Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/29/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/29/03

By Justin
Pictures by Juanita

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Today: Marlena learns that she may be the twins' mother while Shawn and Cassie continue to keep the secret. Sami comes this close to revealing the truth as Hope decides to confess. Cast: Marlena, John, Cassie, Rex, Lexie, Sami, Brandon, Brenda, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Zack.

In Cassie's resting room, at the hospital

Shawn arrives to find Cassie and Rex talking. Cassie sends Rex away to buy breakfast as Shawn tells her that he needs to speak with her...alone. He tells her that he cannot allow her to keep this secret anymore and tells her that he is going to confess. She tries to convince him otherwise, but he tells her that everyone suspects Tony DiMera. Cassie tells him that Tony was out of the country, but Shawn says that he is still a suspect. When he goes to leave, Cassie jumps up and faints. When she comes too, Shawn says that Tony could have hired someone and leaves.

At the Brady's

Bo rushes downstairs, looking for Hope, but she is no where to be found. Outside, in the car, Hope prepares to leave for the police station. She is determined to confess. Before she can start the car, Bo joins her and she tells him that she is going to confess. He tells her that she is not guilty as they return to the house. Once in the house, Bo tells Hope that they don't have enough evidence against her and promises to bring the real killer to justice. Zack cries, so Hope goes up and gets him. Shawn comes home and starts to tell Bo about the night of Colin's murder. He says that he went to look for Hope and found her upset as Bo tells him that she saw Larry that night. Hope returns and stops Bo before he tells Shawn anything. Shawn goes upstairs.

Upstairs, Shawn confesses to a sleeping Zack, saying that he did something wrong and has to make it right. He also tells his "Bud" that he may have to go away for a while, and they may not see each other for some time. Shawn starts to say that he is afraid, not wanting to hurt Grandpa Shawn and their mom and goes to leave. He stops and breaks down against the door.

Later, back downstairs, Shawn returns, with a changed shirt on, and is questioned about what he was going to tell them before. He explains about breaking up with Belle and asking her for space. Hope is upset that their problems are causing problems for their son, but Shawn rushes out.

Outside, Shawn thinks that he just couldn't say anything in front of his mom, but he will tell his dad the truth.

Back inside, Bo assures Hope that he will find the murderer and escprt him--or her to prison.

Back at the hospital

Sami hears Lexie ask Brenda to pull up her blood results on the computer, to see if she is a match for Tony. Sami has got to find a way to stop her, so she tells Brenda that she can't touch that computer. She tells them that she had work on their, but Brenda assures her that it was saved and she will pull up Lexie's file in a minute. Brandon walks up. He tells Lexie that he is sorry about her brother and wishes him good luck as Tony is in surgery now. Sami grows angry and tells Brandon that she needs to speak with him privately, but he asks why she can't just tell him now. Lexie warns Brandon that before you know it, he won't have any friends because Sami will scare them all away as Sami assures Lexie that she knows what they did and what the result of it was. Brandon tries to break them up, but no success. Now, he pulls HER aside and demands to speak with her as Lexie goes in with Cassie.

Out on the terrace, Brandon blasts Sami for the way she acted. Eventually, they hug, kiss, and make up, leaving everything "all better."

Back in Cassie's resting room, Rex returns and is upset when Cassie informs him that he can go after Belle, now that her and Shawn are broken up, but he refuses. Lexie walks in and talks with the twins about the DiMera's and Tony. She agrees that she is close with Tony, but they were not raised together as Rex and Cassie were and she was quite happy, with a loving family and husband when she found out she was a DiMera. After Lexie leaves, Cassie and Rex argue about her relationship with Shawn. Later, Lexie comes back and informs the twins that Tony is out of surgery.

In Marlena's office, John paces around waiting for her, until she comes in, upset. Marlena informs him that she found info reguarding the twins' true parentage. Slowly, she explains about feeling close to the twins, remembering a vague lullaby, and she felt a loss. First, she thought it was the time she missed with Sami and Eric, but decided otherwise. Marlena says that she did research and found that her and Tony's blood type, mixed, could not produce the twins, but she could be Rex and Cassie's mother. She is in tears as John assures her that they will get through this as she talks about her connection with the twins. Suddenly, Marlena is horrified by the idea that Stefano could be the father. He suggests they research the past and return to the DiMera Compund. Marlena, still crying, agrees as the previews roll.


*Rex asks Shawn why he broke up with Belle.

*Belle is telling someone about her problems with Shawn.

*Nicole, champagne bottle in hand, talks to Victor about confessing as Bo walks up, asking "confessing to what?"

*Hope hears Larry's voice shouting "Murderer!" as she yells at him to stop.

The End.