Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/21/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/21/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Compound

Marlena and John return to the living room and complain to Tony about the noise in the tower room. He explains that they are people from another island doing some construction work to the mansion. John asks what type of changes and he explains that the changes will hopefully help Marlena uncover her memories. John however, announces that he has changed his mind about Marlena’s participation in Tony’s plan. Tony gets upset and talks to Marlena about how Stefano may have imprisoned her body but he could not capture her spirit. He tries to convince them that he is not like his father and that he has no intention of hurting Marlena. John is not taken in by Tony and they begin to argue. Marlena gets frustrated and takes off telling both men she just needs to be alone. After she leaves, John tells Tony they no longer need to be civil to one another. Tony reminds him that John has never been civil towards him. John notices the fencing poles on the wall and comments about how people used to fence to solve their conflicts as he takes the swords from the wall. He hands one to Tony and urges him to fence with him. Tony hesitates at first but eventually John convinces him and they begin to spar.

Meanwhile, Marlena is walking near the water when she hears a baby cry and goes off in search of it.

Inside, the fencing continues and John cuts Tony’s arm muttering “oops”. They continue to fence more intensely and Tony gets John’s arm as they hear Marlena scream no from outside. Both rush out the door to find her.

They find her pacing back and forth on the edge of the cliffs looking out in the water yelling, “No, don’t go”. She almost slips but John catches her and comforts her. They take her back inside and she tells them that someone was calling her to the ocean. She says she remembers someone leaving and it was breaking her heart. She gets upset because she can’t remember. Marlena tells John she has to go along with Tony’s plan and find out what happened to her while she was on the island. Tony comes back in and tells them that the workers are through. John tries to convince her to wait until morning but she tells him she wants to get the truth now. Reluctantly, John agrees.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

Nicole remembers her argument with Victor in which they each accused the other of Colin’s murder when Victor enters and roughly grabs her shoulder telling her she has been naughty and wants to know if she though she would actually get away with it. Nicole reminds Victor that he used to like naughty girls but he tells her only when it is on his terms. They have a verbal spar and Nicole tells Victor she isn’t in the mood for this. She tells him that if he has something to say to her he should do so or leave. Victor drops an envelope on the bed and tells her to open it saying it is a belated wedding gift. She read the letter inside and afterwards just looks at him. She puts the letter back in the envelope as Victor questions her about the truth of the contents. Nicole remains silent and Victor threatens to turn the information to the press and asks her one last time if the information is true or false. Nicole cries out that it is true. She grabs the letter again and tears them up throwing them in the trash. Victor taunts her saying that that was not the only copy. He reminds her of all the dirt he has on her in his safe including the tape of her and Colin. She asks him why he just doesn’t divorce her but he tells her that he would rather make her pay for the rest of her life. He goes on to tell her that she no longer has any rights. Nicole doesn’t understand and Victor goes on to tell her that she is now his serf. He calls himself Czar Victor I, and explains to her that in Russia all peasants were serfs, meaning that all their belongings belonged to the Czar…in this case him. He tells Nicole that from now on the only word she will speak to him is “yes”. Nicole submits, telling him she is no match for him and that he has won. He makes her tell him that he is all powerful and all knowing. She asks him what he wants her to do and he responds that he wants her to do what she does best as he kisses her.

At the Hospital

Shawn is wheeled into the ER and after Craig receives his vital stats, comments that it sounds like he is having a drug reaction. Bo is stunned and upset and tries to call Hope, but unbeknownst to him, Larry grabs the phone and breaks it before Hope can get to it. Bo leaves a message on the machine for Hope to call him ASAP. Cassie and Rex come in and Cassie blames Bo and Roman for Shawn’s condition. Roman in turn questions her about what she knows but Rex steps in telling Roman to leave her alone. Roman explains that it is his job to find out what Shawn and Cassie are hiding. Cassie tells Roman to arrest her because she will not tell him anything. Craig comes out and tells Bo that Shawn is going to be fine. He explains that they are waiting for the results of some blood work and hands Bo the prescription bottle saying he found it in Shawn’s jacket. Bo recognizes the bottle as Hope’s medications. Roman wants to question Shawn, but Bo goes in instead.

Inside the cubicle, Bo asks the nurse to give something to help Shawn but she informs him she can’t until the blood test results come back in. She also tells him that the meds that were prescribed to Hope would not cause this type of reaction.

Outside, Rex apologizes to Cassie for how Roman treated her and she thanks him for protecting her. Rex tells her that that is what family is for as Roman watches from a distance.

Back in the cubicle, Bo questions Shawn about the pills and Shawn tells him he only took the ones that Marlena prescribed for Hope, but instead of calming him down they had the opposite effect. Bo asks him why he felt he even needed the pills and reminds him they have talked about drugs and alcohol before. He again questions him why he did this saying they can get through this together and Shawn admits to him that he killed Colin, as Roman overhears from outside the curtain.

