Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/5/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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At the Hospital

Craig returns with Chloe from running her tests, and he decides not to go to Nancy right now as all is quiet inside. He decides to return to the lab to make sure they put a rush on Chloe’s results, so they can prepare her for her transplant. She tells him she doesn’t see how he is still up, and says it must be because he is a wonderful husband and father. He assures her he has called for back-up, as Brady arrives. Chloe is glad that Brady has returned, and he promises to be there for her. He kisses her before they finally go in to see Nancy. Nancy is somewhat more relaxed, due to the epidural. Chloe informs her they are waiting for her lab results. Brady steps out of the room to let Nancy and Chloe talk. Nancy tells Chloe that her sister is giving her a new lease on life, but more importantly, it will be a new beginning for all of them. A while later Craig returns, and Nancy tells him that they were bonding. She gets frustrated when he tells her he has not heard anything on the test results yet. A nurse comes in and hands him a clipboard. Outside Nancy’s room, Craig tells Chloe that they will have to check her in soon, and tells her to meet him back at the hospital in half an hour. Brady prepares to go to the Jeep and get her bag, but she convinces him to take her back to her place. Once there, she locks the door and they begin to make love.

At the Dorm

Rex comes up the stairs, and decides to go to Belle’s room when he hears noise from inside. After knocking and getting no answer, he opens the door. He goes and sits on the bed, as a startled Mimi sits in the bed saying, “Santiago?” Rex tells Mimi that he likes her glasses, and teases her about watching a Spanish television show. She informs him that she is taking Spanish as one of her classes, but admits she is watching the shirtless guys. She asks if he knows Spanish, and quizzes him when he says that he does. He answers her question right, but she does not get his right. She realizes he did say Belle, and she tells him about her setting up a meeting between Belle and Shawn. To her surprise, Rex tells her he has a problem with that. Mimi tells Rex to back off, and leave Belle and Shawn alone; she knows he has feelings for Belle. Rex tells Mimi he wants Belle to be happy. He agrees that he cares for Belle, because she is his sister.

At the Police Station

Cassie comes in demanding to see Shawn, saying she will stay all night if she has to. The officer informs her that Shawn was released. Confused, she asks where he went. The officer, starting to get annoyed, tells her he probably went home. Cassie thinks to herself that he went to Belle.

At the Pier

Belle is on the pier, when she sees Shawn. They run toward one another and hold each other, relieved that they are together. Shawn tells Belle about Larry’s confession, and that the charges against him were dropped. He still has the note she wrote him, and Belle tells him that she meant every word. Shawn tells her that nothing will ever come between them again. He recaps the whole story about shooting and missing ,and about Larry hiring Colin to kill Bo. Belle is stunned by this information, and tells Shawn about what happened at his house because of Larry. Shawn tells her that he loves her, and will do anything not to jeopardize their future. His hands are cold, so Belle puts them in her jacket pocket. There he finds the sea shell from the previous summer. He is surprised that she kept it, and she informs him that it reminds her of him, and their time together. She has a flashback of Lookout Point, and the first time Shawn told her he loved her. Shawn is glad she never gave up on him. She assures him that just because she believed in him, it doesn't not mean that she was not mad at him. She asks him why he turned to Cassie and not her. He gets frustrated, and tells her again that Cassie came to him. He then quickly apologizes for raising his voice, and tells her that one of the things he loves most about her is her loyalty. He tries to make her see that he thought he was protecting her, knowing that had he been convicted she would have stayed by him. He explains he did not want to ruin her life, or hurt her in any way. Belle tells Shawn he can make it up to her, by never keeping secrets from her again. She also tells him if he sees Cassie, to run in the other direction. She informs him that she just found out Cassie is her sister. She is upset about the recent turn of events, and tells Shawn that someone should just burn her family tree. Shawn wonders if this is why Belle was so connected to the twins when they first found them. Belle confides that she does not know how she is going to handle Cassie. Shawn assures her that they will do it together. He tries to get her to see that everyone just needs some time to adjust. She tells him about how her parents always hoped that Sami would be a good influence on her, and even though they don’t voice it, she knows they are somewhat disappointed in her. Belle reveals to Shawn that she is afraid that if she is not a good role model to Cassie, that Marlena will be disappointed in her as well. Shawn tells her that would not happen, because her parents love her -  just like he does.

Back at the Dorm

Mimi is in shock, and Rex tells her that if she doesn’t believe him she can call Belle. Mimi wants details, but Rex decides to let Belle tell her about it. She apologizes for being so hard on him earlier. She realizes that this makes Cassie Belle’s sister, as Cassie enters the room. Cassie goes into Belle’s closet and takes out a dress ,saying that they can share clothes now that they are sisters. She wonders if Shawn has seen this particular dress yet as Mimi grabs it from her. Mimi informs Cassie that Shawn is with Belle, and that they are probably getting it on. She says that is what people in love do. Cassie is mad, and stalks to Belle’s bedside table She grabs the picture of Belle and Shawn, and slams it on the floor. Rex scolds her for her outburst, as Mimi asks her if she has ever heard of anger management. Cassie tells Mimi to shut it, as Rex tells her that Shawn is off limits to her. She decides that she does not have to listen to this, and prepares to leave. Rex grabs her arm, and takes her into the hall. He tells her that if she is not careful ,she will not have any friends left. She apologizes for losing her temper, and asks him to apologize to Mimi for her. He tries to tell her that things will be ok, and she leaves, saying that he is right, things will work out. Back inside, Rex apologizes for Cassie’s behavior. Mimi understands, saying that every woman will go nuts over a guy at some point, especially Shawn. Rex realizes that Mimi had a thing for Shawn, and she sheepishly agrees that she used to be a “Shawnaholic”. She has a flashback of begging him to go to the high school dance. She starts coughing. Rex tries to help her with her medicine bottle, but it ends up all over the front of his shirt. Mimi takes his shirt off in hopes of cleaning it with some soda water, but is immediately enamored with a shirtless Rex. They wipe cough syrup off each other’s faces ,and Rex breaks the tension, saying he had better try to get his shirt clean. He leaves, telling Mimi to feel better. She sinks onto Belle’s bed ,saying she is feeling better all the time. Outside, Rex smiles to himself.

Later, at the Pier

Cassie is walking along the docks, when she spots Belle and Shawn. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her as they kiss, with Cassie watching from the shadows. Cassie walks away upset.

Later, at the Wesley’s

Chloe’s pager goes off, and she hands it to Brady, saying it is probably Craig. Brady looks at it, and tells Chloe that it is time to go. He holds her for a few more minutes, with both of them lost in thought.

Back at the Hospital

Chloe returns, and fears something is wrong by the expression on Craig’s face. He assures her that she is still in remission, but they are concerned about her platelets count and want to start her radiation immediately. Brady hugs her before Craig takes her away, leaving him standing in the waiting area alone.

On Thursday…

*Kate talks to Lucas about Roman.

*Cassie asks Marlena to breakfast, calling her Mom.

*John gets ammunition to take down Tony.


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