Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/27/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/27/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Colin's real murderer confesses to Victor while the Brady's plead with Shawn...Belle has it out with Cassie...Kate comforts Roman...Jack and Jen print an article on Shawn.

Cast: Shawn, Bo, Hope, Cop, Abe, Carson Palmer, Mickey, Jack, Jen, Belle, Victor, Nicole, Woman cop, Henderson, Roman, Kate, Shawn, Sr., Caroline, Zack, Rex, Cassie, Harold.

At the Brady Pub

Hope is there and holding Zack while Shawn Sr. and Caroline watch. They take Zack up for a nap after Jen arrives. Hope begins to yell at Jen for writing a murder story on Shawn, but Jen says that her and Jack were just reporting the facts. Jen and Hope talk about what a great kid Shawn is and how they don't believe he killed Colin. They talk about Jack and Hope asks if they are getting back together. Jen says yes and Hope is happy for them. Hope tells Jen that she is going to find out what the explanation is for Shawn confessing. She is convinced that Shawn is covering for someone as the phone rings. It is Bo and he asks her to come down to the station. Hope leaves after saying good-bye to Jen.

At Tuscany

Roman is sitting down as Kate walks in. He asks her what the hell she is doing there and she tells him not to ask her that. Kate tells him that she searched everywhere for him and his parents finally told her where he was. He tells her about the family being mad at him and she asks if he is going to Shawn's arraignment. He says no. They talk about the D.A. being after the Brady's and Bo will be in a lot of trouble if he covers up anything. Later, we find them playing pool and Kate is happy about finally shooting one in the hole. Roman remembers when Shawn, Sr. was sick when they were younger and how he was a father figure to Bo, Kayla, and Kimberly and even back then, Bo didn't play by the book. He has a flashback to Bo yelling at him for arresting Shawn and he isn't sure Bo will forgive him. Kate is shocked when Roman reveals that he would even arrest Sami if he had too. He can't have one set of rules for the world and another for his family. Kate asks if there is any hope for them and Roman says there could be. Finally, Kate convinces him to go to the arraignment.

At the police station

Jack is laying into Abe for arresting Shawn, but he tells him that he had no choice. Shawn confessed and Roman arrested him. Jack reminds Abe about Shawn's heroic efforts to save Hope and Belle, but Abe doesn't give a comment. Carson walks in and says that he would like to make a statement. "Shawn-douglas brady has confessed to murder, and we intend to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law." Carson explains that if they hadn't spent so much time tracking Larry Welch down, then Shawn would have been arrested sooner. He says that if he finds out that Bo was covering for Shawn, then father and son will have adjoining cells.

In the visiting room, a guard uncuffs Shawn so that he can visit with Belle. Shawn and Belle talk and Shawn reveals that Cassie also knew the truth. Belle leaves, upset.

Outside, Cassie and Rex arrive and the guard stops them from going in. Belle comes rushing out and lashes out at Cassie for making Shawn keep the truth from her. Cassie tells "honey" not to yell in her face and Belle tells her that this isn't her yelling. Belle calls her a manipulative liar while Cassie defends herself, saying she helped Shawn. The guard kicks the kids out and as they leave, Belle tells Cassie that she is onto her. Later, Belle tells Cassie that if anything happens to Shawn, it is her fault. Cassie complains to Rex, but he just tries to calm her down. Belle leaves for Shawn's arraignment and Cassie follows her.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor is taunting Nicole about the murder, asking her if she didn't eat her breakfast because she is a murderer. Henderson brings in the newspaper and Victor asks him to get Bo on the phone. Henderson tells him that Bo is outside. Victor goes outside and asks Bo what he is doing. Bo tells him that Shawn isn't a murderer and Vic says he knows. Bo says that he knows there was another gunman and that is who shot Colin Murphy. Bo asks Victor to stand where Shawn said he shot Colin. Suddenly, Bo remembers the arraignment and leaves while Victor spots Nicole watching and asks her why she is heading inside so quickly. They go back inside and he asks her to tell him what happened that night...step by step. Nicole has a flashback of seeing Colin get up off the ground and she grabs the gun. Colin orders her to give it back. She tells him to stay away, but he orders the bitch to give back the gun. Colin calls her a slut and lauches for the gun and they struggle, but she shoots him. He falls to the ground. Victor orders Nicole to go get the gun right now. When she brings him the gun, he is surprised the police didn't find any shell casing, but she says she picked them up. She asks Victor what he is going to do. Victor found the BO shell and rushed off to the police station. Later, Nicole asks Henderson where Vic is and he says that he went to the pd. Nicole grows frightened.

At the arraignment

Jack and Jen arrive, followed by Harold. Mickey is also there. Soon, Belle, Rex, and Cassie arrive and he tells her that they shouldn't be there. Roman and Kate come in, but he doesn't get welcoming looks from Shawn, Sr. and Caroline. Back inside, Jack explains that Carson is out to get the Brady's.

Back at the police station

In the questioning room, Abe comes in and Shawn sends Mickey out. Bo arrives and asks where Mickey is. They ask him to repeat everything that happened that night. Shawn has another flashback of fighting with Colin and shooting him. Bo comes to the conclusion that Shawn couldn't have killed him as he was shot in the chest. Shawn says that he is guilty.

Later, Victor arrives and asks to visit with Larry Welch.

Back in the questioning room, Hope arrives and they plead with Shawn to plead not guilty. The guard comes in and tells him that it is time to leave. Bo grabs Shawn and begs him to plead not guilty as the previews roll...


*Lucas taunts Sami as she begins throwing things at her.

*Brandon questions Nicole and asks what Victor is doing to her.

*The judge asks how Shawn pleads and Mickey says "guilty." Belle goes crazy, begging for him to recant it.

The End.

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