Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/11/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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Jack and Jennifer’s

Abby and Jennifer are bidding farewell to Horace, the Binturong, as he is taken away to the zoo. Abby promises to visit him often as they head back inside, where Jack is coming down the stairs saying he has a surprise for Abby. He tells them to close their eyes, and leads them to the couch, where he proceeds to put on a hand puppet show for Abby and Jennifer. The puppets all have their faces on them, including Horace's, and Jack reenacts a comical version of Horace’s arrival and departure. He tells the Abby puppet  that she deserves another surprise, and then asks the real Jennifer if it is a good time to tell her now. Jennifer agrees. Jack tells the real Abby that he and Jennifer are getting remarried. An ecstatic Abby runs upstairs to make a congratulations card for them. Jack and Jennifer tease about the mess that Horace has left them, and wonder what other surprises Bill has in store for them. Jack comments teasingly that they should probably be very afraid. Later, Jennifer comes downstairs hollering at Jack about the wonderful card that Abby made for them, only to find the living room empty - but completely spotless. Jack comes in with a tray of chocolate fondue, saying the chocolate hides the remaining smells of Horace. They feed each other chocolate-covered cakes and cookies, and Jennifer comments that no matter what, they will make it this time. Jack teases her about Bill’s surprises, and they both agree that no matter what comes their way, they will always be happy.

Basic Black

Ops is criticizing John’s “Mission Impossible!” outfit, and they discuss the fact that this will be the first time the bug has been used in an actual investigation. John inquires as to its reliability, and Ops assures him that “Wally Wabbit” has been thoroughly tested and will not fail him.

DiMera Mansion

The twins and Marlena return from a shopping trip, and realize that Tony must still be at the sentencing hearing. Cassie and Rex comment on the fact that Marlena is probably glad that he is not home, since she hates him so much. Marlena admits that she does not have “tender” feelings for Tony, but explains that it is due to their complicated history. She tells them that just because she is not comfortable around him, it does not mean that she hates him. Rex asks if she will ever have “tender” feelings for Tony. Marlena tells them that she understands their desire to see their parents together, but advises them not to get their hopes up. She reminds the twins that she is happily married, and states that she and Tony will always be their parents - but they will be no more than cordial friends. Cassie gets upset, and accuses Marlena of just feeling sorry for them and thinking they are needy. Cassie tells her that they care about Tony and his happiness. Cassie tells Marlena that they want Tony to have whatever makes him happy, and in this case that would be Marlena.

At the Courthouse

The judge futilely calls for order after Larry’s recant of his plea. Carson Palmer is outraged, as the judge asks Larry to repeat what he said. Larry tells her that he has changed his mind, as a furious Tony and Victor look at him. The judge asks him if he wants to recant his guilty plea. Larry asks the judge for a recess, and Bo jumps up saying that it is a trick. The judge orders him to sit back down or be removed from court, as Palmer comments that if Larry is doing this for more leniency, it will not work. Larry assures the judge that he just needs a few minutes to clear his head, and she grants him a fifteen minute recess. Nicole gets worried, and Victor tells her to sit down and shut up. He takes Bo off to the side, and asks him for a few minutes alone with Larry. Kate wonders what is going on, and Roman suspects that Victor knows something. Kate notices that Nicole is somewhat fidgety, and comments to Roman that Victor isn’t the only one. Victor tells Bo that he may be able to talk to Larry, and Bo promises to see what he can do. Meanwhile, Lexie accuses Tony of knowing something, and asks him what he said to Larry earlier. Tony’s only comment is that he will do anything to protect his family and his loved ones. Bo returns to Hope, and explains that Victor wanted to see Larry, as Kate goes over to chat with Nicole. Nicole tells her that she is not in the mood, and tells her basically to get lost. Kate wonders if Nicole has been tamed, but Nicole assures her that the difference in her is that she is in love. Kate asks her where Victor went off to in such a rush.

Larry’s Cell

Victor asks Larry what’s going on, and Larry comments about being a dead man, no matter what he does. Victor realizes that this has something to do with Tony. Larry does not confirm or deny Victor’s theory, stating only that if Victor wants his guilty plea, he needs to guarantee his safety. Victor promises to take care of it, so long as Larry sticks to the story.

