Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/6/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/6/03

By Claudia
Pictures by Juanita

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At the Hospital

Kate comes into Tony’s room carrying a large bouquet of flowers, telling him she heard about the accident and thought he could use some cheering up. Tony thanks her, but comments that he knows she would prefer to be sending them to his funeral. Meanwhile, Brandon asks Sami for a patient’s chart and she tells him they need to talk. He tells her he doesn’t have time as she mentions what she said during their fight. He tells her he knows she meant what she said about having to choose between her and Nicole, and walks off just as Roman comes up. He asks her what’s wrong and she tells him it has been a busy night. She asks why he is there and Roman tells her he needs to see Tony on business. She gives him Tony’s room number but also tells him that Kate is currently with Tony and asks if there is trouble in paradise.

At Jack and Jennifer’s

Jennifer is still trying to convince Jack that they should drop their investigation of the murder, but Jack is convinced that there is more going on that she is not telling him. Jennifer has a flashback of the bloody towel and her conversation with Bo about Hope. She tells Jack that they are just stirring up trouble and should let the police handle it. The phone rings and Jennifer answers. It is Bo; he tells her about taking the towel to the lab and apologizes if he has put her in an awkward position by asking her not to say anything. Jack asks who is on the phone. She tells him it is Bo and Jack once again asks Jennifer what happened while she was there visiting Hope.

At Bo and Hope’s

A nervous Hope enters the basement, trying to convince herself that she should not be scared. She has been there alone before. She starts rummaging through a box and when she turns around she sees Larry in the doorway.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer tells Jack that nothing happened at Hopes house, as Bo realizes she is not alone they hang up. She tells Jack that Bo just called to thank her for coming to talk to Hope. She tells him that Hope is dealing with a lot as she has another flashback; this time about Hope telling her she thinks she may have killed Colin. Jack pleads with Jennifer to tell him what is really wrong.

Back at B&H’s

Bo comes in calling for Hope. He gets worried when she doesn’t respond and hears noises coming from the basement. He rushes to the basement and finds Hope punching and kicking a punching bag. She tells him that she has signed up for a refresher course in self-defense. Bo tells her this is not the way to rid herself of Larry. He gives her the newly filled prescription for anxiety and tells her therapy is the only way to overcome her demons.

Meanwhile, Larry enters his room at the Motel complaining about Bo’s timing and about rummaging through the trash can taking things that are not meant for him. He pulls out a gun as he reevaluates the situation and determines that maybe finding the bloody towel is the first step in convincing Bo that Hope really did kill Colin.

Back at the Hospital

Roman tells Sami to stay out of his and Kate’s business because he won’t stand her interfering. He begins to leave and Sami goes after him and apologizes. They have another heated discussion about whether Kate is right for him and Sami mentions Kate’s secrets. Roman grills Sami about what she knows, but she denies knowing anything and maintains that Kate is not the right woman for him. Roman tells Sami that doesn’t even know who is right for herself, and Sami breaks down and confesses that she and Brandon had a fight. Roman hugs her telling her that love does not guarantee a happy ending. She peps up and decides that this is not their first disagreement and will find a way to fix things. Before she goes back to work she asks if there are any new leads on the investigation, as Brandon comes over and tells her it is none of her business.

Meanwhile in Tony’s room, Kate asks Tony why she would want him dead. He agrees, saying he is a good way for her to make Roman jealous. Kate proceeds to tell him that she is actually grateful to him for saving her from a boring dinner. Tony asks her why she is really there to see him and she says she wants to make clear that he will never know her involvement with Stefano. She lets him know that if he continues to push the issue it will put an end to their relationship. Tony laughs saying he didn’t know they had one, and she tells him there are no guarantees on what the future holds. Tony counters her saying that there is also no guarantee on how secrets can impact the future. He then tells her about the good news of his expanding family. Kate assumes he is talking about Lexie’s pregnancy, but Tony corrects her and tells her is referring to the possibility that Cassie and Rex may be his children.

