Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/10/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Bo puts together clues...Hope sees the real Larry this time...Cassie taunts Belle ...Shawn is frightened to see his name on the suspect list...Roman and Kate awaken in her office...Craig is convinced to let Tony out, much to Rex's disagreement...The Black's search the compound again.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Larry, Shawn, Cassie, Rex, Belle, Roman, Kate, John, Marlena, Tony, Craig, Dr. Reginald Ash, Man's voice.

At the Brady's

Hope returns home from jogging two miles as Larry watches. She heads inside and looks at her pills, while heading upstairs. Larry sneaks in and switches the pills and leaves. When Hope returns, she sees the door cracked open and it reveals Larry. She tells him to leave and moves toward him, which scares him off. Hope wonders why he got scared off this time and grabs her pills and throws them away.

At the police station

Shawn arrives and looks at the suspect board, seeing his name on it. He has a flashback of shooting Colin as Bo comes in and startles him. Shawn asks why he wanted him to come down there. Bo tells him about the bloody dish rag and how it turned out to be chicken blood. Shawn is confused as to why he asked him to come there over a dish rag and asks for the whole truth. Bo mentions how Hope is feeling like her old self lately, but she is forgetting things. Shawn asks Bo to take himself off the case. He tells him that he can't walk away from the investigation as Shawn tells him that nobody cares who murder Colin. Bo says that family is everything to him and he will find the killer and put him away for good. Shawn explains that he is going to remember that night for the rest of his life and mentions not talking to Belle lately. He goes to leave, but gets a call from Cassie, who asks him to come and pick her up at the dorm. She tries to get him to cover up what he did but he tells her that someone has to know the truth and he leaves. We see Bo standing there.

At the hospital

In the lobby, Belle runs into Cassie and asks about Tony. She says that she has faith. Belle offers to take her back to the dorm to give them a chance to talk about Shawn.

In Tony's room, Tony introduces Dr. Reginald Ash to Dr. Craig Wesley. Tony tries to convince Craig to let him go as Dr. Ash promises to take full responsibility. Both doctors leave to consult each other as Rex tells Tony that Craig is a good doctor. Tony and Rex argue as Rex is sure he wants him to have a full recovery. He calls Rex independant as Rex notes everyone has been calling him that. Tony tells him that he would like to get to know him, so they can get closer, but Rex tells him to worry about Cassie, not him. He tells Tony that Cassie has been lonely, growing up without parents and he (Rex) isn't enough. Tony tells him that he wants to give them a family, but Rex explains that the DiMera's have turned them into freaks! Tony explains that Stefano DiMera made many mistakes, but they are not freaks and they can have whatever they want. Rex doesn't want anything that complicated. Dr. Ash returns, just as Rex leaves for school. Dr. Ash tells Tony that Craig is the officious type. Tony orders him to change Dr. Wesley's mind. Craig arrives and tells Tony that he is risking his recovery if he leaves. He convinces Craig to get a minor to draw up papers and Craig leaves. Tony gets a call from Rolf, who tells him that John and Marlena have returned to the DiMera Compound.

At the DiMera Compound

While Marlena and John are searching, they notice the trap door is covered up. Marlena asks if they are expecting them. He tells her that whoever is watching, they are pretty well hidden. Marlena is afraid she commited serious crimes and sins that can't be forgiven as John looks curious. John tries to reassure her, but she asks what would happen if she did give birth to Rex and Cassie and gave them to Stefano to raise. As they look at a painting, Marlena says that she remembers something about the painting. John assures her that it will come to her. She feels grief and wonders if she gave up her children. Marlena remembers the lullaby and a man tells her she won't regret it. John asks she won't regret what.

At Basic Black

Roman greets Kate in the morning and she is angry that he stayed there. She refuses to discuss Stefano DiMera with him and wants cofee. He refuses to open the door, so Kate gets really angry. Kate tells him to quit playing games as she knows the only reason he wants her to discover dirt on Stefano. He admits that when he first asked her out, he was interested in her connection with Stefano as she calls him a bastard. Roman tells her that he is interested in her now, but Kate thinks it's bull. Then, he admits to manipulating her, which makes her hare him more. Roman tells her not to let the DiMera's hurt her, but she tells him that the only person who can hurt her is him. They argue about him lying and she doesn't believe he is interested in her. He tells her that he is hot for her, but she tells him that he would have unzipped it for anything in a skirt. Next, Kate accuses him of trying to make Marlena jealous. Roman denies it and claims that she is the woman he loves, but Kate accuses him of using her to get what he really wants. He agrees to leave Kate alone and leaves, asking her to trust him. Soon, Kate gets tears in her eyes.

At Salem University

Cassie and Belle arrive as Cassie chatters on and on about fashion and how she has never been to Paris, until Belle stops her. Belle wants to talk about Shawn and says that he has been going through a really hard time lately as Cassie says that she knows why. Belle asks Cassie if she understands what he means by space--by himself. Cassie says that she does-- Belle doesn't want her seeing Shawn while she is gone. Belle says that it is Shawn's life and Cassie says that Shawn wants space, but he doesn't want to be deserted as she is leaving, but she'll never leave. Belle explains that she knows Cassie has a crush on Shawn but Cassie says that it is more than a crush now. Cassie talks about Shawn confiding in her and how they've grown close, which leads to Belle asking Cassie to give her time alone to pack. When outside, Cassie says be careful when you ask for honesty as you may here things you don't like. Cassie calls Shawn (See above). Later, Rex comes in and asks Belle where Cassie is. Belle says that she is probably with Shawn and Rex hugs her.

Later, back at the Brady's

Shawn and Cassie arrive to find Hope's car gone. He explains that she has been acting strangely and blames himself for murdering Colin. He kicks the can and the pills fall out as Cassie suggests he take one.

Later, back at the police station

Hope arrives and tells Bo that she saw Larry again--only he was differnt--he didn't disappear, he turned and ran and now she is even more afraid. Bo thanks her for stopping by and she goes to use the restroom. Bo wonders if Larry is really dead. He wonders if that bastard is ALIVE! as the previews roll.


*Jennifer holds the results in her hand as Jack watches.

*Cassie tells Shawn to take a pill.

*Bo is on the phone, asking "You left her alone?"

*Hope makes tea as Larry watches through the window, saying "when I'm through with you, you're going to need more than tea and sympathy."

The End.