Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/14/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/14/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Hospital

Chloe is feeling tired and restless after her chemo and asks Brady to stay with her. Belle arrives and watches them through the window. Inside, Brady offers to tell her a story and she agrees.

Meanwhile, John arrives at the hospital to see Marlena. It is obvious she is upset about something and he asks her what is wrong. She asks him where he was last night. She blasts him for not telling her where he was, but he refuses to tell her what he was up to. He tells her he is not willing to compromise her. Marlena assumes he is going after Tony and tries to tell him he has no proof that Tony is a criminal. She gets angry that John is keeping her in the dark and leaves to see patients.

Back in Chloe’s room, Brady finishes his story as Chloe drifts off to sleep. He notices Belle standing outside and goes out to talk to her. She asks after Chloe and he tells her how amazing Chloe is. Belle comments that she can tell he is in love and tells him that she is happy for him. Brady in turn asks her how her love life is and she tells him that Shawn is at an away baseball game. She opens up to Brady about how hurt she is that Shawn didn’t open up to her about the whole Colin thing. Brady tries to explain to her that Shawn wants her to perceive him as her hero, but Belle counters saying Shawn needs to learn that he can count on her no matter what. She turns the tables on him, asking how he would feel if Chloe didn’t allow him to be there for her when she needed him most. They both agree that he would hate it and freak out. Craig comes up and informs them that they just finished harvesting the bone marrow stems from Joy. Brady asks how Joy is doing and Craig assures them that everything went off without a hitch and Joy is just fine. He tells them that they are ready for the transplant to take place as soon as Chloe finishes her treatment. Brady thanks him for everything as Craig leaves. Belle wants Brady to tell Chloe that she is happy for her and he agrees as he heads back into Chloe’s room. Chloe wakes up and he gives her the good news.

Later, Belle is visiting with Chloe and pulls out a magazine and starts reading to her. They talk about Belle’s knack for fashion and Belle talks about her trip to Paris and how she was supposed to study design while she was there. She tells her that she never even made it out of the airport because she missed Shawn and wanted to be there for him. The conversation shifts to Shawn and Belle explains that he is at an away game. Chloe comments that they are star-crossed, but that she thinks it is romantic. Belle asks if Chloe and Brady are “close” and Chloe affirms that they are. Belle stumbles around and finally asks Chloe if it is as wonderful as she thought it would be. Chloe says she doesn’t want to go into details and Belle agrees saying she just wants to know what to expect. Chloe explains that she and Brady are happy in everyway. She feels that it was meant to be. Belle confides that she isn’t sure anymore if she and Shawn are meant to be and fears that there is something basic missing between them. She believes it goes back to him shutting down on her when something big is going on with him. Belle is afraid of being intimate with someone who doesn’t trust her completely. Chloe advises her to wait until she is sure about Shawn like she is with Brady, just as he enters the room and asks what about him. Belle plays it off by assuring Brady that she wasn’t telling stories about how he used to torment her. Brady jokingly denies it ever happening and offers to leave so they can finish their talk. Chloe asks him to stay. He brings a video of their trip to Colorado. They start to watch and Belle quietly slips out. She goes to the payphone and calls Shawn. A girl answers the phone saying, “Shawn Brady’s number” and Belle hangs up, mad and upset.

At Basic Black

Kate is in her office as Roman comes in asking if she is thinking about him. She admits that she has been doing that entirely too much. He explains he is there to drop off her briefcase that she left at his place the night before. She tries to dismiss him and he asks what he did to upset her. She tells him she was thinking about last night and how she does not fit in. She is convinced she should not have been there with him and his family. She tells him that she is not sweet like the rest of his family and doesn’t belong with them or him for that matter. She points out that he lives his life by righting wrongs and putting bad people away. The type of people she has been around, or even married to, her whole life. He tries to tell her there is nothing she could say that would change his feelings for her but she disagrees. He challenges her to open up to him but when she refuses he tells her she is not going to get rid of him that easily. She excuses herself to go to a meeting.

Later, Roman is in John’s office when John comes in. They briefly discuss Kate and then Roman asks John how the ISA business is going. John assures him that things are fine and Roman asks if there is anything he wants to tell him, seeing as he is his contact at the police station. John explains he is putting the DiMera business under a microscope, in hopes of getting the goods on Tony. He also explains that Marlena does not know any of this, saying it is for her own protection. Roman asks why this time is different and John explains that because of her relationship with the twins, she would try to stop him if she found out. Roman asks if he is willing to risk his marriage, and John smarts off saying that would make Roman happy. Roman explains that he and Marlena’s relationship was a long time ago and reminds John that he is involved with Kate now, saying Kate is no ones second best. John agrees and apologizes for insinuating anything. They reminisce about the things they have been through and Roman reminds him he will always be family. Roman tells John that he is starting his own dynasty with Belle, Brady, and Marlena and that he should be proud of that. John thanks him as they shake hands and John leaves.

