Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/3/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Tony gets surprising news...John and Marlena prepare to go back to the compound... Bo hides the towel from Hope...Brandon kicks Sami out...And Jen prepares to tell Jack the "truth."

Cast: Tony, Lexie, Rolf, John, Marlena, Larry, Bo, Hope, Jack, Jen, Alice, Brandon, Sami, Nicole.

At the Brady's

Bo sneaks in the house and hides the towel as he hears Hope and Jen talking about her suposedly killing Colin. Bo walks in and blasts Hope for telling Jen when she doesn't even know if it's true or not. He says that Davis told him she had no sign of blood or a gun anywhere. Hope thinks she stashed it in the house and wonders if Zack could get it, but Bo tells her that he turned the house upside down and didn't find a gun. Jen goes to make tea and Bo follows her as she discovers the towel. He explains that he found it in the trash and is not going to tell Hope. She promises not to either. Hope goes in and finds the tea bags for them. Jen mentions needing to go home as she is not feeling too well as Hope follows her out into the living room, where she talks of how she didn't have a test done, but she is going to tell Jack and leaves.

At the Deveraux's

Jack and Alice talk as she tells him that he and Jen remind her of Tom and her as the doorbell rings. Jack answers it to find Nicole. Alice goes upstairs to watch Abby as Jack and Nicole argue over whodunit. Nicole accuses him and Sami of trying to frame her, but Jack assures her he is not. After some bickering, Jack figures out who did it. He mentions Sami framing her and trying to protect someone; namely BRANDON! Nicole tells Jack that her brother did not do it as Jack reminds her of how Brandon beat the hell out of Austin during the boxing match. He reminds her that she had motive and so did her hubby Victor as Nicole tells him "whodunit is never who you think." Outside, Jen arrives. When she goes in, she finds a drunken Nicole, who tells her that if she is in this with Jack, the whole Spectator will be shut down. Nicole leaves.

At Brandon's apartment

Sami tells Brandon that he killed Colin. Brandon assures her that he didn't and even if he did, he wouldn't want his sister taking the blame for something he did. Sami tells him that they are alike, but he disagrees, saying that he would never let Nicole take the fall and he is very angry at her. Sami turns the tables on him and asks him if he would protect her. Brandon is really angry now. He tells her that just because she hates Carrie, doesn't mean he hates Nicole and Sami finally asks him to choose between her and Nicole. Brandon explodes. He tells Sami to leave and she does, going in the elevator. Outside, Nicole had been watching and heard everything.

Back at Jen's

Jen apologizes to Alice that she had to hear that. When we return to them, Jack and Jen are saying good-bye to Alice. Jen prepares to tell Jack the truth.

Back at the Brady's

Bo and Hope have tea as they sit on the couch. She tells him that her anxiety is gone and she didn't even fill the prescription. Bo leaves to fill it. Outside, Bo calls John and gets info on a lab opem 24/7, thanks him, and leaves. Back inside, Hope remembers being attacked by Larry and decides to take self defense classes.

At The Salem Inn

Larry returns home, damning Bo for being so early. Later, Larry is researching post-traum. stress and finds what he needs, thanking Dr. Evans. He fills a prescription for Hope and says that this will be the death of the Brady's.

At the hospital

In Marlena's office, John asks Marlena how she will feel if they discover that she isn't the twins' mother. She asks how he would feel if she was their mother. They argue about whether or not it is Rex and Cassie's fault that they were trained to do the DiMera work and Marlena asks John if he wants her to turn her back on them. John asks her to be careful as he wants her alive. They talk about how Tony said the twins didn't need her and John mentions Tony using reverse psychology. Marlena will not fall for that. Bo calls and asks John a favor. Marlena and John plan to go to the island the next day.

In Tony's room, Lexie brings Tony some books as he rants about wanting out of there for the twins' sake. Lexie doesn't understand why Stefano would want Tony apart from his kids as she has flashbacks of her kidnapping Isaac (Zack), questioning Bart about the babies being switched, and Tony comforting her during the summer. Back in present time, she asks Tony if Stefano is really gone. Outside, Rolf is in a hospital attire as he looks at Tony and Tony sends Lexie to get take out. When in the room, Rolf is questioned by Tony about the twins' parentage. Rolf says that he doesn't know anything, but Tony would like to know who the twins' mother is. He makes Rolf swear that the twins will not become violent. When Lexie returns, Tony asks her to poke him in the foot with a pin. When she does, he flinches and feels the pain as they both laugh. The previews roll.


*Belle asks Shawn if there is a reason she shouldn't leave.

*Cassie tells John that she hates Marlena.

*Rex berates Marlena for the hell she is putting Cassie through.

The End.