Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/10/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Many Salem residents go to Larry's sentencing...Abby gets a pet...Brandon and Fay have a little heart to heart chat.

Cast: Hope, Larry, Victor, Tony, Bo, Nicole, Abe, Shawn, Belle, Roman, Kate, Carson, Alice, Judge Fitzpatrick, Lexie, Bailiff, Jack, Jen, Abby, Horace the Binturong, Fay, Brandon.

At the Courthouse

Jack and Carson argue about Larry's sentencing. Carson gets tired of Jack's questions, until Jack mentions that he would be up the river since he confessed. They argue about him confessing, until Carson finally walks off. Jen asks Hope if she wants to be there. Hope says she does, because she needs closure.

In Larry's cell, Larry is confronted by an angry, vicious Bo. Larry teases him about making Hope go psycho, which makes Bo grab hold of him. Roman and Abe rush in and break them up, while Larry taunts Bo some more. Abe, Roman, and Bo decide it's time to take Welch up to the courtroom.

Back at the courthouse, Jen receives a call from Abby, who says that her grandpa's present arrived. After Jen gets off the phone, she tells Jack that the box Bill gave Abby says "Alive" on it. Jen leaves. Later, Jack receives a call from Jen, who tells him to get home. Jack hears noises so he rushes out.

At the DiMera Mansion

Just as Tony is leaving, Lexie arrives, and asks him if he is going to the sentencing. He confirms that he is. They get into a conversation about good news, and he tells her that he and Marlena are the twins' parents. She is happy for him. Tony notices the time and rushes to the car, while Lexie follows.

At Hartley House

Shawn arrives at his dorm, to find Belle in his bed. Shawn is upset that he can't touch Belle, because he has a cold. She encourages him to hold her, so he does. They talk about his upcoming baseball game, and she mentions wanting to go to the courthouse. Shawn promises to always be there for her.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole comes downstairs, dressed to go riding. Victor stops her, refusing to let her go. The doorbell rings and, of course, Nicole has to answer it and she finds Kate at the door. Kate asks them if they are going to the hearing. Kate taunts Nicole, so Victor orders her out. He changes his mind, when she mentions Philip is getting time off from the Marines. Philip is going golfing with one of his buddies. Victor orders her to use the phone next time, and kicks her out. He tells Nicole that they are going to the sentencing.

At the park

Brandon and Fay are having lunch together. He comments on how good the sandwich is. Brandon tells her that he has something important to tell her. He breaks the news about he and Sami living together, which disappoints his mom,(who seems to have gotten a backbone). Fay expresses her feelings, saying that she doesn't think Sami is right for him. Brandon lashes out at his mom, but then apologizes. He is sure that one day she and Sami will be really close.

At the Deveraux's

Jack arrives home, and grabs an umbrella as protection. Jen and Abby rush to him, and Abby tells him to look at what Grandpa Bill sent her from Africa. He asks what the hell it is. We see a black, dog-type animal, called a binturong. Jack tells Jen that he doesn't care where it's been, he just wonders what possessed Bill to send Abby something like that. Horace, the binturong, climbs all over the furniture and knocks over the lamp. Jack orders Abby to go upstairs after locking it up. Later, Jen gets a call from the D.A.'s office, saying they don't want any of Jack's interview with Carson printed. Jack gets enraged. They hear noises, and notice that Horace is missing.

Back at the courthouse

Just after Jack left, Kate arrived, and approached Nicole and Victor. They ignore her, and find a seat in the room. Tony and Lexie run into Abe, and they also find their seats.

In the courtroom, Bo assures Hope that all is okay, as Larry walks in and comments "always a pleasure, Hope." Shawn and Belle arrive, and sit down as Judge Fitzpatrick walks in. Larry is representing himself. Hope remembers the night Larry trapped them, while the judge asks if anyone wants to speak on behalf of the Brady's. Alice walks in, and says that she would like to make a statement. Next, we see Alice being sworn in. Alice lists all of Larry's bad deeds: Kidnapping Hope and Zack, making them all believe Hope and Zack were dead, and trying to kill Hope, Belle, and her. She says that Larry is a bad man, and prison is too good for him. She hopes they lock him up and throw away the key. Alice leaves. The judge asks if anyone else would like to speak. Hope rises and gets sworn in. Hope talks about how every member of her family helped her through this, each in different ways. Larry comments, "You want nachos with that cheese?" Hope tells Larry that he is incapable of love, and all that hate and resentment inside of him will eat away at him forever. She, too, hopes he gets put in jail for good, and steps down. The judge takes a short recess, and Tony takes the opportunity to warn Larry that when he is out of prison, he is a dead man. Lexie tells Hope that she is proud of her. Nicole notices Tony talking to Larry and worries, but Victor tells her to sit down. The judge returns, and calls Larry to the stand. Larry states that he wants to change his plea to "Not guilty." There are shocked expressions from everyone in the room, as the camera pans on Hope and the previews roll.


*Cassie tells Marlena that Tony wants her.

*Lexie asks Tony if that is what kind of role model he wants to be for Cassie and Rex. "Absolutely," he remarks.

*Larry tells everyone that he hopes to get parole. Hope jumps up and yells "No!"

The End.


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