Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/4/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/4/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Spectator

Jack and Jennifer are working on Shawn’s arraignment article. They can’t come to terms with what to write and Jack decides to massage the story somewhat because he knows how much Jen wants to help Bo and Hope. However, they still have a hard time writing the story. Harold comes in and brings Jennifer the mail. She receives a letter from her father that states he is sending her a surprise which should be arriving any day now.

At the Station

Shawn is still in the holding area when the DA arrives and realizes Bo and Hope have violated his “no visitors” order and vows to have badges for this. He barges in and vows to make Shawn pay. Abe and Roman come in and Abe tells both Palmer and Bo to shut up because he has news that they need to hear.

At the DiMera Mansion

Belle and Brady overhear Marlena say she remembers giving birth to the twins. Belle has a hard time believing it could be true, and thinks this means that Marlena and Tony slept together. John tells her that the twins were made in a lab and Marlena carried them and gave birth to them while she was on the DiMera Island. Cassie doesn’t believe they are a real family because Tony and Marlena are not married. Marlena tries to explain how different families sometimes are and John steps in. He tells Cassie and Rex that he will open his heart to them regardless of how he used to feel and apologizes for his previous suspicions. He tells them that they should reevaluate their relationships with one another and Cassie steps in saying they should start with Marlena. She starts by saying that Marlena can’t stand Tony and tells John he is too little to late with opening his heart to them. She believes that John will resent them even more now, knowing they are Marlena’s children. Cassie also mentions how Belle already believes she is trying to ruin her life and sarcastically comments that this development will really make their relationship better. Cassie says that John and Marlena worship Belle and Brady and there will never be enough room in their hearts for her and Rex, stating that they will only ever feel contempt for them. John tells Cassie that the two of them are a lot alike. He tells her about his arrival in Salem and how he lashed out at people and turned away friendship and love. He tells her not to make the same mistakes he did and tells her that Marlena is a wonderful mother and wants to love them. Brady, silent up until this point, walks to Rex and hugs him and welcomes him to the family. Marlena goes to Belle in an effort to comfort her when Rex asks Tony if they are really sure about this. Marlena explains that while on the compound she remembered everything from who was born first, Rex, and the fact that the both of them had incredible lungs-they both cried loudly after their birth. She tells them that they were beautiful and believes it was the last time she held them. The twins are confused and she tells them about the memory she had of crying babies and has another memory, this time of someone putting the babies in a boat. Tony asks Marlena if this is the same memory she had when he and John found her on the cliffs and she believes it is, only this time it is much more vivid, saying she remembers it all now. Rex comes to Marlena and hugs her as Cassie watches crying.

Back at the Jail

Abe tells everyone they have located the murder weapon. DA Palmer jumps to conclusions thinking this will finally put Shawn away for good, until Roman jumps in and informs him they found the gun exactly where Larry said it would be. Palmer is confused and Roman informs him that Larry confessed. Palmer believes it is another Brady cover-up and Roman gets really upset with him until Abe steps in telling them they need to go outside and talk. Inside, Bo, Hope, and Shawn listen to Roman chewing the DA out. A few minutes later Palmer comes back in and tells Shawn that due to new evidence he is free to go. Roman turns to leave after the DA is gone but Bo stops him. Bo tells him that he still has a problem with how Roman handled Shawn but appreciates what he said to the DA for them. Roman leaves and Bo and Hope decide they need to go as well. Shawn tells them he will meet them at home later; there is someone he must see first.

Back at the Spectator

Harold rushes in to Jennifer’s office and tells her something huge is happening at the police station. He tells her to grab line three and Jennifer is told that Shawn has been released and that Larry has confessed to Colin’s murder. Jennifer hangs up the phone and tells Harold to get the staff together, she grabs Jack’s article and tells him it will need to be rewritten. Jennifer orders to stop the presses and tells everyone to prepare for a rewrite! Harold informs Jennifer that the presses are indeed stopped as she issues out new orders to everyone. Jack begins his new story as Jennifer comes in and he tells her she looks very happy. She tells Jack she will show him exactly how happy she is as she gives him a kiss. Later, Jennifer thanks everyone for a wonderful job. She enters her office and tells Jack the adrenaline rush was wonderful. Jack draws the shades and locks the office door as they celebrate with a kiss and end up on the office floor.

