Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/24/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/24/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita
proofread by Norman

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Today: A shocking turn for the worst as Roman struggles with his ties between family and work. Bo chases Larry. Lots of action going on at the Brady's as Shawn rescues the two most important women in his life. Chloe and Brady make love...Jack and Jen make love...Marlena remembers a birth.

Cast: Shawn, Roman, Belle, Bo, Hope, Ofc. Mark Perkins, Woman, Larry, Kate, Brady, Chloe, Jack, Jen, Marlena, John, Tony, Rolf's voice, Nurse.

At the hospital

Bo returns to Shawn and, as Roman listens, tells him to stay put while he checks on Hope. As Bo walks out he tells Roman to leave Shawn alone.  Roman returns to Kate, who questions him. Finally, he tells her that Shawn confessed to killing Colin. Kate asks Roman what he is going to do, but he says he doesn't know. Back in Shawn's room, a nurse is checking on him. He demands to be let go, but she tells him that he is stuck there. Shawn then tries to get up, but can't. Back outside, Roman talks about how hard it is; he loves his brother, and has been taking him to ball games since he was little. Now he has to choose work over family. Kate says she would hate to be in his shoes. Roman says that he would like to cover up for Shawn, but he can't. He has to treat him like any other suspect. Kate tells him that he can't be involved with a woman who has a sordid past like hers. She suggests they walk away from each other. Later, Roman goes to question Shawn and discovers him missing. Next, we find Roman calling the officers to put an APB out on Shawn D. Brady. He hangs up as the nurse receives a call. She hands the phone to Roman, and he learns of the domestic dispute over at the Brady's. He rushes off with Kate.

At the DiMera Compound

John and Tony follow Marlena into a room, where she keeps saying that she has been in this room. She keeps saying "Yes, yes, yes." as John questions her. Tony suggests that he has everything under control, but John doesn't like the sound of that. Tony talks about how Marlena is bombarded with memories. He explains that he has to build bits and pieces that she doesn't remember about in her memories, because Marlena says that she will do anything. Tony tells her to lie on the bed, so she does, and says that she remembers something. She begins crying out in pain as John questions her. She remembers Rolf telling her that it will be over soon. Marlena pushes and pushes, until Rolf pulls a baby out of her and says that it is a boy. Back in real time, Marlena says "My son." Next, she remembers giving birth to her baby girl, Cassie. Again, back in real time, she says that she gave birth to the twins here. Tony grabs Marlena's hands and says "You gave birth to the twins here, our babies, yours and mine."

At the Deveraux's

Jack is in his room looking at a picture, as Jen comes in wearing her night gown. They stare into each others eyes, without saying one word. Jack tells her that she is beautiful. Jen is feeling a bit nervous. She has been imagining this as perfect, and tells Jack that she just wants it to be perfect. He unties her night gown as she takes off his shirt, and they begin kissing. Later, they are in the afterglow as they look at the old wedding album. Jack is surprised she kept it after all these years. They talk about the pictures and where Jen kept the book. Jack says that they are going to have a happy ending. Jen says that she is deeply and madly in love with him. They talk about how amazing their wedding night was, and they joke about the pictures. Jack goes and gets Jen's old wedding ring, that she mailed to him after they got divorced. He says "with this ring..." and slips it on her finger.

At Green Mountain Lodge

Brady and Chloe return. He tells her that he is going to check a few things off her "to-do" list. Later, we find Brady and Chloe outside in their robes; she comments on "freezing her butt off." As he disrobes, Brady tells her that he is giving her the ultimate spine-tingling shiver.  She stares at a naked Brady, who is climbing into the hot tub. Next, Chloe takes off her robe, and he tells her that she is beautiful. Brady then puts on his favorite singer and they begin to do a duet. Brady and Chloe return to their room and climb in bed. Later, when Chloe is sleeping, Brady prays to God not to take Chloe away from him.

At the Brady's

In the basement, Larry awakens and takes off. Back in the living room, Belle tries to yell for help, but is too weak. Hope is still out.

Outside, Larry hears the cops coming, so he hides in the bushes. Bo arrives and questions the guards. The woman mentions Belle arriving. Bo thanks them for keeping an eye on the house. Suddenly, he spots Larry go down the sewer. He grabs a flashlight and follows.

Down in the sewers, Larry rushes through a maze-like sewer, and is then chased by Bo into an alley.

Back outside, the cops are trying to get inside. However, the door is jammed and the windows are locked. Shawn rushes up and gives them the key, but the door still won't open. He keeps screaming for his mom as we see Belle groan "Shawn..."  Next, Shawn smashes the window and finds Hope and Belle unconscious. Belle mumbles something about carbon monoxide as Ofc. Perkins breaks down the door, and carries Hope out. Shawn carries Belle.

In an alley, Larry tries to jump a fence, but Bo catches him and they fight. Finally, Larry draws his gun and orders Bo to drop the flashlight. Bo does, but then kicks the gun out of his hand. Bo hits him and slams him against a fence, ordering him to say why he was at their house. Larry tells him about the carbon monoxide, and how Hope is dead. Bo drags him out, telling him that she'd better not be.

Back at the Brady's, Shawn is talking to Belle. She is getting oxygen, and she mentions Larry being there. Hope wakes up, and Shawn goes over to her. He holds both their hands. Later, Belle takes off her oxygen mask and tells Shawn why she is back in Salem, and how Rex came to the airport and stopped her. Shawn tells her that he will always love her. Bo drags Larry up, asking someone to get this "bastard Welch"' off his hands. Bo goes to Hope and they talk. Roman arrives, telling them to get Larry out of there. Larry tells them that it is not over. Shawn tells Belle that he will never leave her again, but Roman approaches and tells him that he can't keep that promise. Bo asks what he is doing as Roman begins reading him his rights. Bo asks him not to do this. Roman says "Shawn Brady, you're under arrest...for the murder of Colin Murphy," as Hope and Belle stare shocked. The previews roll.....


*Victor tells Nicole that she is his possession.

*Sami lies in bed next to Brandon , and says that this is the best she has ever felt. He says "Me too."

*Lexie is in bed, saying "This can't be labor."

*Shawn asks Belle to let go forever. (Flash to him being booked)  

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