Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/28/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/28/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At Sami’s Apartment

Nicole shows up looking for Brandon and a smug Sami informs her that she and Brandon have moved in together. Nicole is furious and starts to tear into Sami for manipulating her brother but Brandon intervenes.  Nicole tells Brandon that moving in with Sami is his worst idea yet as Lucas approaches agreeing with Nicole.  Lucas tells Sami that Will is at an impressionable age and before Sami can respond Brandon urges her to talk to Lucas while he speaks to Nicole outside. Lucas begins to chastise Sami for not asking Will about his feelings toward Brandon moving in and tells her that she is too obsessive and that that is why she cannot have a normal relationship.  He reminds her that he has a 50% say in what happens in Will’s life as Sami worries that he is going to try to take Will away from her.  Meanwhile in the hallway, Nicole accuses Brandon of wasting the best years of his life with someone who manipulates people and Brandon turns the tables on her asking if she might not be talking about herself instead of him and Sami. Back inside, Lucas reminds Sami that if he were to sue for custody, Will is now old enough to decide who he would want to live with and calls Sami out when he tells her that she is afraid Will would chose his father over her. Lucas tells her that whether she likes it or not he is Will’s father and Sami spits back at him that she hates the fact that he is Will’s father and that she hates him. Lucas proceeds to lay down some ground rules starting with the fact that Will will never call Brandon dad.  He reminds Sami that Brandon is not Will’s father or stepfather for that matter and Sami tells Lucas that when she and Brandon marry he will be. Lucas asks her if she really believes that Brandon will marry her.  Outside in the hallway, Brandon asks Nicole what is going on with her and she tells him that she is as good as dead.  He doesn’t understand what is wrong and asks her what Victor did to her. She tries to play it off by saying that she and Victor just had a fight and that is why she ended up at the Cheatin’ Heart and that made Victor even madder.  Nicole tells Brandon that Victor ordered her never to go there again and tells him that she was just feeling trapped.  She explains that Victor Kiriakis’s wife should not be boozing and flirting with bartenders and says that Victor has a point.  She tells Brandon that it is time for her to grow up since she is now a married woman.  Later back inside the apartment, Lucas and Sami are still fighting over Brandon as Sami begins chucking toys at Lucas.  She finally kicks him out but before he leaves he tells her that Brandon will never marry her.  In the hallway she asks Brandon to come back inside and Nicole decides it is time for her to go anyways. Once inside she asks Brandon to never leave her alone with Lucas again as he comments about Nicole being in a bad place right now.  Sami suggests they both forget about them and focus on each other. She tells Brandon that Will needs a normal home life and she suggests that they make things official.    Brandon tells Sami that he loves her but would rather take things slow and get used to the idea of living together first.  Sami hides her disappointment by teasing with him, saying if he doesn’t put the cap back on the tooth paste she may have to rethink their living arrangements.  Meanwhile, Nicole and Lucas meet up at the elevators and exchange words. Lucas comments that Nicole is married now and should be on top of the world right now. He notices that she isn’t and tells her that if there is anything he can do to let him know. He is confused when Nicole asks for some change. Lucas hands her a penny saying that is all she is worth. Nicole mutters to herself, “heads I stay, tails I run”.  Lucas tells her it is to late, the wedding is over as Nicole flips the coin and it lands on heads.  She looks at Lucas and tells him that it looks as if she is turning herself in and gets in the elevator leaving Lucas behind.

At the Jail

Victor visits with Larry in his cell. Victor informs Larry that he wants him to help solve Colin’s murder. Larry is amused over Shawn “killing” Colin.  He muses about Shawn taking over the spotlight in the newspapers and Victor assures him that he will arrange for him to be back on the front page.  He shows Larry the “Bo bullet” and tells Larry that he knows he wanted Bo dead and asks him what went wrong.  Larry admits that the only thing that went wrong is that Colin screwed up and got himself killed in the process. Victor comments on the impressive list of charges pending against Larry and says to him that there is one missing that he wants to help him with.  Larry says he feels like Dejavu’ coming on and figures Victor wants him to admit to a crime he did not commit, just like last time.  Victor admits that Larry is right and gives him three guesses saying he should only need one.  Larry realizes he wants him to confess to Colin’s murder and says that he will not do it.  Victor tells him that if he does not confess he is a dead man and reminds him that he can do that even if Larry is in prison.

