Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/11/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the DiMera Compound

Marlena is distraught over the feeling the sea scape painting evokes in her, as she has another memory of laying on the bed singing a song and hearing the voice. Marlena tells John the voice is Stefano’s.

At Jack and Jennifer’s

Jennifer prepares to take the pregnancy test but is interrupted by Abby. Abby notices Jack’s luggage and they tell her an ecstatic Abby that Jack is moving back in.

At Bo and Hope’s

Shawn finds Hope’s medication and Cassie suggests that he take one to help calm him down. Larry worriedly watches remembering how he switched the pill bottles out.

At the Station

Bo contemplates the idea that Larry could be alive as Hope walks in. She asks him if he is ok.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer tells Jack about a phone call she received from Abby’s teacher regarding her writing skills. They discuss a poem Abby wrote about a golden retriever. Jack wonders if this is Abby’s way of setting them up to get her a puppy. They talk about which qualities Abby inherited from each of them, and how they will explain things to her if Jennifer is pregnant. Jennifer grabs the test and heads upstairs.

Back at B&H’s

Shawn and Cassie argue about his taking the pills. He refuses because they are not his. Cassie mentions Belle’s trip to Paris but Shawn dismisses her stating right now he is only worried about why his mom threw out her medication.

Meanwhile, at the station, Bo tells Hope that he is thinking about the case and tells her she should go home and relax. Bo offers to have someone take her home, using the side effects of the medication as an excuse. Hope tells him she is no longer taking the pills and they discuss it. She does agree to humor him and allows the escort home. Hope leaves as Bo places a call and orders round the clock protection for his family.

Back at the DiMera Compound

Marlena has the vision again and realizes the song she is singing is actually a lullaby. She assumes the voice and lullaby are related to the twins. She convinces herself that she is the twins’ mother and that she abandoned them.

Back at B&H’s

Shawn thinks Hope threw out the pill bottle by mistake and Cassie tells him he should hold on to them just in case, as Hope walks up. She informs Shawn that she purposely threw the pills away and tells Shawn to bury them.

At the station, Bo speaks to the officer who drove Hope home and realizes that she is there alone and unprotected. He is furious and takes off for home.

At the same time, Larry watches through the kitchen window as Hope makes herself tea.

DiMera Compound

John tries to assure Marlena that she would never abandon her family willingly and tells her that they will find the truth somewhere on the DiMera Island. They head into the secret passage under the fireplace.

Back at J&J’s

A nervous Jack paces back and forth waiting for the pregnancy test results as Jennifer enters the living room and tells him she has the results.

Back at B&H’s

Hope senses she is being watched and drops her mug as she looks at the kitchen window. While outside, Cassie and Shawn are cleaning up the trash he knocked over earlier. Cassie tries again to convince Shawn that if the medications helped his mom they may help him as well, but he maintains that a man is dead because of him, there is nothing that can help him now…just as Bo walks up.

Back at the Compound

Marlena and John enter a room in which she thinks her dreams are taking place. She has the same vision but gets frustrated when she gets no new memories. John touches a book on a shelf that causes another secret door to open. They look inside and Marlena begins to remember.

Back at B&H’s

Shawn mollifies Bo with the explanation of survivor’s guilt, saying that he was on the terrace several times that night and feels that if he had noticed something Colin may not be dead now.

Meanwhile, inside, Hope has a vision of dead Larry/Colin. Outside, Larry is still watching but hears a noise and takes off. Cassie enters the kitchen as Hope questions herself as to why she can’t remember more from that night.

Outside, Bo tells Shawn he thinks Larry might still be alive and after Hope. Bo stops him from going to Hope and Shawn realizes that Hope doesn’t know what Bo suspects. Shawn refuses police protection and promises to stick around until the surveillance team gets there so that Bo can investigate the area for any signs of Larry. Before leaving Bo reminds Shawn that he needs to stay calm.

Inside, Cassie tells Hope she just came in for some water. They talk about the possibility that Tony may be the twins’ father and together they clean up the broken mug Hope dropped earlier. Cassie gets the water and heads back outside, as Hope vows to get passed this situation.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer tells Jack she isn’t pregnant and they are both thrilled. Jack tells her it would have been ok even if the test had come back positive. She thanks him for standing by her, but they are interrupted by the phone. It is Bo calling asking for Jennifer’s help.

Back at the Compound

The new room is the same room where Marlena found the letter from Daphne the last time they were at the Compound. John finds surgical utensils in the room and Marlena assumes that they are proof of her parentage to the twins. John declares that it proves nothing, and states that even if she did give birth to them they are no longer hers.

Back at B&H’s

Cassie comes back outside with the water and comments that Hope looked well when she talked to her inside. Shawn flips out and yells that nothing is Ok and it is all happening again.

Meanwhile, Bo is telling Jennifer about the dish towel just having chicken blood on it. He tells her that he thinks someone is trying to set Hope up and that he thinks that someone is Larry.

Inside, Hope begins to analyze the visions and tries to distinguish what is real and what isn’t.

Outside, Bo hangs up as a gust of wind blows. Bo finds the matchbook that Larry dropped.

At the same time, Larry enters his room at the motel. He is frustrated that things are not going according to plan. He vows that he will not give up.

Meanwhile, Bo wraps the matchbook in a cloth and believes he just found the proof he needs to show that Larry is indeed alive.

At the Compound

Marlena is furious at John’s statement. John wants to drop the subject but Marlena refuses. They argue about whether or not the twins are dangerous and Marlena asks him if he will recognize her in the twins or just the DiMera in them. John doesn’t answer and Marlena acknowledges that they will always be divided where the twins are concerned. John tells her they will conquer this together.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer relays to Jack her conversation with Bo. Jack is stunned as Jennifer worries that he may want to write a story on this. He tells her he doesn’t; he just wants to protect her family. They embrace, both relieved that at least the pregnancy ordeal is over.

Back at B&H’s

Hope is sleeping on the couch as she dreams of standing over Larry’s dead body and watching it morph into Colin’s body. She sees a figure standing in the window and calls out Shawn’s name.

Outside, Cassie picks up the prescription bottle that Shawn tossed away and tells him to take one. She finally convinces him and he takes one.

Meanwhile, Bo is at the motel and busts into Larry’s room…


*Brandon realizes that Victor knows of Nicole’s affair with Colin.

*Lucas and Sami have a confrontation.

*Shawn suffers from the effects of the pills.