At the Dorm

Shawn goes to Belle’s room and hesitates before entering, remembering their talk after he was arrested. When there is no answer he goes in. It is dark and thinking Belle is sleeping he goes to the bed and kisses her to wake her up…To his surprise it is Mimi in bed and not Belle. Mimi can’t believe it is really Shawn, seeing as how he is supposed to be in jail. He assures her that it is really him. She tells him that she is in Belle’s room because she has a nasty cold and her coughing was keeping her brother awake. She tells him in true Mimi fashion that her defenses were down because she was so worried about him, especially with Belle gone. Mimi continues to chatter about everything and nothing and finally hugs him. Shawn tells Mimi that Belle is actually back in Salem already. Mimi is confuses and again asks him why he is not in jail. Shawn informs her that it is a long story. She starts to babble in circles again, making Shawn laugh because he has no idea what she is talking about. He thanks her for making him laugh, saying he hasn’t done so in a very long time. They hug again, with Mimi holding her breath so as not to infect him with her cold germs.

At Bo and Hope’s House

Bo and Hope arrive home, where they meet Gus one of the workers who are doing repairs to the house. They decide to go outside for a while and Bo tries to get Hope to leave but she decides she doesn’t want to go yet. He asks Hope to tell him about what happened so that they can work it out together. Bo tries to tell her that talking about it will help, but she tries to convince him that she needs to do this on her own. Bo disagrees saying they will work together to overcome her fears. They go back into the house just as the workers are leaving and Gus promises that they will return bright and early the next day to continue with the repairs. Hope tells Bo they need to grab some cloths and go back to the pub but Bo thinks they should stay at the house. Hope doesn’t want to stay there as Bo tries to convince her that she will be safe. He finally gets her to agree to stay as they head upstairs with Bo promising Hope a night to remember.

Back at the DiMera Mansion

Cassie finally goes to Marlena calling her mom. Everyone watches the two of them embracing as Belle runs out of the house.

Meanwhile at the Dorm, Mimi remarks that everything that has happened proves how unpredictable life can be. She suddenly realizes she has see through PJs on and wraps herself in a blanket. She chastises Shawn for not saying anything, and comments he probably didn’t notice since he is thinking about Belle. Remembering Belle, she can’t believe she has been chewing Shawn’s ear off when he came there looking for Belle in the first place. Her phone rings and after finding it under the pillow she answers it; it is Belle. Mimi explains to Belle that she is in her room with an awful cold, not mentioning that Shawn is there with her. Belle tells Mimi that she is out trying to clear her head. Mimi tries to get Belle to come to the dorm but Belle refuses, saying she is going to go for a walk on the pier. She asks Mimi to join her but Mimi declines saying she is not feeling well and better get back in bed. Mimi quickly hangs up the phone and informs Shawn of Belle’s whereabouts. She starts to chatter again but this time Shawn interrupts her saying he has to go find Belle. He wishes her to get better, and after he leaves Mimi says she is definitely already feeling much better.

Later at the DiMera Mansion

John and Brady go outside and Brady convinces John to give Belle some time to sort through her feelings. Reluctantly, John agrees. John asks Brady how he is doing and Brady assures him he is ok. Brady tells John he is impressed with how he is handling the whole situation. They agree that the biggest question now is Tony and what his plans are.

Inside, Marlena tells the twins they have a lot of catching up to do as Tony vows to always take care of them. He tells them they are a family as he looks at Marlena. Marlena grows very serious/concerned when her eyes lock with Tony’s….

On Wednesday

*Belle and Shawn reunite while Cassie watches from the shadows.

*A shirtless Rex finds Mimi in Belle’s room.

*Chloe and Brady make love.


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