Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/25/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Kiriakis Mansion

Victor tells a semi drunken Nicole that she is his possession as she pours herself another drink. He tells her that she needs to go to bed but Nicole refuses, telling him she won’t be able to sleep until the memory of his hands touching her is wiped from her mind. She tries for another drink but Victor swipes the bottles to the floor with his arm. She tells him that Ricardo, her driver, will take her elsewhere and leaves. Nico enters and Victor tells him to follow her. Later, at the Cheatin’ Heart, Nicole is told that the bar is closed. After trying to offer her watch and earrings for a drink, the bartender, Art, informs her it is against the law to sell alcohol at this time of night. Nicole is not discouraged as she pulls the strap of her dress low on her shoulder and tells him he doesn’t have to sell it to her; he can just give it to her.

At Brandon’s Apartment

Sami dreams of Brandon kicking her out of bed because Lexie is carrying his child and belongs there with him instead. Lexie taunts her saying it’s a long way down as Sami cries out from the floor. In reality, Brandon wakes Sami from her dream, but she claims not to remember what it was about. Brandon wonders if Sami is afraid that he will start leaving the toilet seat up or leaving beer cans laying around, but Sami explains that she doesn’t want to cramp his style. She asks him if he is ready to live with a nine year old. Brandon assures her that he loves kids and that Will will not be a problem. They are interrupted by a call from Nicole. She breaks down telling him the best thing she ever did was marry Victor. He asks her where she is and she tells him that she is with her friend, Art, but doesn’t remember where. Brandon talks to Art, and he informs Brandon that they are at the Cheatin’ Heart. Brandon asks Art to keep Nicole there, he is on his way. Sami understands saying she better get home so that she can see Will before school and tell him about their upcoming move.

At the Carver House

Abe and Lexie are sleeping when the phone rings. Lexie wakes when she hears Abe talking and after he hangs up he tells her about Shawn being arrested. Abe and Lexie worry about what this will do to the Brady family and if they will ever get a second chance at happiness like they have. After Abe leaves, Lexie has contractions and calls Dr. Bader. The two agree to meet at the hospital, just in case.

At the Police Station

Hope refuses to go to the hospital, saying she is not leaving her son. Belle comes in and asks Shawn if this is why he has been pushing her away. He doesn’t say anything as Roman leads him off to booking. Hope tells Bo to tell everyone that she killed Colin, but Bo tells her that none of them killed Colin. He calls Mickey. Belle asks Roman to go see Shawn, while we see Shawn being fingerprinted and having his mug shot taken.

Meanwhile, Abe wants to know the details saying Roman would not arrest Shawn without cause, and Bo rants about not expecting any support from the department. Abe reminds him that they take care of their own (short of breaking the law) and that they are on his side.

At the same time, Roman gives Belle a few minutes with Shawn. Belle tells Shawn that nothing has changed – they still love each other. He tells her this is what he was trying to avoid by pushing her away. He tells her she deserves someone better. Belle figures out that he was pushing her away because he loves her and he agrees telling her that her life is more important to him than his own. Belle tells Shawn that she will not let anything come between them ever again, but he tells her to let go because this is forever as the guard takes him away.

Meanwhile, Bo tells Abe he never got the opportunity to question Shawn about a motive as Roman comes in and informs them that Larry has been booked as well. Bo comments that his son is doing time with Larry, but Shawn is the one charged with a capital offense. Roman apologizes and reminds Bo of the evidence against Shawn, including the tuxedo stud. This apparently is news to Abe, because he blasts them both for withholding evidence, reminding them if the DA finds out they could loose their badges. Hope breaks in saying she doesn’t care about badges…her son is in jail. Belle comes back in telling them that Shawn thinks he is going to prison forever. Hope begs Abe to go see Shawn and he agrees. After she is gone, Roman tries to apologize to Bo but Bo tells him that he will never forgive him for choosing his job over his family.

Meanwhile, Hope begs Shawn to open up to her and tell her what happened. Shawn tells her that he is not covering for anyone and that he did this for Bo.

Back in Abe’s office, Abe and Roman question Belle but she accuses Roman of already having his mind made up about Shawn. Hope rushes in telling Bo she must speak to him and is followed by Mickey who says he would like to speak to his client – with his father present.

Later at the Cheatin’ Heart

Brandon comes in on Nicole and Art playing paper-rock-scissors. He asks her what is up but she tells him that all is well. Brandon tells Nicole that she should go home but she tells him that she does not want to go. Nico comes in saying that Ricardo got called away and he is there to take her home. Brandon tells Nicole that she does not have to go with Nico; she can come home with him instead. Nicole decides she had better go home with Nico and leaves.

At the Hospital

Lexie almost collapses after an attack of contractions but Sami catches her. Sami calls Deb but Lexie assures them that she is just having Braxton Hicks contractions and is here to meet with Dr. Bader. After Lexie walks off, Deb asks Sami if she is alright, seeing as how she is five hours early for her shift. Sami informs her that the voice mail system is not working and she needs the next day off. Deb asks her how many vacation days she has, but Sami tells her that she is taking a personal day to move. Lexie overhears this and when she questions Sami, Sami happily tells her that she is moving in with Brandon.

Later, Lexie is relieved to know that it was only false labor and comments about how Abe refused a fertility test saying that obviously he did not need one after all, as Sami listens from the reception area. Eugenia confronts Sami and tells her that they are backing up all the files in the lab. She informs Sami that she knows what she did with Lexie’s paternity test results and that Brandon is the father of Lexie’s baby.

Back at Brandon’s Apt.

Brandon gets home and calls Sami. He gets her machine and thinking she is asleep, leaves a message telling her that he loves and misses her. He reassures her that he will never hurt Will, and that he will never treat him the way his own father treated him when he was a kid.

Back at the Police Department

Mickey tells Shawn that he has to tell him everything so they can build a defense. Shawn agrees to tell Mickey and Bo everything. He tells Bo that Colin was going to kill him. He recounts looking for Hope and over hearing Colin talk about shooting Bo. He tells them he knew what he was doing, seeing as he shot Colin in the back. Bo announces that Shawn did not do it and claims that he will prove it.

Meanwhile, Abe tells Roman he understands what he is going through. He tells him that he hopes Bo will forgive him, but Roman tells Abe that he does not think Bo will ever forgive him.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole is mad that Victor had her brought back to the house via Nico. But Victor tells her that she is his body and soul either here or in prison, considering he has irrefutable proof that she killed Colin…

Wednesday’s Show

*Chloe has another nosebleed.

*Cassie and Rex plan to search the mansion.

*John finds Marlena in Tony’s bedroom.

*Sami tells Brandon she is torn.

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