Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/30/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Hope almost confesses to Marlena while Bo is out questioning the staff members, Victor, and Nicole. Belle turns to Rex and Marlena for comfort while Cassie is convinced that she is a DiMera, but Lexie, John, and Rex aren't so sure.

Cast: Shawn, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Belle, Rex, Cassie, Tony, Lexie, John, Victor, Nicole, Larry's voice.

At the Brady's

Bo asks Hope to stay home as he kisses her and leaves to go question Victor's staff. After he is gone, Hope begins hearing Larry's voice as Shawn arrives. She demands he take her to the hospital right away. She begins hearing Larry calling her a murderer as she yells "Stop!" Hope tells Shawn to get Zack and take her to Marlena.

At the Kiriakis Mansion

On the patio, Victor finds Nicole lounged out there, gizzling a bottle of champagne. He explains that he was looking for her, mentioning that it is her first time there since Colin's murder. Nicole talks about the punishment for cheating on Victor Kiriakis, claiming she'll do what she wants and talks about confessing to something. Bo walks up and asks about what they are confessing to, but Victor covers up. Nicole heads back in to get another bottle of champagne as Bo informs his father that he is there to question the staff members. Victor tells him that Abe and Roman already did that, but Bo says it's his turn and he mainly wants to question Davis. Victor claims to have already talked to Davis; he gave Hope a ride home and noticed that she was acting very strangely. Bo questions him farther. He explains that Hope got out of the car, looking pale, rushed into the house, and didn't even say thank you to Davis. Bo explains that Hope wasn't feeling well, do to the post traumatic stress after the kidnapping. His father is on to him and feels that there is more as Nicole, champagne bottle in hand, returns, telling Victor that she is going out and promises to let Davis drive her. Nicole returns inside. Bo notices the tension as they talk about the murder in the middle of the wedding. Henderson walks out and informs Victor that he's got a call from London and he goes inside. After Victor is inside, Bo checks in with Hope, who isn't there, and he gets the answering machine. Next, he calls Shawn and learns that Hope is with Marlena and leaves.

Later, Victor comes back outside, apologizing, but finds Bo gone. Nicole comes out, fully dressed up and tells him that Ricardo is taking her somewhere. He asks her not to get to drunk or she might slip and say something that may ruin her life. As Nicole stares at the crime sceen where Colin was murdered, she remembers looking at her torn veil and crying as she returned inside.

At the hospital

In Marlena's office, John decides that it is the best time to return to the DiMera Island as he and Marlena agree about the possibility that she is the twins' mother. Suddenly, Belle arrives and John says "hi Tink," as he leaves. Belle explains her problems with Shawn.

In Tony's recovery room, Lexie, Rex, and Cassie visit Tony as she calls him "Dad." Tony is quite surprised as Cassie, excitedly tells Tony about the matching blood types she and him share. Rex and Lexie don't think they are related to each other as Lexie notes that Stefano genetically engineered them, which disappoints Cassie. She explains the tatoos as Lexie still isn't convinced. Lexie leaves Tony, Rex, and Cassie alone.

Meanwhile, John joins Lexie, asking about the twins and Tony. John explains that Stefano probably wanted more DiMera's to continue the dynasty.

Tony talks about how he saw something in them the moment he meant them and knew it was them, while calling them his children. Rex isn't so sure that it is true. He reaches out and holds Tony's hand as John arrives. John wonders where the twins were concieved as Tony asks the twins to leave him alone with John. Finally, he asks who there mother is.

Elsewhere, Lexie has a talk with Cassie about how she found her family as an adult and Cassie refers to her as jealous. Cassie talks about their talk with Tony and is convinced that Lexie is jealous and wants Tony all to herself. She explains how it is important to have her baby's father there for her.

Back in Marlena's office, Belle explains to Marlena that Shawn asked her to give him space and broke up with her. She also says that the more she tries to get closer, the farther he pulls away. She states that she will wait for him. There is a knock at the door as Marlena goes to answer it and finds Hope there. Hope sees Belle and suggests she come back later, but Belle leaves.

In the outer office, Belle finds Shawn and begs him to open up to her. He explains that he can't while flashing back to shooting Colin. Belle rushes off as Rex walks up, asking what he did to make Belle so upset. Shawn explains that he and Belle can't be together and asks Rex to take care of her, but he doesn't want to as he knows how she feels for him. Shawn begs him.

By the hospital coffee area, Belle walks up to get coffee as Cassie joins her. She blabs on and on about how she and Tony share the same blood type, and he may be their father, etc., but Belle "ignores" her, explaining that she doesn't feel like talking right now. Rex comes up to her and she breaks down, crying into his arms as Shawn watches from afar. Cassie goes up to Shawn and asks him about it. He explains that he asked Rex to take care of Belle and Cassie assures him that he will, wanting to take care of him. Shawn rushes off as Belle tells Rex that she needs him, asking him to meet her at the dorm to talk later and he agrees.

Meanwhile, John joins Lexie, asking about the twins and Tony. John explains that Stefano probably wanted more DiMera's to continue the dynasty.

Back in Marlena's office, Hope explains to Marlena that she is afraid of the person she is becoming and is far much worse than she was as Princess Gina. She just wants all this to stop as Marlena remembers the lullaby. Marlena asks what she did and Hope explains about what she is afraid she did the night of Victor's wedding. She saw Larry several times, including at Victor's wedding. She was talking to Jen and the next thing she remembers is asking Davis to drive her home. Marlena asks what happened before that as Hope begins to tell her, but Bo rushes in before she can. Bo asks to speak with Hope alone as Marlena gives him a prescription to get filled and leaves.

Back in Tony's cubicle, John warns Tony that his master plan to get Marlena isn't going to work as Tony says that he doesn't want Marlena. He says that Marlena is off the hook. Lexie comes in and says that Tony needs to rest. Marlena joins John as they go outside and they are both determined to go to the DiMera Compund.

Back in the outer office, Shawn arrives and cracks the door to Marlena's office open a bit and hears Bo promise Hope that he will nail the real killer. Shawn's face falls as a black background surrounds his face and the previews roll.


*Belle asks Rex to teach her how to live freely.

*Shawn asks Cassie why she followed him. '

*Bo tells Hope to quit blaming herself.

*Larry applies white to his face as he mentions scaring himself.

The End.