Roman is just walking back out into the lobby as Kate enters. He asks her why she is there and she explains she stopped at the station to see him and they told her he was here. He explains about Shawn but assures her that he is stable. She asks him what else is wrong saying she is a good listener. He tells her he can not tell her yet but that it will tear his family apart. She tells him that she will be here for him no matter what.

Inside the cubicle, Bo tells Shawn that he could not have killed Colin as Shawn apologizes profusely. Craig comes in and tells Bo to step outside so he can check on Shawn. Bo tells him that everything will be ok and goes outside. Once in the lobby Roman asks him if Shawn said anything to him but Bo ignores him. Kate asks why Bo won’t speak to him and he tells her that Bo probably thinks he can protect his son by remaining silent. He comments that it is probably too late for that. The nurse comes back out and tells Bo that he can go back in and Bo rushes of not saying anything to Roman. Inside, Craig tells Bo and Shawn that the pills Marlena prescribed for Hope were mild tranquilizers; however the drugs found in Shawn’s blood were amphetamines. Shawn swears he only took the ones from Hope’s bottle and Bo realizes someone must have switched out the pills. Bo questions Shawn about Hope’s condition when he left the house and Shawn reports that she had a headache and was planning to go to sleep. Bo explains that when he tried to call her she did not answer the phone. Shawn gets worried and tells him he needs to go home and check on her. Bo refuses to leave but goes out and tells Roman he needs to contact the officers at his house to check on Hope, as Shawn tries to get up and leave but is restrained by the nurse and Craig.

In the lobby, Roman reports that all is quiet at the house but Bo wants to know if the officers checked inside the house. Roman says they did not seeing as they have the entire house surrounded. Cassie and Rex come up and Cassie asks to see Shawn. Roman tells her only family is allowed in and tells her that he would like to question her at the station in the morning. However, Rex tells him that if he wishes to question Cassie he will have to call the family attorney first and drags Cassie off. Bo goes in to tell Shawn he is leaving to go check on Hope and Shawn wants to go with him. Craig tells him he needs to stay there and then leaves saying he will be back to check on him. Shawn tries to persuade Bo to let him go but he refuses.

At the Brady House

Belle sees Larry from the staircase and hides. Hope mentions she thought she was hallucinating and Larry tells her that that is how he came up with his plan. She almost falls and he mentions that it is finally kicking in. She questions him and he tells her of the carbon monoxide filling the house. Hope realizes that that is why she is feeling so sick. She looks at Belle and Belle nods at her. Hope talks to Larry as Belle begins to sneak down the stairs grabbing a vase along the way. Larry and Hope talk about him taking a trip to an island with her and making her his slave as Belle creeps up behind him and gets closer. He sees her reflection in a picture frame just as she is about to hit him over the head with it. Larry hold on to Belle telling her that he saw her enter the house and was expecting her. He pushes her toward Hope telling them that he isn’t going to kill them just yet. He tells Belle that he wants her to close all the shades and nail all the windows shut. Belle refuses and he points the gun at Hope but Belle tells him he won’t kill her because then he can’t make her his slave. Larry explains that he does not care what happens to Hope as long as the Brady’s suffer as he stick the gun in Belle’s face. Hope collapses and belle tries to get to her but Larry won’t let her get near Hope. He again points the gun at Belle and tells her to hammer the windows shut. Later, Belle is finished closing off the windows and starts feeling the effects of the carbon monoxide as Larry glues the door locks shut. He decides he had better leave before he starts getting sick himself. He drags Belle to the staircase and cuffs her to the banister. He tells Belle that the more she struggles the more she must breathe. Belle reminds him that they are all locked in but he informs her that he will leave through the basement. Larry also tells her that if she screams he will return and kill her. He wishes them pleasant dreams and leaves.

Down in the basement, Larry is feeling the effects of the carbon monoxide and passes out. Upstairs Hope wakes up and Belle calls out to her. She tells Hope that she tried to scream out but is afraid that she is too weak and no one can hear her. Belle tells Hope that Larry glued the door locks shut and is afraid that they are going to die. Hope tries to through something at the window but is too weak and the vase only makes it the end of the table before it crashes and breaks. Belle also grabs a vase but it also goes nowhere. She is crying and saying that they are going to die. Hope tells her that they are not going to die and faints again. Belle calls to her but gets no response as she realizes that it is up to her to get them out of there….

On Monday…

*Jennifer and Jack make love.

*Chloe and Brady have a dip in the hot tub.

*Bo chases Larry through the sewers.

*Shawn tries to save Belle and Hope.


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