Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/13/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/13/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: John and Tony prepare to start a war while the St. Luke's Carnival takes place.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Roman, Kate, Maggie, Sami, Brandon, Lexie, Abe, Lucas, Eugenia, John, Ops, Tony, Bart.

At St. Luke's Carnival

Brandon and Sami are walking around, talking about how Sami gave all her candy to Will and now he will be bouncing off her grandmothers' walls. Roman walks up and Sami starts to tell him about Brandon moving in with her, but he tells her that he already knows and thinks she is making a big mistake. Brandon walks off to leave Sami and Roman talk alone. Sami can't believe Roman said that he didn't approve of Brandon right on front of him and Roman says that he is just telling the truth. He tells her that the problem is Will and he is still hurting from when Austin left. Sami excuses herself and tells him to go find Kate. After Roman spots Kate, Sami joins Brandon again.

After leaving the fortune teller's booth, Bo and Hope meet up again. They talk abut the fortune teller and how they will never have to worry about Larry Welch again.

Meanwhile, Lucas teases Kate about a stuffed pig her "boyfriend" bought for her. Kate starts to tell Lucas that they should stay out of each other's personal lives, until Roman walks up. Roman is surprised that Will isn't with Lucas. Lucas excuses himself while Kate and Roman talk about the joys of parenting. Just then, Roman and Kate run into Bo and Hope. Hope spots some canolis and rushes off to get some for her and Zack. Kate tells Bo that she is going to get her fortune told, but Bo tells her that he had to bribe the fortune teller into coming up with something good for Hope. Kate walks off while Roman and Bo argue about him arresting Shawn. The two brothers decide to drop that topic for the night. Roman suggests they put the whole thing behind them. Bo tells his brother that if he had to do the same thing over again, he would've did it.

Kate runs into Hope just as she buys the last one. Kate and Hope decide to make sure Bo and Roman forgive each other. Just as Roman and Bo begin to get into an argument, Kate and Hope return to them. Kate announces that they would like to take their men out to dinner.

Elsewhere, Abe and Lexie walk through the carnival checking out all the stuffed animals, so they can pick one out for their baby. Abe and Lexie joke around as they approach a game. Brandon and Sami walk up and Brandon decides to make it a real competition and play against Abe. After playing the game to many times, the man and Lexie convince them to let someone else try. Sami goesto pick out a stuffed animal for Will and Brandon stays behind. Abe asks if he wants a rematch. Later, Lexie asks Brandon why everything has to be a competition with him. He tells her that he and Sami are living together, which doesn't please Lexie one bit. Brandon tells Lexie that he and Sami are just living together, not getting married and he tells her to focus on her baby. She spits back that she knows how to take care of her baby and the baby is Abe's, not his.

Sami runs into Lucas and Eugenia. Lucas teases Sami, asking if she wants to take a ride in the tunnel of love, but she tells him to take the person he loves most in there-you, yourself, and you. Sami finally says hello to Eugenia and then, Lucas leaves. Sami freaks out over Eugenia and Lucas being there together, worried she might blab about her switching the DNA results. Eugenia tells Sami that she is dating Lucas and she really freaks out, calling Lucas a parasite. He never goes away. Eugenia finally realizes what Sami is worried about and says that if she tells Lucas, he may tell the whole world. Sami tells Eugenia that every screw up in the hospital is not her fault. Eugenia says that she is going to return to the hospital, type in the test results, and see if Dr. Bader can't figure out what she did. She also says that she typed in the right info, but Sami typed her password in and screwed with the results. Sami begs her not to tell anyone, but Eugenia leaves to be with Lucas.

Brandon asks Lexie if he can atleast be concerned as a friend, just when Sami walks up. She asks what they are talking about. Lexie tells her that Brandon was just telling her about the two of them moving in together and comes to the conclusion that it was Sami's idea, but Brandon says it was his. Abe returns with caramel corn and he and Lexie walk off.

Abe asks Lexie if she wants to go home. She says no. He tells her that he knows something happened with Brandon. Abe tells her that he knows they will run into Brandon frequently, but nothing will spoil their happiness.

Sami thanks Brandon for caring about Will, calling him the perfect role model. They talk about Roman's concerns and Sami says that she told her father that he wasn't going anywhere.

At the DiMera Mansion

In the secret room, Tony walks in and asks Bart what he is doing. Bart tells him that he is cleaning out the secret room. Tony had told him to dispose of everything and Bart asks if he wants to keep anything. Tony says no. He hopes to foil John Black's aim. Bart and Tony talk about John's entry into the mansion. Bart tells Tony that he and John remind him of that song "Night and Day." Tony asks where Dr. Rolf is and Bart announces that there is bad news on that front. Bart tells Tony that Rolf pulled a Houdini, like, Gonesville. Bart calls the twins, aliens, which upsets Tony. They talk nonsense, meaningless words, etc. (none that I can understand). Mainly, Tony tells Bart not to screw up. Later, Bart tells Tony that he has more bad news. Bart tells Tony that Rolf is either, under a new alias, dead, or slipped overseas as the secret room is packed up. Tony will have the security cameras checked tomorrow. He is also planning on John Black trying to break in again.

At Basic Black

John and Ops talk about the transmitter bug and as they prepare to listen, they hear static. Tony's voice comes up and they hear his message. John gets angry, especially when Ops just now decides to tell him that the room was full of computers. Ops tells him that Count DiMera won the first round and the count is down. John vows to reveal all of DiMera's secrets.

At Tuscany

Maggie greets Bo, Hope, Roman, and Kate. Maggie shows them to their tables. Not much going on here, except for a talk between Kate and Bo, about Roman. Kate tells Bo that she loves Roman, so he suggests she admit her true feelings. Roman and Kate leave (Too much info here, so I decided to shorten it up a bit). Later, Bo and Hope dance to Kelly Moneymaker's song as the previews roll...


*Belle asks Chloe how close she and Brady are. Chloe asks "You mean how's the sex?"

*Marlena tells Tony that she will handle John.

*Rex asks Tony if he wants to take Marlena away from John.

*John tells Marlena that the "war" is between him and Tony. Marlena replies "The hell it is!"

The End.

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