Roman questions Brandon about why he doesn’t want Sami talking about the murder and Brandon claims that Sami likes to make assumptions and that could lead to trouble. Roman then questions if Sami has any new info or if there is something she hasn’t already told him. She denies it, saying he has already questioned her before. She tells Roman that she knows that Tony is their main suspect, but that anyone could have done it. Roman asks her who she thinks may have committed the murder and she claims she doesn’t know and agrees with Brandon that she should just stay out of it. Brandon steps in telling Sami he has time before his next patient and thinks they should talk. They go out on the balcony where Brandon immediately accuses Sami of trying to point the finger at Nicole if he had not stopped her. She denies it, saying she and Roman were just talking, and that she was actually trying to make sure the police were NOT investigating Nicole. She asks Brandon if the only reason he wanted to talk was to yell at her and he tells her no, there is something else he needs to speak to her about and she probably doesn’t want to hear it. She asks him outright if their relationship is over.


Meanwhile, Kate questions Tony about Marlena possibly being the twins’ mother, seeing as how she was Stefano’s prisoner and the fact that he left her the pillow with the Gemini constellation on it in his will. She comments on how terrible Marlena must feel for all the lost years with the twins as Roman enters and says that she has more than made up for the time lost with them, referring to Sami and Eric. He questions her about why she is discussing his children with Tony and she clarifies that she meant the Gemini twins. Roman states that Marlena is not Cassie and Rex’s mother.

Back at B&H’s

Bo asks Hope if she saw Larry again and she tells him only for a moment. She tells him she knows this is all part of her PTS, and that the punching bag is part of her recovery. She talks about how confident she was when she was on the force and recalls that she has not felt like that recently. Bo tells her that she has been a full time mother, but she tells him that she feels vulnerable and doesn’t intend to be a victim ever again and that is why she signed up for the SD classes. He agrees that it is a good stress relief. She tells him that she won’t discount the therapy but promises to come out of this situation stronger than before. She vows that Larry will never get her again.

Meanwhile, in Larry’s room, he is still contemplating the bloody towel but realizes whatever its effects are they can not be traced back to him because he is “dead”. He pulls out the bottle of pills saying Hope has a new prescription and these pills are not what the Dr. ordered. He comments that it won’t be long before Hope will finally go down.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer isn’t feeling well as Jack asks her again what she is keeping from him. She tells him she is just tired and spills her water on the floor. He tells her that if she wasn’t well she should have stayed home, but she insists that she had to leave to speak to Hope. He wants to know why she won’t talk to him. He tells her that if she loved him like she says then she would talk to him, and Jennifer explodes saying it is because she loves him that she can’t tell him that she thinks she is pregnant with Colin’s baby. A shocked Jack asks what she means, and she says that she might be pregnant. Jack denies the possibility, but Jennifer gives him all her symptoms. Jack thinks she may have the flu and Jennifer says she doesn’t know for sure because she has not yet taken a pregnancy test. Jack picks up on this and asks her why?!

Back at B&H’s

Hope is taking her first anxiety pill when the phone rings. She and Bo pick up at the same time and she overhears his conversation with the lab assistant telling him that the blood on the dish towel was not human blood but in fact chicken blood. He thanks the assistant and hangs up. Hope enters the living room and asks what that was about as she overheard the conversation on the kitchen phone. Bo explains about the towel and Hope accuses him of thinking it was human blood and actually believing that she really may have killed Colin.

Back at the Hospital

On the Balcony Brandon admits to Sami that he doesn’t know if their relationship is over or not, but he does know that if they want to continue it things need to change. Sami claims that she can change as long as he still wants to be with her. Brandon tells Sami that she doesn’t have the right to make him chose between her and Nicole and he will never do it. Sami tells him she spoke out of anger. Brandon explains to Sami that he does not expect her and Nicole to be friends, but stresses that she needs to accept the fact that Nicole is his sister. He brings up her conversation with Roman again and they begin to argue…again. Sami brings up how Brandon helped her in Italy and then how he helped out Lexie and asks what makes it so bad or different when she is trying to help him, when he himself would do anything to protect his friends.

