Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/17/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Romance at Green Mountain Lodge with Bo and Hope, while Alice convinces Shawn to stop Belle from leaving...But is he too late? A proposal in Salem today.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Michael Buble, Phil, Man #2, Alice, Larry, Woman, Belle, Man, Woman #2, Stan, Shawn, Mimi, Rex, Cassie, Jack, Jen, Abby.

At Salem U.

Rex arrives and delivers Shawn's Valentine's Day gift to Belle (Belle was looking at the picture of her and Shawn). Belle opens it and it's a carving of the snowman as she has flashbacks of that night Shawn built her the snowman. Rex tries to changer her mind about going to Paris, but she sticks to it. Stan, the driver, arrives and tells Belle that they have to leave, so she gets her bags and leaves.

At the Brady's

Cassie and Shawn share tea as she notices that he looks a lot better. Shawn says that he won't feel better until Larry is dead, but Cassie tells him that Larry can't hurt him. Cassie suggests they have a private party, but Shawn declines. Mimi arrives and tells space girl that she knows what she's doing and it's not doing to work. Shawn tells Mimi to leave him alone, until she gives him Belle's present. Cassie says that if Belle wanted it delivered, she would've delivered it herself and Shawn agrees. Shawn opens it and it is a book, with pages from Belle's diary about when they built the snowman. Cassie tries to stop him, but Mimi tells "DiMera" that it is time to hit the road and drags her out as Alice arrives to find Shawn reading the book. She notices that he still loves Belle and tells him to stop the plane. He agrees and leaves. Alice tells Tom that Shawn is just like him as she sits down.

At the Deveraux's

The doorbell rings as Jen gets up to answer it. She finds Abby at the door as she is dressed like Cupid and shoots an arrow, saying "Gotcha, right in the heart." Jen asks her where Zeus is as Jack comes down. Abby teases her mom about being in love. Vern and Jo's car pulls up as Abby leaves. After J&J kiss, he leads her into the kitchen where she sees the room filled with decorations and balloons. Flash to Jack serving Jen heart shaped pancakes as she smiles and eats them. Jack tells her that he never wants to lose her and vows not to. Later, they talk about the proposals that Jack made; mainly the one where he dressed up as Santa as we get to see a flashback of that. Jack hopes that he will get the chance to do it again, but Jen refuses and leaves for a sec. She returns in a Santa suit as they joke around and she hops on his lap. Jen tells him that he will get exactly what he wants and gets off his lap and gets down on one knee. She asks him to marry her and he agrees. Jen says that she wants a life with him--no more guest room. She asks Jack to make love to her as he carries her off.

Later, at the airport

Shawn arrives, but the flight attendant tells him that everyone has boarded. He leaves as we see Belle, all alone, saying "Good-bye, Shawn."

At Green Mountain Lodge

In Bo and Hope's room, they are in bed, talking about Zack being across the hall with Doug and Julie. Bo goes into the bathroom as Hope answers the door. Room service brings her some presents as Bo returns, asking her not to open that. Hope thinks it's from Larry, but Bo assures her that it is from him. Bo shows her a mini bike as we see flashbacks of Bo and Hope first meeting and talking about his bike. He shows her a carousel as they r remember the carnival where they first kissed. He next pulls out a music box and kisses Hope. Later, Bo and Hope lie in bed as they talk about how they were destined to be together.

Dream Sequence: Bo is in the Blue Note with his friend Mike Buble as Mike asks if he is alone again. Bo wonders how tonight would be any different as they talk about Valentine's Day. Mike tells him to never lose hope as Bo says that you can't lose something you never had. Bo tells the waiter to get Mike his usual and heads out. Hope walks in and orders a cosmo. Bo returns and asks whose convertible smashed into his bike and Hope tells him that it was her. She asks how much damage there is as Mike tells him to dance with her. Bo says that there is a nice dent in her fender and notes that she isn't married, since she doesn't have a ring on. The manager announces Mr. Mike Buble as Bo tells Hope that she is enticing, after he introduces himself. Mike begins singing as Hope apologizes for smashing into his bike. He asks her for one dance and she finally agrees. They dance as she tells him that her name is Hope. Mike continues to sing as Hope says that something tells her they might want to look back on this night.

Back at Green Mountain Lodge, Hope tells Bo that she is sure they would've met some other time or place. The song continues as they don't regret meeting each other. Later, they dance as they tell each other that they love each other.

We see Alice looking at a picture of her and Tom, while sitting in the chair as the camera pulls back to Larry, underground. Larry is cutting a pipe, so that the poisonous gas will leak into the house as he comments that Bo and Hope will find a surprise when they arrive home and find Alice, all by her lonesome. "Adios, Granny. Salem won't be the same without you," Larry says. Back upstairs, we see Alice asleep in the chair.

Bo and Hope continue to dance until the song ends as the previews roll.


*Brady wishes Chloe a happy Valentine's Day.

*Sami gives Brandon something you can't get in the store.

*John is with Marlena, trying to wake her up.

The End.