In Abe’s Office

Lexie brings Abe food and he brings her up to speed on Shawn’s case. Lexie gets weepy for all the Brady’s are going through.  Abe tries to console her by bringing her some tea and giving her his lunch saying she and the baby need it more.  She slips and brings up her false alarm. She reassures a worried Abe that she went to go see Dr. Bader and that all is well.  Abe makes her promise to tell him should it happen again.  Abe realizes that he needs to get to the courthouse for Shawn’s arraignment and Lexie prepares to leave as an officer comes in to speak to Abe. After Lexie departs, the officer informs Abe that Victor is currently visiting Larry in his cell.

Later back at Larry’s cell Victor asks Larry if he is straight on the details and Larry affirms that he is as Abe comes up. He asks Victor why he is there visiting with Larry and Victor tells him he wanted to see the man who almost killed his son’s wife.  Victor tells Abe that he hopes Larry will pay for his crimes and Abe assures him that Larry will pay heavily for what he did to the Brady’s.  Victor leaves and as Abe prepares to depart, Larry calls him back saying there is something he needs to get off his chest, as Victor watches from a distance.

At the Courthouse

Both Shawn, Sr. and Carolyn berate Roman for arresting Shawn. Meanwhile Cassie wonders of a way to talk to Shawn but Belle tells her that Shawn does not need her anymore.  Outside, Bo and Hope beg Shawn to plead not guilty.  Bo tells Shawn that he has a citizen right to plead not guilty and all eyes are on Shawn as he is lead into the courtroom. The judge reads the charges and asks for Shawn’s plea.  Shawn has another flashback and decides to stick to his plea and Mickey informs the judge that Shawn is pleading guilty, as Belle cries out, “NO”.  She pleads with Shawn to tell the judge that he is innocent because she knows he did not do it.  She apologizes for being angry and running out before and tells him she believes in him and that they belong together.  The judge warns Belle that she will be removed from the courtroom but she continues to beg Shawn to change his plea and the judge orders the bailiff to remove Belle from the court room.  Jen and Carolyn leave to check on Belle.  The judge again asks Shawn to confirm the guilty plea and after looking at his parents stands and tells the judge he is changing his plea to not guilty. Rex decides to go tell Belle the good news and drags a reluctant Cassie with him.  Belle is really upset as Jennifer and Carolyn try to comfort her. Rex comes out and tells Bell that Shawn changed his plea to not guilty, and tells her it is all because of her, while the judge asks for bail arguments. The DA obviously asks for no bail as Bo stands up saying that they can not keep his son in jail.  Back outside, Belle urges Jennifer and Carolyn to go back inside, saying Shawn needs them.  Rex tells Belle that she was very brave for standing up in court like that, but she tells him it wasn’t bravery, she was scared. She tells Rex and Cassie that Shawn can not be convicted and Cassie jumps in saying that won’t happen.  Belle tells Cassie that she was wrong earlier and that Shawn will need her when he goes to trial.  She tells Cassie that she will have to be very careful not to say anything incriminating if she has to testify.  Cassie tells Belle that she wants to keep Shawn out of prison as much as she does.

Meanwhile back inside the courtroom, the judge reprimands Bo for his outburst and he sits back down at Hope’s urging.  The DA brings up Shawn’s recent drug overdose and Mickey tries to counter what the DA has said, but the judge ends up denying bail.  Shawn is remanded to custody per the judge until his preliminary hearing in 30 days.  Mickey promises to come see Shawn just as soon as he is allowed and the DA announces that the only visitor Shawn will be allowed to have will be his lawyer and no one else.  An angry Bo tries to follow the DA out of the courtroom but is stopped by Roman.  The two argue and Bo finally tells Roman about Shawn’s story and how it does not corroborate with the evidence.  Bo blames Roman for jumping the gun and for Shawn being in this predicament in the first place.  Roman reminds Bo that he heard Shawn confess and asks if he would have had him treat Shawn differently just because he is family and Bo says yes.  Hope interferes.  She faces Roman saying that although she does not agree with how he handled Shawn they will accept any help he can offer.  Belle rushes back into the court room and tells Shawn that everything will be ok now that he is willing to fight and reminds him that she loves him.  Bo assures Shawn that he will find the real killer and Shawn tells them all he loves them. He asks Bo and Hope to look after Belle for him as he is hauled off…

On Monday:

*Murder mystery is solved.

*Bo tells Roman to go to hell.

*Marlena and Tony tell the twins they are their parents.

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