Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/7/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/7/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

proofread by Brianne

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At Jenniferís, Jennifer lies on the sofa as she cries over how close she and Jack came to having their dreams come true, as there is a knock at the door. Itís Jack. She invites him in, but he hesitates telling her there are some things she needs to know first. He tells her that he has all his stuff packed and in the car. Jennifer asks him if he is leaving Salem.

On the basketball court, Shawn is shooting hoops as he has a flashback of breaking up with Belle. He gets angry and starts playing harder but goes to the ground when he gets a cramp in his leg, just as Brandon walks onto the court. Brandon offers to help him but Shawn refuses his help and tells Brandon to leave.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Belle opens the door, and Sami comes in. They determine they both received a message from Marlena requesting them both to meet her there. Marlena has not yet arrived, so Belle asks Sami about Brandon, and Sami asks Belle about Shawn. Belle tells Sami about leaving for Paris, and Sami tells her she is a fool if she leaves.

At Basic Black, Kate enters Johnís office, and he tells her he is taking Marlena on a romantic getaway. Kate announces this is a good idea considering what she heard from Tony earlier. John questions what she means and she replies, ďThe Gemini Twins.Ē

Meanwhile, Marlena is in her office and finds Kateís note. She is about to open it when she gets a visit from Roman. He tells her about finding Kate leaving the note and wants to know what it says. She reads the note and tells him that Kate wants to see her. Roman acknowledges that they probably want to see her for the same reasons. He asks her if she and Tony had children together and whether or not she really is the twinsí mother.

Back at J&Jís, Jennifer starts to panic telling Jack he canít just leave her and Abby. He interrupts her saying he is not leaving but that he brought his stuff over there to be with her instead. He asks her if he is still allowed to come in. They go into the living room, and Jack tells Jennifer that they are meant to be together as a family. He admits leaving was not a good idea but he tells her that she and Abby are the most important things and nothing else matters. Jennifer tells him things have changed but Jack tries to convince her that he will help her through anything. He tells her to trust him as he knows exactly what she should do.

Back at Marlenaís office, Marlena is furious that Tony would tell Roman and Kate about the twins. Roman tells her he wants to protect her but she refutes his help stating that she and John can handle it. They talk about his concern for Kate and her connection with Stefano.

Meanwhile, John grills Kate about why she went to visit Tony. She mentions that he should be concerned for Marlena and when John questions her statemen,t she tells him about how Tony suspects he is the twinsí father and that Marlena might be their mother. John rails at her saying that it is none of her or anyone elseís business.

Back on the basketball court, Brandon entices Shawn to get up, and they begin to play ball but Shawn is still in pain and ends up on the ground again. Brandon tries to give him advice on how to work out the cramp and asks him what is bothering him. Shawn tells him he doesnít need a shrink, and Brandon tells him he really just wants to play some one on one.

At the same time in the Penthouse, Sami tries to convince Belle she should stay near Shawn and fight for him instead of letting Cassie have him. Belle insists that Shawn and Cassie are not involved, but Sami says it is just a matter of time if Belle leaves for Paris. Belle tells Sami she doesnít want to be like her and manipulate the man in her life. She immediately apologizes, and Sami tells her she is right. She admits that she made the same mistakes with Austin and now she might lose Brandon too.

Back at Basic Black, Kate and John are still arguing. He tells her he is tried of people discussing his family, and Kate reminds him that Marlena is her friend. She tells him she was trying to help. John tells her that he and Marlena can handle it and urges her to focus on Basic Black since she will be in charge during his absence.

Back at J&Jís, Jack is bringing in his suitcases, and Jennifer questions him about what he meant earlier regarding her pregnancy. He reminds her that she is not sure about that yet. She tells him she is afraid of the truth as he pulls out a home pregnancy test and asks her to take it.

Back at Penthouse, Sami is crying and talking about how Brandon loves her for who she is, and she couldnít even be honest with him. Belle attempts to reassure her that he will not leave her and suggests that maybe Sami should try being honest with Brandon now.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Brandon continue to play as Brandon questions Shawn about what is wrong and if it has to do with Belle. Shawn admits they broke up. Brandon tries to coax Shawn into talking to him even saying he can promise doctor-patient confidentiality. Shawn asks him if he would do that knowing he committed a crime.

