Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/12/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/12/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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At the Hospital

Belle and Mimi stop to admire the babies at the nursery, on their way to visit Chloe. They are joined by Cassie and Rex, and Mimi says that she didn’t know they were friends with Chloe. Cassie immediately asks where Shawn is, and Belle informs her that Shawn is in his room with a cold. Cassie decides that she will call him later, and Mimi sarcastically comments that Cassie is very thoughtful. Cassie pushes by Mimi. She and Rex look at the babies, and ask which one is Chloe’s sister. Belle explains that Joy is with Nancy in her room. Belle comments that she wants at least five or six children, and Mimi readily agrees. Cassie smarts off, saying that Mimi can’t even keep up with her car keys. Mimi retorts by saying that she will send Cassie a memo if she wanted her opinion. Belle quickly reminds them that they are there to see Chloe. Rex agrees, leading Cassie away.

Meanwhile, Brady shows Chloe a picture of Joy on the hospital website. Chloe is overwhelmed that such a small person has the ability to save her life, and wonders how she will ever repay her. Brady assures her that being a terrific older sister will be enough. Later, Brady promises to take Chloe anywhere in the world as soon as she is able to travel. They discuss going to Australia, or Milan, and Chloe asks if he is really that wonderful; or is she dreaming? Belle comes in, teasing her, saying that she is only dreaming. Chloe is thrilled that they are there, and inquires about Shawn. Belle explains about his cold, and tells her that he promised to call her later. She is surprised to see Cassie, Rex, Belle, and Mimi break the awkwardness by showing Chloe the goodies they have brought her. Belle brings her and Joy matching outfits, and Mimi provides her with magazines to keep her occupied. Belle tells her that Shawn has promised to hit a home run in her honor, as Rex hands her the flowers from Cassie and him. Chloe is touched by her friends’ kindness. They all start talking at once, and Brady takes Belle off to the side and asks her if things are better, considering she is hanging out with Cassie and Rex. Belle assures him that things are not better, and that they just happened to show up. Belle confides that Cassie is getting on her nerves, and Brady advises her to ignore her, like he does. He tells her that she will get used to it eventually, as Cassie comes up inquiring what they are talking about. Belle gives her an annoyed, butt-out look. Brady plays it off, saying that Belle will get used to seeing Chloe in the hospital. Craig comes in, asking if they are having a party. Chloe inquires about Nancy and the baby, and asks when she can see them. Craig tells her that they will be by to see her later, and also tells her that they may be able to go home the following day. Chloe gets nostalgic, and wishes she could go home with them. Belle asks Craig how long Chloe will need to be in the hospital. Rex quickly speaks up, saying that with the genetic match, Chloe’s age and the progress of the transplant will depict how long she will be there. He figures she will be there for approximately four to eight weeks. They are all impressed by his knowledge, and Craig comments that he should study medicine. Rex tells him that he is also interested in law, reminding Chloe that Larry’s sentencing was earlier that day. She apologizes for forgetting, but Belle assures her that they are all just glad that it is over now ,and they can focus their attention on her. The two embrace as Belle promises to be there every step of the way.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony enters the mansion to find Bart sitting alone in the dark, moaning to himself. Tony asks him what is going on, and Bart informs him that Rolf is gone. Tony doesn’t understand what he is saying ,and Bart tells him that Rolf packed up his things and left, saying that he was through with the DiMera’s. Tony says that it is too bad that the DiMera’s are not done with Rolf. They go into the secret room, with Tony looking for answers and Bart telling him he won’t find any. Tony orders Bart to find Rolf, or he will find someone who will. Bart promises to find him as Tony hears a noise, and shushes him. They hear it again, and Tony tells Bart to find out what it is. Bart finds the bug that John left on the control panel. Tony is furious, and tells him to seal the room. He says that he doesn’t need this anymore, and orders Bart to get rid of it all. Tony is certain that John planted the bug, and tells Bart to get rid of it. Before Bart can stomp on it however, Tony stops him. He picks up the bug and speaks into it. He says that he hopes John is having fun with his spy game, and that a candid conversation between the two of them would have been enough. He drops the bug again and crushes it with his heel. Tony reiterates to Bart that he wants the room sealed off, and a new security system installed. He tells Bart that no one is to enter the mansion without his knowledge, as Bart heads out to do his bidding. Tony utters to himself that he has a legacy to uphold now for his children, and no one will stand in his way.

At Tuscany

Bo and Hope arrive for dinner, and are ushered to their table by Maggie. She has given them a bottle of champagne, on the house, for them to celebrate with. They toast to Larry being behind bars and out of their lives for good. As they look over the menu, Hope comments that she is not very hungry, so Bo decides to help her work up an appetite and asks her to dance. While dancing, Hope comments that she feels like they should be somewhere else right now. Bo agrees and tells her to grab her things. She doesn’t think they should just leave, but he assures her that he will explain things to Maggie, as he accompanies her out the door.

