Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/26/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Norman

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It is Morning in Salem…

At Brandon’s Apt.

Sami arrives at Brandon’s, and tells him they cannot move in together. She hands him back his key. She explains to a confused Brandon that Will was opposed to the move, and he had accused her of trying to keep him away from Lucas. She begs him to understand that she is torn, but Brandon walks off to the bedroom. She tells him through the door that they need to talk, but he emerges with a suitcase, telling her there is nothing to talk about. He explains that he is going home with her. She is happy and grateful, but reminds him that Lucas will be his neighbor. Brandon doesn’t care, and tells her he thinks Will is lucky to have both parents there for him. Later, as Sami and Brandon are packing his things, he begins to list her attributes - including her terrible cooking. He tells her that he loves her, and only her, and they agree that their love is forever. She questions him about the rest of his stuff, but he tells her that he will hire movers. They then prepare to leave. Brandon hesitates before closing the door, and she asks him if he is having second thoughts. He assures her that the only regret he has is not making love to her before they left. He teasingly asks her if she has a bed at her house. She nods, and they kiss as he closes the door

Green Mountain Lodge

Chloe daydreams about her night with Brady. She goes into the bathroom and looks in the mirror, only to find that she is having a nosebleed. Brady wakes and hears Chloe in the bathroom. He sees her holding a tissue to her nose. He calls to her from the room, and she assures him that she is alright. She comes out, saying she is hungry. They decide on pancakes and strawberries. Just as Brady is going to call room service Chloe picks up the Spectator, and tells him they have to return home immediately. Brady reads the headline about Shawn, and worries about Belle. Chloe wants to go see Shawn, but Brady admits that he knows about her nosebleed and wants her to see Craig first. She tells Brady that, because of him, she is not afraid . Later, Brady gets concerned when there is no answer or voice mail at Belle’s place in Paris. Chloe reminds him that she is probably in class. Brady tells Chloe that the temperature and altitude probably caused her nosebleed ,and that she will get her miracle. She tells Brady all the reasons that she has to live, but neglects to mention him. Brady asks her about it, and she tells him that he is not a reason for her life to go on…he is her life. After they arrive home Chloe notices that Nancy’s maternity bag is missing. She is about to call the hospital when her phone rings. Brady answers it, and it is Craig telling them that Nancy is in labor. Chloe tells him to give Nancy her love, and to let her know that they are on the way.

At the Compound

John is clearly upset, and he tells Marlena they can talk when he returns from jogging. She comments that what she remembered last night will cause problems for everyone. She firmly believes that she is the twins’ mother, and wonders how they will deal with it. John tells her he is going to start by putting in five miles, and leaves. After he is gone, Marlena goes to visit Tony and tells him they need to talk. Tony wonders how they will parent the twins, without causing problems with John. He wonders if they will bond over this, and Marlena agrees that they will. She talks about being separated from them, and about how she and Roman are able to parent Sami and Eric without any problems. She tells Tony that if they are the parents, they will have to overcome their differences for the children’s sake. He questions if she is still having doubts about being the mother, but she denies it. She tells him she only has doubts about him being the father.

Meanwhile at the DiMera Mansion

Cassie comes home, asking why Rex won’t answer his cell phone. She tells him everyone at the dorm was questioning her about Shawn, and he admits that is why he left in the first place. She confides that she went to the police station to see Shawn, but they would not let her see him. They argue about her feelings for Shawn, and about who they can and can’t trust. Rex rants that nothing is the way they thought it would be, and that everyone they know is only out for themselves. Later, Cassie asks him what he is doing looking up legal research on the computer, and he informs her that he is trying to find ways to help Shawn. He mentions how DNA testing has set many people on Death Row free, and also how money can hire you a better attorney. Cassie jumps on the bandwagon to help Shawn, and even offers Tony’s money to hire Shawn a lawyer. They begin to wonder if it is possible that Tony may also be lying to him, and that he truly is a criminal. Rex decides that he wants to search the mansion. Cassie warns him to be careful.

Back at the Compound

John returns from his run to find Marlena not in their room. He goes off in search of her. Meanwhile, Marlena explains that the blood marker Tony and Cassie share is not conclusive evidence that Tony is the father of the twins. Tony reminds her that the twins’ DNA cannot be tested, and she comments that Stefano probably kept documents about the twins somewhere; they just have to find it. Tony comes up with an idea, grabs his palm pilot and contacts Rolf. He shows her Rolf, and Marlena recognizes him. John comes in, demanding to know what she is doing in Tony’s bedroom. Marlena shows him Rolf on the palm pilot, and tells him that he is the doctor who was there when she gave birth to the twins. Tony tries to get Rolf to tell him what he knows, but Rolf refuses. Tony admits to him that he is at the DiMera compound and that Marlena and John are with him. He also tells him that Marlena remembers giving birth to Cassie and Rex. Rolf finally admits to taking a sample of Tony’s sperm, but before he can finish John grabs the palm pilot and Rolf disconnects. Tony asks them if they are satisfied now.

Back at the DiMansion

Cassie and Rex walk into the lab, just as Rolf dons his wig. They question him about why he is there. He tells them that he is working on a project for the University for Tony. They ask him what all the equipment is for, but he does not tell them and leaves. Rex boots up the systems and realizes the extent of the security. He begins to try to crack the code, but finally gets frustrated when he can’t figure out how to crack it. They both agree not to tell Tony that they found the room and the equipment.


Meanwhile on the Compound

Marlena tells Tony she accepts him as the father. Tony stresses that he wants nothing more to do with Rolf, but when John says there are ways to make him talk, John says that he will handle it. Marlena decides that no matter what, they have to think of the twins now. She is worried that after their last meeting they will not speak to her again. Tony assures her that they will. Marlena asks to speak to John alone, and Tony leaves the room. John assures Marlena that he is not mad at her, just the situation. He tells her that he is not going to fight her on the twins. He tells her that his love for her is stronger than his hatred for Tony and his distrust toward the twins, and he will stand by her. Tony is not pleased as he listens from outside. He comes back in and tells John that he respects John’s position as Marlena’s husband, and hopes that John can do the same with his position as the twins’ father. John declared that he will support his wife no matter what. Tony tells them that he hopes to be a good father to the twins. John announces they are going back to Salem, and Tony asks if they can give the news to the twins together. Marlena agrees, and she and John leave. Tony is elated, and comments that this is only the beginning.

A look ahead:

*Belle confronts Cassie.

*Nicole is informed that Victor is on his way to the police station. She  worries that he is going to turn her in.

*The DA announces that they will prosecute Shawn to the fullest extent of the law.

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