At the same time, Belle continues to urge Sami to be honest, and Sami suggests Belle call Marlena and see what is keeping her. Sami has a vision of being in the lab at the hospital as Brandon comes in, asking why she is there. She drinks a truth serum and spills everything about changing the paternity test results and reveals that he really is the father of Lexieís baby. Brandon in turn leaves, saying he is going to be with Lexie and their little boy. Sami snaps back to reality and tells Belle that she can not be honest with Brandon because if she is, she will lose him to another woman.

Back at the basketball court, Brandon questions Shawn about the nature of the crime but Shawn clams up and tries to leave. Brandon once again urges him to talk, saying it might help.  Brandon comments that it's not like Shawn committed murder, so it canít be that bad.

Back at J&Jís, Jack assures Jennifer they will face the results of the pregnancy test together. Jennifer is still not convinced that he will stick around and again asks what the results will mean for them all as a family.

Back in Marlenaís office, Marlena expresses her hope that Kate will listen to Roman regarding the DiMeras and advises him to be patient with Kate. Roman tells her how Kate is when she is not on guard, and Marlena voices that he sounds like a man in love. Roman denies this and says he doubts he will ever fall in love again. Marlena tells him she certainly hopes he does, and they both agree to stay out of each otherís personal lives, but agree that they both want the other person to be happy.

At the basketball court, Shawn blasts Brandon for pushing him as Brandon prepares to leave. Shawn taunts him to stay by telling him that they should play a ďrealĒ game so that he can kick his butt. They have a heated and tension filled game, and Brandon gets aggravated at Shawnís attitude. They argue again, and Brandon leaves.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Belle and Sami are still talking about honesty, and Sami tells Belle that maybe she should try being more honest with herself as well. She guesses correctly that Belle wants, and is waiting for, Shawn to stop her from going to Paris. Belle has a vision of being at the airport about to go through the gate just as Shawn rushes in to stop her. Belle realizes that Sami is right, that is what she wants. Marlena rushes in and apologizes for being late. She tells them that she and John are going on a business trip but is vague about the details. She tells them that they may be unreachable for a while and tells them not to worry. Sami wishes her mom luck and leaves. Belle explains that Sami has Brandon trouble and Marlena asks how things are with her and Shawn. She gives Belle her ticket and itinerary as well as the number to a woman at Basic Black in Paris. Belle is feeling down and confesses that she already misses Shawn.

Back at J&Jís, Jack assures Jennifer that he is there for her regardless of the test results. He tells her he wants to be with her forever. He wonders if the guestroom is still available to him and she tells him it is his as long as he still wants it. He promises her he still does, and they head for the stairs arm in arm, with Jack telling her that he is going to tuck her in and after getting some sleep, they will face the pregnancy test in the morning.

Meanwhile Sami is waiting by the elevator and calls Brandon wanting to meet and talk to him. He tells her he needs time and hangs up on her before she can even tell him she loves him.

Back at Basic Black, Roman enters Johnís office searching for Kate and greets her with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne. She shouts at him about trying to fulfill some sort of male fantasy about sex in the office but he explains that he is only there to talk and try to help her. He tells her he is not going anywhere until they talk. Kate storms to the door and is furious when she realizes she is locked in. He tells her to relax and start talking so that they can go home to bed. She tells him there is no chance of that happening as she picks up the bouquet and starts hitting him with it, lashing out at him as flowers fly everywhere.

Back at the Penthouse, John walks in and comments on Samiís mood; he had run into her in the hall. They clue him in on her Brandon issues. Belle is emotional about leaving as Marlena apologizes for not being there when she leaves. John reassures Belle that Brady will take her to the airport and offers to stop in Paris on the way home from their trip. Belle reminds him that she isnít going to be gone forever. She excuses herself and goes upstairs to make a phone call. John asks Marlena if Belle is ok, and Marlena tells him that she is not right now but the time away will do her good.

At the same time, Shawnís cell phone rings, and it is Belle wanting to speak to him about her upcoming trip to Paris. Shawn gets another call, and this time it is Bo wanting him at the station in the morning but he doesnít tell Shawn why. Shawn assumes Bo knows that he killed Colin. Shawn clicks back to Belle and tells her he canít talk now and hangs up on her. Belle in turn realizes that Shawn isnít going to stop her from leaving and thinks instead that he no longer wants anything to do with her.

Meanwhile, Marlena tells John about Kateís note and he tells her about his conversation with Kate. They agree that they canít get to the DiMera compound fast enough to find out the truth, and Marlena predicts whatever they find will change their lives foreverÖ

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