Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/7/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Hospital

Chloe and Brady are napping when the nurse comes in to check Chloe’s temperature. Brady steps out as the nurse starts to check on Chloe. Chloe wakes up and tells the nurse that she is just feeling very tired. The nurse assures her that that is normal and Chloe asks her how Nancy is doing. The nurse tells her that Nancy is still in labor and when Chloe worries about how long it is taking, the nurse explains that some women just take longer, but that all is well. The nurse prepares to leave and Chloe asks her to tell Brady to come back in. The nurse goes to tell him and informs Chloe that he must have gone to get coffee and she will go find him. A very weak Chloe gets up out of bed and prepares to leave her room.

Meanwhile in Nancy’s room, just after another contraction ends, she begs Craig to let her go see Chloe before the next contraction begins. Craig tells her she needs to concentrate on her labor as Brady comes in. Nancy immediately asks him how Chloe is and he assures her that she is fine and worried about her as well. Nancy again asks Craig to go see her but her water breaks. Craig sends the nurse to go get Dr. Bader. Brady is waiting outside when Dr. Bader arrives. Craig fills her in on Nancy’s progress. He goes out and tells Brady that it won’t be much longer now and Brady promises to go tell Chloe the good news. Back in the room, Dr. Bader is checking Nancy’s dilation and tells them that she is almost there. She tells Nancy that the contractions will start getting stronger now that her water has broken and that the baby will be there soon.

Brady arrives back at Chloe’s room to find her gone. He asks the nurse where she went but the nurse does not have a clue; she did not even know she left. Brady gets aggravated and takes off looking for her, grabbing a wheelchair on his way.

At Sami’s Apt

Brandon arrives home to Sami wearing nothing but his shirt and a romantic lunch. Sami suggest lunch and then dessert, but Brandon declares that sometimes he wants dessert first as they start kissing. Brandon suggests that he wants to do something nice for Sami and offers her dinner at Tuscany. She loves the idea but then remembers that she has Will that evening. She tells Brandon that she will get Lucas to keep Will. She calls his apartment and when there is no answer she prepares to go to his apartment but Brandon reminds her of her lack of clothing. She hurriedly puts on his trench coat and rushes out the door. She bangs on the door only to have it opened by Deb, much to Sami’s surprise. Sami asks what she is doing there as a shirtless Lucas joins them at the door. He teases Sami about her wearing the coat and not much else saying that he really isn’t in the mood for a threesome. Deb goes to wait for Lucas in the bedroom as Lucas queries as to Sami’s lack of attire. Sami reminds him that she is in a committed relationship, unlike him. She yells at him for lecturing her about having Brandon moving in with her but Lucas stops her, reminding her that Deb is not moving in and that Will is in school.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole enters the dining room and pours herself a cup of coffee. She begins to drink it until Victor stops her, telling her to not eat her breakfast standing up. She points out that she is drinking coffee, but Victor ignores her ordering her to take off her blouse. She refuses to take off the blouse but Victor grabs her and reminds her that he could put her back on death row at any given time. He informs her that from now on she will be at breakfast by 6 a.m. and that she is no longer allowed to drink or go to bars. He also tells her that from now on her hair appointments will be at the mansion, as will her fashion stylists. Nicole begins to realize that Victor is keeping her prisoner. He then tells Nicole that all of her credit cards and accounts have been cancelled and that the piggy bank is officially closed. He tells her again to take off the blouse and Nicole obliges, flinging it in his face and stalking off leaving Victor looking pleased with himself.

At Basic Black

John wants proof that his visitor is legit, and the ISA agent offers to do the secret ISA handshake. John gets frustrated because there is no handshake, saying he is wasting his time. The agent introduces himself as Ops as he pulls a gun out of his bag. Ops finally produces his ID and chatters on about how common his last name Smith as John scrutinizes the ID. John wants to get down to business as Ops continues to chatter his ear off and starts taking the latest “gadgets” out of his bag. He gives John a quick run down of all the new equipment and then gives him “Wally wabbit”, a bug not larger than a pin. He informs John that “Wally” will pick up whispers while not being detectable because of its size. John comments that he can use the bug on Tony and Ops asks him for details but John refuses to share any information. Ops mentions that if he gets the dirt on Tony and can get him locked up, it will keep Tony away from Marlena. John tells him that he does not need, nor ask for, his input on his personal life as he pulls a pair of cuff links out of the bag. Ops tells him that hey are actually small video cameras. Ops confides to John that he actually volunteered for this assignment to meet him because he is a legend in the ISA. He also divulges that he has studied Stefano and starts talking about how Stefano manipulated John and Hope and how he somehow got Marlena and Tony to have the twins together. Ops spots a picture of Marlena and realizes that John’s quest against the DiMera’s is not a game, but rather, John fighting to the death for Marlena. He comments that he had seen a picture of Marlena is John’s file and says that she still has the magic he noticed years ago. Ops tells John he would fight for Marlena himself. Ops asks John if he has told anyone that he is working with the ISA again, but John says he has not told anyone, not even Marlena. Ops gets ready to leave but remembers that he has not told John about the gun yet. He informs John that the gun does not fire bullets, but instead a beam that will disable even the most high tech security system, which pleases John. Ops prepares to leave as John tells him that he is going to bring down the house of DiMera and Tony won’t even know what hit him.

