Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/31/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/31/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Hope confesses to murder...while Jen confesses to pregnancy...Bo finds a bloody towel in the trash can...Nicole tells Brandon that Sami tried to frame her.

Cast: Bo, Hope, Jen, Larry, Sami, Brandon, Nicole, Belle, Shawn, Rex, Cassie, Penny, Jack, Alice, Man,

In Larry's room, at the Salem Inn

Larry is applying make up to his face again as he talks about spooking Hope. He says "Boo" talking about even scaring himself. After he is done, Larry pulls out a tube of red blood and smears some all over the mirror.

At Jen's house

Jack is talking to Sami on the phone while Jen is feeling guilty for having Alice watch Abby again. Jack questions Jen about how she is feeling until Bo calls and asks her to come over and keep an eye on Hope. She agrees and rushes off.

At the Brady's

Bo and Hope are just returning home as she is convinced that she killed Colin. Bo has to leave and question Brandon, so he calls Jen to come over. After Bo goes outside, Hope picks up the newspaper and the headline reads: NO SUSPECTS IN COLIN MURPHY MURDER!

Outside, Bo gets in his truck and drives off. After he is gone, Larry emerges and plants it inside a garbage can. Back inside, Hope heads out with the trash. Back outside, Larry hears a noise and draws his silencer as Jen gets out of the car. She looks and then, gasps.

At Brandon's apartment

Sami is talking to Jack on the phone as he assures her that Harold is tailing Nicole at the Cheatin' Heart right now. She hangs up and Brandon arrives home, overhearing what she is saying. Brandon questions her, but she squirms out of it, lying that she was talking to one of her old high school friends and they are planning a wedding shower for their other friend. He buys it as Sami suggests they go away for Valentine's Day, but he is distracted by the murder investigation, talking about how they don't have any suspects. Later, Bo drops by and kicks Sami out of the apartment. He asks Brandon why Colin was invited to Nicole and Victor's wedding. Soon, Brandon accuses him of trying to make him incriminate Nicole.

At the Cheatin' Heart

Nicole is guzzling shots of alcohal as some guy sits next to her. He recognizes her and calls her "the black widow bride." Nicole jokes that if you come to her wedding you get a bullet in your back. The man tells her that murder sounds like an interesting wedding as she tells him that he would have loved to be there. Jack arrives and begins questioning Nicole about her relationship with Colin. She tells tells him to kiss her--but then he asks if he can quote her. They banter back and forth as she tells him to butt out of her life or he'll end up like Colin. Jack talks about the photos of her and Colin making out and tells her that her tongue was so far down his that that--but Nicole yells for him to shut up and goes off to the ladies room. After Nicole is at the restroom, Sami walks in and asks Jack about Nicole. Soon, Nicole comes up behind her, asking how her plan is working to frame her. Nicole asks if Brandon knows the truth and rushes off to tell him as Sami chases after her.

At the Horton Graveyard

Shawn emerges as Cassie stands not to far away. She calls out his name as Shawn asks why she followed him. He tells her that he came to find answers as she wonders why he isn't scared as everyone there is dead. Shawn goes up to Dr. Tom Horton's grave and talks of how when he was a kid, and he was sick, he had a dream, and someone put their hand on his head and when he woke up, he wasn't sick anymore. Cassie thinks it beautiful that he remembers that. Shawn says that he wishes his Grandfather Tom was there tonight because he doesn't know what to do. He fells a breeze and knows that Tom is there. "I killed a man, Grandpa. What should I do," Shawn asks. Cassie asks if he gave him an answer. He did, but it is not the one Shawn wanted. He walks off as Cassie follows him again.

Later, back at Jen's house

Jack returns home to find Alice, sitting on the couch. She asks about his relationship with Jen and he says that it was going great, until Colin did what he did to Jen. Jack confesses that if Colin was still alive, he would kill the jerk. Alice calls him a jerk for doubting his love for Jen. Jack says that he is just disappointed and won't let a few bad memories of Colin Murphy come between them.

At Salem University

Belle and Rex are talking as she asks what his secret is. How does he live freely? She wants him to teach her that. Belle talks about how she doesn't want to beg Shawn to be with her and how she asked for her mother's advice, but everytime she does that, Marlena treats her like a patient. Rex assures her that Marlena loves her. Belle tells Rex that he seems like he doesn't need someone to complete him. He doesn't, but he sure would like to be hooked on someone. Belle assures him that he will find someone and he is special as Rex tells her that he told Shawn he wouldn't be good at this. Belle catches on and figures out that Shawn asked him to take care of her. She tells him that he can't help her, just like she can't help Shawn. Penny (Shy Girl) arrives with a package for Belle and when she opens it, she tells Rex that this letter will set her free. Shawn and Cassie arrive as Belle pulls them in and informs them that she applied for a school in Paris back in April and this is a letter from that school. She will be leaving in two weeks and will be gone for two months.

Back at Brandon's apartment

Nicole rushes in and tells Brandon (Bo is gone)that she has news about that tarty blonde he gave his heart to as Sami rushes in, telling him that she is lying. Nicole says that she caught her trying to frame her as Brandon asks if it is true. Nicole leaves as Brandon asks why she was trying to frame Nicole. Sami tells him that she knows he killed Colin.

Back at the Brady's

Back outside, Hope rushes to an unconscious Jen on the ground. Larry watches as he holds his gun. Jen gets up and exclaims "oh, god. I really am pregnant." Larry continues to hide as Bo pulls in the drive way. As he gets out of his car, he goes to investigate as Larry draws his gun again.

Back inside, Hope questions Jen, thinking Jack is the father. Jen wishes Jack were the father, but tells Hope that it is Colin. Hope is sure that Jack will understand. Jen isn't sure she can forget about Colin. Hope says "He's gone...I killed--" as Jen questions her. She admits that she killed Colin as Jen is shocked.

Back outside, Bo finds the bloody towel. He wonders "What the hell?" as there is a black and white freeze frame around him, except for the bloody towel, which is bright red. The previews roll.


*Brandon tells Sami that he would never let Nicole take the fall for a crime he commited as Sami asks "what if she is guilty?"

*Nicole tells Jack "Who dunit is never who you think."

*Marlena asks John if she wants him to turn her back on the children.

*Lexie asks Tony if Stefano is really gone.

The End.