Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/5/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: A very emotional "good-bye" between Belle and Shawn...Cassie expresses her hatred towards Marlena...Rex expresses his anger to Marlena...and Chloe and Brady express their love while Nancy makes an urgent call to her father.

Cast: Shawn, Belle, Rex, Cassie, John, Marlena, Brady, Chloe, Nancy, Craig.

At Salem University

Belle reveals that she got invited to the college in Paris and since, Shawn wouldn't share his feelings with her, she accepted it. Rex and Cassie seem to have an appointment with Marlena as they rush off.

At the Wesley's

Nancy and Craig are unsuccessfully trying to put the crib together. Nancy rants about her missing years with Chloe while Craig works on the crib. She mentions wanting to find out who lied to them about Chloe. Craig assures her and asks for her to be patient as they need to focus on their healing daughter as Nancy agrees. Later, Craig is just finishing the crib as Nancy can't live peacfully until they learn the truth. We next find Nancy talking to Dr. Miller, her father, on the phone. She asks him to come to Salem, but we learn that he wants her there and he promises to come after her baby is born. When Craig returns and finds her hanging up the phone, she says that it was Elizabeth from her Lamaze Class. He wants to take Nancy's blood pressure.

At Brady's loft

Brady is still blaming himself for Tony's condition as Chloe reassures him that Tony will walk again. He asks her to call and check as Chloe calls Nurse Brenda. We return to learn that Nurse Brenda told Chloe that there is no change in Tony's condition which leads to Brady blaming himself more. They sit on the couch talking about how thankful they are as Brady doesn't want Chloe to leave him. Chloe says she has too, which shocks Brady. She tells him that she is going back to the hospital in isolation, but Brady tells her that won't stop him. They start to talk about their future. Brady assures her that they will have many adventures--a picnic by the sea, a trip in the jeep, dancing, and dinner after she is done in the hospital. They kiss as Brady thinks he's healed now from hitting his head. They get hot and heavy as Chloe unbuttons his shirt and kisses his chest. Brady unbuttons her blouse as they fall onto the couch and make love for the third time.

At the hospital

In Marlena's office, Marlena tells John that she has an appointment with Rex and Cassie and she is going to tell them that she has been taken off the case. Rex and Cassie arrive as they all hope it is good news about Tony. Marlena tells them that it could be a new beginning for all of them. John leaves Marlena, so she can talk with the twins. The twins have a seat as Marlena tells them that since they may be Tony's children, it has changed her relationship with them. Marlena lets them down easy as she tells them that she can't be their therapist. Cassie refers to it as "kissing them off," as she also tells Rex that all they are to Marlena is lab rats. Cassie starts crying. She tells her that she hates her and never wants to see her again as she rushes off, running into John on the way out. Cassie tells John that she hates him and Marlena--she is all DiMera now.

Back in Marlena's office, Rex sympathizes for himself, stating that their own mother didn't want them and now Marlena doesn't. He tells Marlena that they shouldn't see her at all. Rex leaves.

In the outer office, Cassie tells John that he poisoned Marlena against them and he hated them since they stepped foot in town. John tells her that the DiMera's are dangerous, but she calls him dangerous. She will always hate Marlena.

Later, John returns to Marlena, who is feeling sorry for the twins and herself. John tells her that everything will be better once they go to the DiMera Compound. Marlena informs him that she is going too.

Back at Salem University

Back in Belle's room, Shawn begs Belle not to go to Paris as she asks him if she shouldn't. He tells her that it is a great opportunity and she should go as she wonders why he is pulling away. She blames it on Cassie, but he convinces her that is not it. She asks "what is going on?" Shawn says he is protecting her, but she is convinced that she doesn't need protection. They express their love as Shawn tells her that he is going to miss her. Belle and Shawn kiss as she begs him to make love to her, but he can't as he remembers his chat with Cassie about not telling Belle the truth. Outside, Cassie and Rex return as she talks about her horrible run in with him. Back inside, Shawn tells Belle that the sooner she leaves Salem, the better. Back outside, Cassie listens in on Belle and Shawn as she hears them saying good-bye. She tells Rex that Shawn is finally hers. She also hears Belle say that she was wrong about them as the previews roll.


*Brandon hears Sami grilling Roman about the murder as he tells her to lay off.

*Jennifer tells Jack that she thinks she is pregnant.

*Bo searches for Hope as she sees Larry again.

The End.