Back at the Hospital

Craig tells everyone that it is time to break it up, because Chloe needs to get her rest. Belle decides that they should go so that Brady can have some time alone with Chloe. Brady laughingly agrees, and tells them to hit the road. Chloe urges them all to go to the carnival, but Belle hesitates, not wanting to go without Shawn. Chloe reminds her that Shawn would want her to have a good time, even without him. They all finally agree to go, and as they head off they promise to tell her all about it when they return  Chloe tells Brady that he should go as well, but he refuses, saying he will not go without her. He then comes up with an idea and tells her not to go anywhere, saying he will be back in about fifteen minutes. Chloe comments that she is hardly a flight risk as he rushes out, promising to return shortly. Later, he returns as Chloe is resting. She asks where he went, and he informs her that he went to the Brady Pub, as he pulls a dart board out of his bag. He tells her that since she cannot go to the carnival, he has brought it to her. He sets up the board and helps her out of bed. Before she can throw the first dart, he goes to stand next to the board and hold a balloon up. Chloe gets scared that she may hit him, and does not want to throw the dart. He teases her about not being able to hit it anyway, seeing as she probably throws like a girl. Chloe decides to go for it, but the dart lands right between Brady’s legs - a little too close for his own comfort! She laughs, saying that she almost put a sure wrench in his social life. She teases that she did it on purpose, to ensure that he does not go astray on her while she is in the hospital.  Brady tells her that he is a very patient man, and she has nothing to worry about. He tells Chloe that she is there to get well, and reminds her that even when he can only see her through the glass she will be in his heart. He tells her that “anticipation is the truest form of foreplay.”

At the Carnival

Bo leads a blindfolded Hope through the carnival grounds. He finally takes her blindfold off, and Hope exclaims that this is the perfect place for them to celebrate. The teens also arrive, and Mimi promises the twins that she and Belle will show them around, since they have never been to a carnival before. She insists that they start at the beginning so that they don’t miss a thing.

Meanwhile, Bo teases Hope about not being hungry, and she comments about cotton candy and popcorn not being on the Tuscany menu. She tells him to stay put, as she heads off and talks to the woman standing in the kissing booth. She gets behind the booth and calls to Bo. He walks over to her, and she asks him if he has a quarter as they both reminisce about their first kiss. Bo hands the attendant some bills, and she tries to comment that he has given her enough for almost thirty kisses, but he is already collecting his payment from Hope. They tease about going for seconds, thirds, and fourths, and Hope decides they had better give the attendant her booth back as they head away. Mimi, who witnesses the entire exchange, goes over to Rex with an idea. He hands her a stuffed dog, and she suggests they head on to the next booth. She plays off the fact that she did not realize it was the kissing booth. She mentions that it is for a good cause, and Rex spouts off some literal nonsense about things having peculiar origins. Mimi is disappointed, and he apologizes, asking her how he can make her smile again. She tells him to meet her at the kissing booth in 45 seconds. She enters the booth, and he joins her but they are interrupted by Cassie, wanting him to try some funnel cake as she drags him away. Another guy approaches the booth with a cheesy come-on line, as Mimi tells “frat boy” that her shift is up. She leaves, telling the attendant that it is her turn.

At the Dorm

Belle returns to her room with an armload of stuffed animals. She plunks them down on her bed, proud of how well she did. She tells them to stay put as she goes to call Shawn. She tells him that she had fun, but missed him. She tells him that she won lots of prizes. Apparently he teases her, because she tells him that she is more co-coordinated than he thinks. She tells him that she wants to give some of the animals to Zack, and promises to give him one if he behaves. She tells him to call her a lot while he is gone, and tells him to look at her picture if he should happen to miss her; because that is what she will be doing. She tells him she loves him ,and wishes him luck as they hang up.

Back at the Carnival

Mimi is searching for Rex, when she runs into Sister Rose. Sister Rose comments that this is the first time she can remember that Mimi has not volunteered. As she looks over at the dunking booth, she explains that they could actually use her help right now. Mimi tries to protest, but eventually gives in and heads over to the booth.

Meanwhile, Hope tries to get Bo to see a fortune teller, and after some cajoling on her part he finally agrees to go with her.

At the same time, Mimi is teasing the fellas, who continually miss the target as Rex approaches for his turn.

Hope meets the fortune teller, and is told that she has positive energy surrounding her. The fortune teller tells Hope to sit down, and begins to read her palm. She tells Hope that she has a long life-line, and finally gazes into her crystal ball. She tells Hope that she and her husband have had some difficult times lately, as Bo and Hope both remember Larry and the kidnapping. The fortune teller tells Hope that the tide is turning, and she sees great satisfaction in her future, much to Hope’s relief.

Meanwhile, Cassie is grumbling about the carnival not being fun, because she had to hang out with Belle and then got dumped for Mimi by Rex. She walks up to the kissing booth, where the attendant asks her to fill in for a while so she can take a break. Cassie agrees and enters the booth.

At the same time, Rex is tossing the ball up and down with a smile on his face.  Mimi pleads with him to talk about it first. Rex throws the ball, and Mimi goes plunging into the tank. He grabs a towel, and goes to help Mimi out of the tank. He starts to dry her off, and she comments that it’s the least he can do after dunking her. He tells her that they never did get around to kissing, as he plants a big one on her.

As Bo and Hope head away from the fortune teller, Bo remembers that he left his coat and returns to get it. He gives the fortune teller money, saying that it is the amount they agreed on. The fortune teller is not pleased with what they did, but Bo tells her that Hope IS going to have a good life, just like she “predicted”. As the fortune teller leaves, he vows to see that it happens…

On Thursday:

*Bo and Roman begin to reconcile.

*John vows to expose the DiMera secrets.

*Tony’s aim is to follow John, and he will do whatever it takes to reach that aim.


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