Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/3/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Norman

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Today: The twins learn their true parentage...Belle and Brady learn of their expanding family...Shawn is released...Larry confesses to Abe...Victor orders Nicole around some more...Chloe visits Nancy...Kate continues to comfort Roman whilst he is still hated by Bo.

Cast: Belle, Brady, Tony, Marlena, John, Rex, Cassie, Victor, Nicole, Roman, Abe, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Lisa, Kate, Chloe, Nancy, Craig.

At the penthouse

John and Marlena arrive home. She asks him how he feels about her being the mother of the twins, and Tony being the father. They talk about, and agree, how he kept his promise to be supportive of her being the mother   John is sure that Tony will start worming his way into her life. He's also sure that Tony's plan from day one was to steal her away from him. Marlena states that if Tony is obsessed with her, then it is his problem, not theirs. John calls her naive. She tells him that she is obsessed with him, not Tony. John decides to go upstairs and make some calls, while Marlena checks in with Belle. Before John goes upstairs, he tells Marlena never to doubt his love.

At the police station

In Larry's cell, Abe tells Larry that if he wants to get something off his chest, he needs an attorney present; but Larry does him a "favor" and waives his rights. Abe goes to leave, but Larry asks him to stick around. He wouldn't want to miss out on Larry Welch's big confession. A woman arrives to take down the statement, and Abe asks Larry what he is confessing to. Larry says that Shawn didn't kill Colin, he did. Abe asks how it went down, and Larry explains that he hired Colin to take out Bo on the night of the Kiriakis wedding. He rented himself a tux, and went to the party to make sure Colin did everything right. When he got there, he found Colin trying to sneak away, so he stopped him. They argued and Larry got hold of the gun. They struggled, and he shot Colin in the abdomen. Abe agrees to cut him a deal if Carson Palmer agrees with it. Abe then leaves to get the D.A.

Belle arrives to see Shawn, but the guard won't let her in. She leaves Shawn a note and goes. The guard goes in and hands him the note. Shawn reads it. "Dear Shawn. I have a lot of things I want to say to you, but none of them are more important than this -- I love you." Later, the guard tells Shawn that Commander Carver wants him to hold him there for awhile.

At the hospital

Chloe and Brady discuss labor as they hear Nancy's screams. Brady says that the labor could take days, and Chloe says that they are never having babies. He figures out that she was fantasizing about their future together. Suddenly, Nancy cries out again. Craig arrives, and Chloe asks how Nancy is doing. He tells her to go see for herself, so she goes in. They joke around about the big first contraction, as Nancy had to take medication for that one. Chloe mentions she and Brady talking about babies, which leads to Nancy asking if they are getting serious. Chloe tells Nancy that she loves Brady, but they are not in any rush. Nancy has another contraction. Back outside, Craig and Brady discuss Chloe's transplant and how they will have to put her into surgery immediately, so she can be out by the time Nancy has the baby. Craig returns to Nancy. Belle arrives, and tells Brady that she got all of his messages. He comforts her while they talk about Nancy being in labor, Chloe getting her transplant, and Shawn being in jail. Belle blames herself, but says that she loves Shawn. A woman comes over and tells them that Dr. Marlena wants them to meet her at the DiMera mansion. Chloe comes out and invites them for lattes, but they have to leave for the mansion. Later, Craig tells Chloe that they have to take her in for her

At the Brady Pub

Bo and Hope talk, as she wonders who fell asleep faster, Shawn, Sr. or Zack. They are thankful for Belle, because she got Shawn to plead not guilty. Bo vows to find the real murderer. Outside, Roman and Kate arrive, and she tries to convince him to go in. Nicole arrives, and tells Roman that she is ready to come clean. Nicole won't say anything in front of Kate, so she goes inside. Nicole starts to confess, but Victor arrives and tells her to shut up. Roman asks what's going on.  Victor makes up some lame excuse about Nicole not paying her parking tickets, and how she was worried. Roman doesn't buy it, but tells them to tell it to the DMV and heads inside. Victor asks her if she wants to buy herself a one-way ticket to Statesville. He says that someone is taking the rap for her lover's death, and shows her a gun. They head off to bury the gun.

Back inside, Kate talks to Bo and Hope, and says that she is happy Shawn pleaded not guilty. Bo tells her that she better not hide anything from Roman, or he'll throw the book at her. She walks away. Bo wonders what makes him angrier - Shawn being in prison, or the fact that his brother put him there. When Roman walks in, Bo comments on him not belonging there. Kate suggests he go over and talk to them, so he does. Roman asks to talk to Bo, but Bo tells him to go to hell. Roman's phone rings and it's Abe, asking him to meet him at the station. Roman tells Bo and Hope, so they all leave. Later, Lisa, the waitress, offers to get Kate another drink. Kate ends up rambling on about Nicole.

Back at the police station

In Abe's office, Bo, Hope, and Roman arrive. Bo spars with Roman. Abe arrives, and breaks the news to them about Larry Welch confessing. Abe tells them that Welch's story fits. The Brady's, except for Roman, are happy. Roman thinks that they don't have enough evidence, but has a way to get more. He leaves with Abe. Bo wonders what he is up to. Shawn is brought in, and wonders why they are there, as the D.A. doesn't allow visitors. Hope tells him about Larry confessing, and they all wonder why he did it. Bo tells Shawn that he may have shot at Colin, but he missed. He also explains that Larry hired Colin to kill him (Bo), but went to the party and ended up killing Colin instead. He tells Shawn that he can leave very soon.

Back at Larry's cell, Roman and Abe arrive to question Larry some more. Roman asks where the gun is, and Larry says that it is buried on the Kiriakis estate, under an old oak tree. He knew they wouldn't find it and now the whole PD is going to look like a screw up.

Later, on the Kiriakis estate, Victor has Nicole bury the gun, and she follows his orders. Later, Roman and Abe arrive, and find the gun right where Larry said it would be. Victor says that he not only saved Shawn's life, but he saved her supple ass as well.

Back at the police station, Shawn says that he didn't want to disappoint them, and Bo says that he didn't disappoint him. Shawn, Bo, and Hope hug.

At the DiMera Mansion

Tony welcomes home Rex and Cassie, as she, still upset, explains that Shawn confessed to Colin Murphy's murder. Tony is sure that Shawn didn't kill Colin as they were family, but Cassie says that he confessed to his uncle. Tony and Rex try to comfort Cassie, but she ends up running off. Rex asks about his trip, but the talk returns to Shawn. Rex says that anyone is capable of anything. Tony talks about Stefano's truth and honesty, and Rex states that he thought Stefano was a bad man. Tony says that he was good and bad, everyone has a different side to them. Cassie returns, and then John and Marlena arrive. Marlena asks for their forgiveness, saying that everything has changed. She says that she began remembering things, and when Cassie asks what, Marlena says that she remembered giving birth to them. Marlena says that she is their mother, and Tony says that he is their father. We then see Brady and Belle arriving in the foyer as the previews roll...


*Brady hugs Rex, and welcomes him to the family.

*Cassie hugs Marlena, and calls her mom.

*Belle rushes off in tears, as Brady chases her.

*Tony promises to always take care of them, as we see a shot of Marlena's worried face.

The End.

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