Back at Sami’s

Brandon awaits Sami’s return when Nicole shows up. She almost leaves when she sees the romantic set up but he tells her to come in. She hollers toward the bedroom that Sami does not deserve Brandon, but he informs her that Sami is not home at the moment. He asks Nicole what her bastard husband has done this time. Nicole tells him she just came by to see if he wanted to have lunch with her but Brandon does not buy it, saying he can tell that she is miserable. He tells her to leave Victor but Nicole says she can’t. Brandon does not understand but before he can question her further Nico shows up and tells them Victor sent him to bring Nicole home. Brandon starts to tell him off as Nicole steps in saying that she will go. She tells Brandon that she is actually glad that Nico showed up because she has an important appointment that she has almost forgotten about. She leaves telling Brandon she can take care of herself.

Meanwhile at Lucas’s apartment, Deb prepares to leave saying she hopes Lucas will call her next time, and that next time they will not be interrupted. Lucas promises that he will and that they won’t. Sami harps on him about not getting any of his bimbos pregnant and he tells her not to worry because he won’t make the same mistake twice. Sami asks him if he is calling Will a mistake, but Lucas quickly informs her that Will is the best thing that ever happened to him. He tells Sami that it is just a shame that someone he hates had to be Will’s mother and Sami reminds him that it is no picnic for her either. Lucas comments that at least the sex was good and says that she actually looks very good in the trench coat and that it reminds him of his favorite X-rated film. A disgusted Sami rushes out; leaving Lucas behind laughing and saying “got her again”.

Later, Sami furiously enters her apartment ranting about how much she hates Lucas and his harem of hospital nurses. Brandon informs Sami that Nicole stopped by and she starts in on how now she has to get her place fumigated. She tells Brandon that she does not want Nicole in her apartment. Brandon reminds her that it is his apartment now too and warns her not to talk that way about his sister. They argue about Nicole and Sami asks Brandon if Nicole has ever said anything nice about her. She takes his silence as her answer and tells him that she does not want to fight with him. She explains that sometimes she just wants to forget about everything but him as she takes the coat back off. Brandon can’t focus on Sami because he is worried about Nicole, but Sami reminds him that Nicole did not get to where she is by being stupid. Brandon agrees as Sami attempts to make him forget about Nicole for the time being by asking him to be with her and love her.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor is just hanging up the phone when Nicole enters. Nicole asks him how she is supposed to go to work if he continues to have his goons drag her back home. Victor informs Nicole that she is fired and he was actually just talking to her replacement. Victor informs Nicole that her sole function in life is to be available to and please him.

Back at the Hospital

A weak Chloe is taking a breather in the hall when Brady shows up with the wheel chair. She comments that he is always there when she needs him and he promises to her that he always will be.

Meanwhile in Nancy’s room, Dr. Bader tells Nancy that the baby’s head is crowning as Nancy yells for Chloe. Chloe enters the room and tells Nancy that she is there. Craig comments that she should be in her bed resting, but Brady assures him that her doctor said she could be there for the birth of the baby as long as they did not mind. Brady and Craig wheel her to Nancy’s side and Chloe grabs her hand saying, “You can do it, mom”. Brady leaves the delivery room just as Dr. Bader tells Nancy to push. Later, the baby is born and crying as Craig and Nancy cry as well. Dr. Bader asks who would like to hold her first and Nancy tells her to let Craig hold her. Craig holds his new daughter for a moment before passing her on to Nancy. They awe over the new baby and Nancy asks Chloe if she would like to hold her but Chloe is skeptical until Craig assures her that it will be ok as he brings the baby to her. While she is holding the baby, Chloe asks if they have thought of a name yet, but Craig and Nancy tell her they would like her to name the baby. Chloe is touched and looks down at the baby and tells her that although she is only a few minutes old she has already brought them such happiness and joy. Chloe looks up and announces that the baby’s name should be Joy; Nancy agrees that it is perfect. Chloe introduces Brady to her new sister, Joy Wesley.

On Monday’s Show:

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*Bo visits Larry in his cell.

*Tony tells Larry he is a dead man in prison.

*Larry sees Hope and tells her it is always a pleasure.


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