Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/20/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/20/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Compound

Marlena hears the voice in her sleep and this time it is Rolf telling her to breath. She gets up in a trance and walks out of the bedroom. Tony sees her walking in the hall and follows her. John dreams of coming down the stairs looking for Marlena and finds her asleep on the sofa. He tries to wake her but Tony tells him that she may sleep forever this time. He awakens to find Marlena really is not in bed and goes off in search of her. Meanwhile, she is walking downstairs with Tony in pursuit. The voice tells Marlena that she is almost there. She cries out about being in pain and passes out. Tony catches her just as John enters the room. Later, Tony believes that she is trying to remember something that happened to her while she was on the island as she has a flashback of being in a bed. She tells them that she may not remember if she was drugged. Tony announces that he has a plan. John is opposed, but Marlena tells him that if she is ever to know the truth they have to go along with Tony’s idea.

Green Mountain Lodge

Brady and Chloe enjoy a luxurious bubble bath and Brady washes Chloe’s hair. After the bath Brady asks her if she wants to go night skiing, but she declines saying she is tired. She tells him she needs to call Nancy to let them know where she is. She calls but gets worried at the sound of Craig’s voice, even though he tries to assure her that everything is ok. Brady and Chloe decide to go back to make sure that everything is alright.

At the Wesley’s

Nancy’s dad arrives. Craig is upset that Nancy did not wait to confront him. She tells him this could not wait and asks her dad why he lied about her due date and made her give up Chloe. He does not deny what he did. She tells him all about how he deprived her and Craig of raising Chloe together and how he ruined her and Chloe’s lives, as Chloe and Brady enter the living room. Chloe asks what is going on. Nancy tells her father to look at Chloe and admit that what he did was wrong. She tells him that since he wanted nothing to do with his grandchild, he will not have anything to do with this child either. She tells him that she wants nothing from him and does not want him in her life ever again. He asks Chloe to forgive him, but she just turns away from him. He tells Nancy that he loves her and will not give up hope that one day she may forgive him and they can be a family again as he turns to leave. After he is gone, Chloe apologizes to Nancy for holding the past against her. She admits that she will probably never forgive her grandfather but wants her to know that she is not living in the past anymore. She realizes she can’t change what happened and is grateful for the family they have now and her future as she glances at Brady. Nancy apologizes for Chloe finding out this way, but Chloe assures her that she is glad they came. Craig reminds them all that it is still Valentine’s Day and Chloe asks if they mind if she and Brady return to Green Mountain Lodge. They assure her they don’t mind at all.

At the DiMera Mansion

Belle and Rex return from their quick round trip to Paris as Cassie questions why they are back. Belle tells her that she can not run away from her problems and leaves to go see Shawn. Cassie berates Rex for following Belle to Paris and back but not understanding her tie to Shawn. They argue about the secret she is keeping and she blurts out that Shawn killed Colin Murphy. Rex is in disbelief but Cassie tells him that she saw the whole thing. Rex tells her that they have to go to the police and tell the truth.

At the Station

Roman tells Bo that the stud found at the crime scene came from Shawn’s tuxedo, and Bo tries to convince Roman not to say anything about it to anyone, at least not until they can ask Shawn about it.

At the Brady House

Hope and Alice still have terrible headaches and Shawn offers to get them some aspirin because he too has a headache now. Alice thinks they are all coming down with the flu and decides that she would rather go home and sleep in her own bed. They call Maggie to come and take her home. Hope asks Shawn why he did not take an aspirin and he tells her that he did not want to mix it with his pain medication as he takes another pill. The phone rings and it is Bo. He tells Hope about the new evidence but not telling her about the onyx stud. He asks her if she is ok and she tells him that she thinks they may be coming down with something. He tells her to go to bed and asks to speak with Shawn. He asks Shawn to come to the station as soon as possible. Later, Hope is outside seeing Alice off as Belle arrives. She is surprised to see her and tells her about the new evidence and the manhunt on Larry as he couches behind the trash cans and listens. She also tells Belle about Shawn being upset about missing her at the airport. Belle takes this as good news but notices that Hope is not feeling well and takes her inside. Hope tells her that Shawn left but should be back soon, as they go inside. Once inside they talk about her canceling the trip and Hope asks her when John and Marlena will be returning. Hope apologizes for the problems she is having with Shawn and they discuss it. Belle gets somewhat uncomfortable but Hope tells her that she loves her and would like to help if at all possible. Hope tells Belle that she was under the impression that the separation between her and Shawn was mutual but Belle sets the record straight. She tells her that she didn’t want any of this and it seems to her like Shawn is trying to punish himself and Hope wonders why. Hope is feeling worse and asks Belle to stay with her. She is really feeling sick to her stomach and asks Belle to get her some antacid.

Meanwhile at the Station

Shawn pops another pill before entering to see Roman and Bo. Once inside they take him into Abe’s office and tell him they need to ask him some questions about the murder. Bo tells Shawn about the tuxedo stud and asks him to explain as Shawn has a flashback of his fight with Colin. Bo asks Roman to have a word alone with Shawn and Roman leaves. Bo assures Shawn that he can only help him if he is honest and tells him everything. Bo tells him that he is under suspicion and the less he says the worse it is for him. Shawn tells him he needs a minute and Bo agrees. Shawn turns around and swallows the rest of the pills as Roman comes back into the office. Bo and Roman argue over getting anyone else involved. Shawn gets upset and tells them he will tell them everything. Before he can say anything else, Cassie and Rex barge in with Cassie yelling at Shawn not to say anything. Shawn thanks her for all her help but says he must end this now. Cassie gets upset and yells for him to not tell anyone anything as Bo and Roman try to get her to leave. Shawn starts yelling and screaming and flips out completely and ends up collapsing on the floor.

At the same time back at the Brady house, Hope is really feeling ill as she stumbles to the chair. She looks up and has a blurry vision of what she believes to be an officer. She starts telling him that she feels ill and realizes that she is actually talking to Larry. Hope believes she is hallucinating again and tries to attack Larry. Larry assures her that he is real as Hope slumps in his grasp…

On tomorrow’s show….

*Victor confronts Nicole

*Larry gets to Belle

*Tony and John have a fencing match

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