At the DiMera Mansion

Rex joins Tony for breakfast. Tony asks why he isn’t in chemistry class and Rex explains that he tested out of it and they are trying to find him something he doesn’t already know. Rex confronts Tony, saying he knows he is up to something. He tells him they have already established that he is too smart to be fooled and wants to know what is going on. Tony tries to tell Rex he has an overactive imagination, and denies being involved in anything. Rex is not fooled and in turn asks about all the new security equipment. Tony covers, saying he had it installed for his and Cassie’s protection. Rex asks if he is closing the secret room because of Prof. Putnam as Tony realizes that could be Rolf’s new alias. Tony asks if Rex knows where Putnam is but Rex says he doesn’t and questions Tony’s motives for wanting to know. He asks why Tony is keeping secrets from him, but Tony tells him to drop it saying it is none of his business. Rex accuses Tony of not trusting him. Tony tells Rex that secrets are a way of survival. Rex isn’t convinced but Tony tells him that keeping secrets and keeping your emotions hidden is the way to achieve and maintain power. Tony tells Rex who a person is is their business and should not be revealed to others.

Meanwhile, Marlena arrives outside but hesitates before ringing the doorbell.

Inside, Rex admits that he probably wants power even more than Tony, seeing as how he has been at someone else’s mercy since the day he was born. He goes on to say that he is determined to control his own destiny and to not be one of the little people he and Cassie have seen so much of. He vows that he will not be one of those who have to struggle working 50 hrs a week just to survive.

Marlena comes in feeling flattered that Eliana did not announce her. Tony comments that he has instructed his staff to know that this is like her second home but Marlena quickly refutes that idea. Tony explains that it is just a courtesy he is extending to the mother of his children, and Marlena seems appeased by his explanation. Marlena tells Rex she is glad he is there because she wanted to talk to him. They talk about his school and Marlena admits they should probably send him to Yale or Harvard, but she likes having him close by so they can get to know each other better. Rex can see Marlena is upset about something and she confides that John wasn’t at home last night as Tony reenters saying he knows exactly where John was. He asks to speak to Marlena alone for a moment and after Rex leaves Marlena asks if John was at the mansion last night. Tony admits that John broke into the mansion and bugged it. Marlena gets upset and Tony comments that John would love to bring him down permanently. Marlena wishes for the children to have normal lives but Tony doesn’t think that will be possible as long as John is after him. Marlena vows to handle John and not to let him disrupt the twins’ lives. She leaves, leaving behind a satisfied Tony. Rex returns asking why Marlena left without saying goodbye. Rex doesn’t think that she was really there to see him and Tony tries to explain that Marlena’s driving force is her children. Rex asks again what they discussed but Tony tells him that it isn’t any of his business. Rex accuses Tony of wanting to take Marlena away from John. Tony tells him that if that is what he wanted to do it would serve John right. Rex brings up Kristen and Tony admits he will never forget nor forgive. Rex thinks Tony just wants revenge but Tony informs him that it isn’t that simple. Rex realizes that Tony wants Marlena to fall head over heals for him because he wants another chance at love. Tony is not amused, and tells Rex not to make assumptions. Rex tells him he is just being observant. He tells Tony he can see it on his face every time Marlena is around and asks what happened to the mask that he is supposed to be wearing all the time.

Later Back at Basic Black

Roman is waiting in Kate’s office when she returns. She gets upset when she realizes he is reading newspaper articles she downloaded-all about him. She blasts him for always questioning her about her past and asks him how it feels to have the tables turned. He reminds her that she is the one who brought up her past this time and she admits it was a moment of weakness but it will not happen again. Roman asks if she found anything out about him that she didn’t already know and she admits that her worst fears were realized. He is an undeniably good man. He tries to tell her she is harder on herself than he could ever be, but she puts it off to him being noble. She tries to say that she hates his nobility, but Roman guesses correctly that in fact it turns her on as they share a passionate kiss. After the kiss, Kate tells Roman that she has to get some work done. He agrees to leave, saying he also has some work to do. She questions him about being off duty and he tells her he is starting a research project on her. She tries to tell him that it isn’t a good idea, but he explains that she is his favorite subject as he leaves.

Later Back at the Hospital

John comes back to try and make things right with Marlena. He tells her he has reason for what he is doing and Marlena asks him what reasons he has for breaking into the DiMera mansion and spying on Tony. She blasts him for going after Tony and John gets upset that she is defending him. Marlena tells John that she can not be a part of anything that will destroy the father of her children. He tries to explain that this is about him and Tony but Marlena disagrees and walks off…again…

On Monday:

*Brady and Nicole have an encounter at the hospital.

*Jennifer tells her father she and Jack are getting remarried.

*Bo and Palmer go head to head, with Palmer threatening to have Bo’s badge permanently.


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