Meanwhile in Tony’s room, Roman asks how Tony came to the conclusion that Marlena was the twins’ mother. Tony points out that it was Kate’s idea. Roman asks Kate to excuse him and Tony as he needs to speak to privately. After Kate leaves, Roman tells Tony he is there to discuss the hit and run. He tells Tony that they ran the plates on the car that hit him but the vehicle was stolen. Tony comments that he was glad he was in the right place at the right time and was able to save Brady. He brings up Brady’s bout with paralysis and recalls it being Roman’s fault. Roman ignores this and informs Tony that the department will keep him informed as he prepares to leave. Tony stops him, saying that he knows Roman wishes the car would have killed him. Roman retorts with, “Why would I wish that on an innocent man” and walks out. Moments later a specialist (Dr. Ash?) walks in. Tony thanks him for flying out to meet with him, and the Dr. comments that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his family. He asks Tony if he is up for an exam and Tony agrees saying there is much to do.

Meanwhile, Kate is in Marlena’s office preparing to leave her a note requesting they meet when Roman walks in on her. She asks him if he is following her and he counters her question by asking what she is doing there and what is in her hand. She tells him it is a note for Marlena and proceeds to put it in an envelope and writes “personal” on the front. She turns and tells Roman they should go and prepares to leave. Roman follows her out and invites her out for coffee. She refuses, saying she doesn’t have time.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer tells Jack she isn’t ready to admit that she may be carrying Colin’s baby, and Jack in turn stresses that she needs to take a pregnancy test. She wonders what this will do to Abby and him and their future. He claims that she may be jumping to conclusions and she tells him about fainting in Hope’s front yard. She asks him how he would feel if she is pregnant.

At B&B’s

Bo is trying to convince Hope that he doesn’t believe she killed Colin and was just curious about the towel. He explains that he was secretive about it because he didn’t want her to jump to conclusions. Hope ponders the idea that she killed Colin thinking he was Larry. Bo dismisses the thought and asks her if she put the towel in the trash. She tells him she didn’t and they wonder how it got there….while in Larry’s room; Larry is still holding the prescription bottle. He talks about the recent chain of events and then says that when Hope takes the new pills she will never need another refill.

Back at the Hospital

Back on the balcony Brandon and Sami are still arguing about whether she is truly trying to help Brandon or whether she is trying to help herself. She tells him that she lost her temper and points out he has done the same thing. He apologizes for losing control in his loft. Sami says she knows he loves her and just hopes that he knows that she loves him as well. Brandon tells Sami that sometimes love is not enough.

Meanwhile, in Tony’s room, Tony asks what his chances for a full recovery are. The doctor tells him that since he has regained feeling in his legs he is obviously not paralyzed; however the injuries may be a setback for Tony. Tony counters this by saying that his injuries are an opportunity and he couldn’t have planned this any better himself.

At the same time, Kate tells Roman again that she can not have coffee with him. Roman tells her that he knows she was hurt by Stefano and warns her that Tony is just like his father. He tells Kate that he wishes she would open up to him so that he knows how to protect her. He tells her he doesn’t want to see her hurt again and leaves telling her she knows where to find him.

Back at J&J’s

Jennifer asks Jack for an answer. He starts to answer and then apologizes and says he has to go. Jennifer watches him leave and begins to cry.

Back at B&H’s

Bo and Hope are still speculating about how the bloody towel got into their garbage can when Hope remembers they had chicken and Shawn took the giblets to the neighbor’s dog and thinks he probably put it there after cleaning up. Hope thinks the pills are beginning to work and wants to make an appt. with Marlena as she vows to no longer harbor any scary thoughts. She states that no one will stop her from beating this thing, not even Larry’s ghost…As Larry holds the pill bottle saying, “What doesn’t kill you will…kill you.”

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