Back in the Courthouse

Lexie realizes that Tony threatened Larry, and asks him to let the courts handle him. He tries to tell her that his duty is to his family, and Lexie asks him if this is the type of example he wants to be for the twins. Tony affirms with a forceful, “Absolutely!”.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Marlena asks Rex if he has had this discussion with Tony, and Rex admits that he has talked to Tony about his feelings for Marlena; but also admits that he got no straight answer from him. Marlena explains that she and Tony will continue to be loving parents, but they will not be together. Cassie comments that it is because she can’t stand him, and Marlena gets upset. She tells Cassie to stop trying to make her feel guilty and manipulating her, because it won’t work. Marlena tells them that she is in love with John, and Cassie refers to the fact that he cannot stand them either. They comment that he would only be happier if he could destroy Tony as well. Marlena gets frustrated with them, and decides not to dignify them by arguing with them. Cassie gets a call from Tony, who tells her that he is still at the courthouse. She inquires if Shawn and Belle are still there, and when Tony tells her they are, she tells him they will be right over and hangs up. Marlena decides they should all go, and they head out. They don’t notice John lurking in the bushes, and as soon as they are gone, he goes to the door and uses his new “gun” to disarm the security system. When it's disarmed he begins to pick the lock. Once inside, he makes his way through the basement. He comes up on Rolf and Bart in the secret room, and he hears Rolf say he is leaving the DiMera organization. Rolf comments that he knows things that he could never reveal to Tony. He doesn’t even want to see him anymore, after the way Tony exposed him to John and Marlena on the island. Rolf tells Bart to open the door, and as Bart heads toward the door he says that they have a big problem. John, who is hiding right outside, believes he has been caught. Much to his relief Bart is only concerned about the security system failure. Rolf says it is no longer his concern, and gets frustrated when Bart starts to get emotional about his departure. Rolf asks him if he can finally help him with his box, and they finally lug the box down the hall. John immediately lets himself into the room, places the bug onto one of the wall monitors, and heads out. Later, Bart is outside struggling with the security system. When he leaves to recon some tools, John slips out and points his “gun” back at the security system, reactivating it. Bart is astonished when he returns to a fully functioning system, and comments that “What the boss don’t know, won't hurt” as he heads back inside.

Back at the Courthouse

Tony makes a call to have Larry taken care of as soon as he arrives in prison.  Victor approaches, asking him to call off the hit on Larry. He says that it would be a personal favor to him, and he would be indebted to the DiMera’s. However, Tony tells him that he can not do what Victor is asking. Marlena and the twins arrive. Cassie and Rex go off in search of Shawn and Belle, as Tony asks how her time with the twins was and how things are going. Marlena tells him that it will take time, but everything will work out. She excuses herself, and heads into the court room. Lexie approaches her, and tells her that she is worried about Tony. She starts to explain about Tony wanting to punish Larry, but catches herself, saying she probably should not have said anything. However, Marlena gets the idea.

Meanwhile, Nicole is telling Kate to get lost, as Roman comes up asking if there is a problem. Kate explains to him that Nicole is just upset because she lost track of her husband. Victor re-appears. Kate and Roman walk off, with Kate saying that Victor and Nicole are up to something. Simultaneously, Bo tells Hope that something is going on. He doesn’t know what it is, but he will find out.

Back in the hallway, Marlena approaches Tony and tells him to leave Larry to the system - if not for the twins, then for her. Grudgingly he agrees. Tony asks Abe to tell Larry that it is his lucky day. With some encouragement from Lexie, Abe agrees. Inside, Bo asks Victor if he was able to speak with Larry. Victor affirms that he spoke with him, but doesn’t know if it did any good.

Meanwhile, at Larry’s cell, Abe asks Larry if he has decided whether the plea is on or off. Larry mutters something about being lucky, and Abe tells him that is what Tony said. Larry asks him what he means, and Abe recounts Tony’s message, leaving Larry looking astonished and relieved.

Back in the courtroom, Kate comments to Roman that there is a reason, besides love, for Victor and Nicole’s marriage. Nicole begins to panic, and Victor tells her to shut up and act like a Kiriakis, to show some dignity. Bo tells Hope that Victor is unsure if he had any effect on Larry, and comments that Tony is not there as a spectator. Larry is brought back in, followed by the judge. The judge asks Larry to share his thoughts with the court, and after some hesitation ,Larry pleads guilty to all charges. He pleads with the court for mercy on his punishment, and asks for concurring sentences with the possibility for parole. Hope jumps out of her seat shouting, “No”. Later, the judge sentences Larry to two life sentences in prison, to be served consecutively, leaving no chance for parole. The DA looks pleased as the Brady’s hug ,and Nicole glances at Larry with a smug look on her face. Tony is not pleased, and tells Victor that he owes him, and he intends to collect.

Back at Basic Black

John is back in his office, and is just putting the last of his “toys” away as Marlena, who left straight after the sentence was announced, shows up. She tells him that she ended up at the hearing, and tells him of Larry’s sentence. They are both happy as John gives her a celebratory kiss.

Back in the Courtroom

Roman offers to take Kate to eat. Abe and Lexie also head out. Victor gets frustrated with Nicole, when she tells him to lighten up and smile, considering his plan worked. He reminds her that he now owes Tony a favor as he ushers her toward the door. Tony offers the twins a ride, but Cassie declines for them, saying they are going to find Shawn and Belle and hang out with them. Bo and Hope watch as Larry is taken away, and Bo offers to take Hope somewhere to celebrate, as they bid goodbye to Larry.

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