugs, and money. Victor tells him that he got out of that business years ago, and says that he would never provide a bunch of drugs, money, and guns to a bunch of punks. He promises to ask some of his old contacts what they know, and they return inside.

Back inside, Victor rejoins Brady and Nicole while Bo heads to Ben Welles's (the gunshot victim) room. Victor asks what they were talking about, and Brady says Titan. Vic kisses Nic on the cheek, which pretty much grosses Brady out. Victor and Nicole walk off. Brady gets paged to go to the oncology ward, and he rushes off, hoping Chloe's okay.

Meanwhile, Bo arrives at Ben Welles's room and watches him outside of the room. The nurse comes out, and Bo feels bad for Ben.

Back at the Deveraux's

Jen has a full flashback of proposing to Jack, and then she remembers Jack climbing down the chimney. Bill calls Jen, and goes on and on about the Binturong he sent. Jen tells him that she sent the Binturong to the zoo. Jen asks him not to send something to her and Jack that is alive. She finally tells Bill that she is getting remarried to Jack, which makes him very angry. "You don't mean Jack Deveraux?" Bill asks. He tells Jen that Abby would be better off with the Binturong and laughs. He makes fun of Jack, and asks Jen to reconsider. Jen tells him that Jack has changed, but Bill doesn't believe her. They argue back and forth, until finally Jen hangs up on Bill. Later, Jack returns home and tells Jen about the press conference. He notices that the toaster is fixed ,and Jen promises to tell Abby that he did it. They joke back and forth, until Jen pulls Jack into a kiss.

Later, back at the police station

Abe and Roman worry about Bo and his attitude. Bo returns, and tells Abe and Roman that he will bend and break every rule he has to, to catch "Mr. Big." Carson arrives, and tells Bo that he could end up in jail. Bo asks who side he is on. Carson ticks Bo off, so much that he almost chokes him, but Abe and Roman hold him back. As Carson goes to leave, he tells Bo that if he keeps this up, he will have his badge. "Go to hell!" Bo yells to Carson, and as he walks out the door, the previews roll.


*It's St. Patrick's Day at the Brady Pub, as Mimi asks Rex if this is his first St. Patrick's Day. Rex starts speaking Gaelic. (Flash to Belle watching Cassie dancing in the pub.) Another flash to Marlena asking John to dance. Finally, Bo and Hope toast each other with green Irish mugs.

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