Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/28/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/28/03

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

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Soooo sorry if I missed anything, it was a confusing episode to write. Thanks!

HARTLEY HOUSE - Belle is stunned that Shawn is breaking up with her and wants to know WHY. Cassie is listening in and Rex tries to pull her away but she doesn't and they both listen in. The phone rings but Shawn and Belle don't answer it. He tells her he doesn't want to hurt her but she tells him it isn't working. He wants the best for her, but she tells him that he still loves her, and if he didn't it would make all this easier. She tells him that she'll wait for him, and she sees the twins in the doorway. She goes to check her voice mail and Cassie asks Shawn if he's told her but he says no. Belle is upset and tells them that Brady was in a car accident and they go. Shawn and Belle to see Brady and Cassie and Rex to see Tony...

HOSPITAL - Jack walks up to Sami and wants to get to full scoop on the hit and run. Sami doesn't know about it and immediately wants to know how Tony is. Marlena comes and asks John about Brady. He fills her in but tells her that Tony may be paralyzed. Lexie goes in to see Tony and he's upset and tells her that he told the doctors not to call but she tells him Abe did. He doesn't want to upset her but she tells him that he's her brother and he needs her. He doesn't want her to doctor him but she tells him she's a doctor, she can't help it. She looks at his chart and looks worried. Tony says 'It's not good, is it? Paralyzed. Not a fate I ever imagined for myself, but I may have to spend the rest of my life with it. And carry on the Dimera legacy -- my... that'll be up to you and only you...'

Marlena and John are talking when Lexie walks by and Marlena asks about Tony. She tells her that he needs surgery but there are no guarantees he can ever walk again. Marlena reminds her of all the blessings she has received but Lexie reminds them of all the horrible stuff too. Marlena goes to call Belle (see above)

Brady goes in to see Tony and he asks about his health. Brady says hees fine, and Tony asks to start the discussion they couldn't do last night. Brady doesn't want to because of his condition, and thanks him. Tony it's nn uncle's duty to his nephew. Brady wishes him luck and leaves by Tony tells him to wait. Tony tells him that what he found was really an investment in Basic Black, he wasn't trying to take it over. He knew John would never accept a donation from him. Brady hesitates, and tells him that he had a spinal cord injury from a gunshot wound and there IS hope. Tony tells him that he has a tendency to look to the dark side and Brady replies 'Me too, usually. But look, if you're going to lose the use of your legs because you tried to save my life, well, I'd rather not be in your debt, so I'm going to pray that you make a full recovery.' He leaves, and Tony says to himself that if he doesn't make a full recovery Brady will be in debt, with interest!

Cassie and Rex walk in and Tony gets a hug from Cassie. Rex tells him that they got an update from the nurse about his operation. Cassie wants to help but he tells her she's here, and that's all he needs. She can't believe no one told them that the one person who cares about them got hurt. Tony tells her that Belle, Shawn, and Marlena care also but Rex informs him that Marlena told them she couldn't be a mother to them. Cassie doesn't want to upset him and they apologize but he tells them that he is dedicated to them, though he is a poor excuse for a mother too. Cassie tells him he's wonderful but Tony replies 'Don't say that yet... not until I've seen that all your needs are met. And that will happen. I swear on my father's ashes...'

Jack wants to know about their relationship and Sami says good friends. Marlena and Lexie walk up and Marlena informs them that Brady is alright but Tony may need surgery. She tells them that Tony may be paralyzed and wants to know if Lexie can get a room to lay down but Sami snaps saying it isn't a hotel. Marlena gives her the LOOK and Jack throws a remark and leaves to the phone. He calls Harold and he informs Jack that Jennifer is home with the flu, so he leaves, saying goodbye to everyone and giving his condolences to Lexie. Now it's just Marlena and Sami and Sami is complaining about her job, but Marlena tells her she's in the healing profession which Sami doesn't really believe. She mentions Tony and Sami informs her that he 'gets her.' She asks about Brandon but replies that she can have more than one friend. Marlena warns her about Tony but Sami asks her why she's always around him and 'those freaky alien twins.' Marlena is shocked about how she has been behaving today, first about Lexie and now this. She calls her an embarrassment and asks if she ever expressed concern for Brady. Sami tells her that he's alright and he wouldn't do the same for her. Sami tells her that she is smart with Tony, she even gave him away to the cops and Lexie comes by and says 'You claim to be my brother's friend, and then you turn him in?' but she tells her he didn't do it anyway and gets a call and goes.

John walks by and Sami finishes a call and walks over. She tells them 'Because Tony's going into surgery, they need to have blood standing by, but I guess he's got this, like, weird mutant blood type or something, so they're going to need to have someone donate -- probably a relative.' John asks what the blood type is but Sami won't let him have it. He tricks her and snaps it away and sees that it's Type OH - Bombay Phenotype. Marlena informs them that that is the twin's blood type. Sami enquires, but John corrects her in saying that it's just Cassie's blood type. They think that Tony might be their father, and it's just another secret but Lexie tells them that if it's true, then Tony has no idea but John doesn't think so. Lexie tells them that she doesn't have that blood type (Marlena tells her she couldn't give blood anyway because of her pregnancy) and asks if John could, or is it against his moral code to give blood to a Dimera. John denies this, but tells her that he is not a match. He asks how rare it is and Lexie tells them that it's so rare Cassie may be their only option. Marlena tells her that she's extremely needle-phobic but Lexie asks if she would talk to her. Marlena knows she isn't happy with her right now but she'll try.

Brady is up in his cubicle when Belle and company walk in and he gets a hug. She also gives a hug to Shawn (he's kinda mellow, lol) and Cassie and Tony go to see Tony. John walks in and asks if Marlena told Belle on her voice mail that Brady was fine, but Belle tells him she didn't listen to all of it. They ask if she pulled an all-nighter and Shawn and Belle pass a glare to each other. Shawn apologizes to Cassie/Rex and tells them he should have driven them, but they don't mind and Rex is thankful Brady is okay. Cassie runs out and Rex goes to see to her. Rex tells her not to be a drama queen. She tells him 'I get too close to Shawn, you say stay away. I walk away, and you say I'm being selfish. How about you make up your mind?' Rex tells her she's being unfair, but she tells him that it's unfair that Shawn and Belle wanted them as room mates but now don't want them around, or maybe it's just her? Rex tells her that Belle knows she wants her boyfriend, but Cassie tells him that she's risking a lot doing this for him. Rex wants to know what she's talking about but she leaves. Meanwhile, Shawn leaves and Belle and Brady are together packing his things. She tells him about Shawn needing space but that he still loves her but Brady doesn't believe it.

Cassie goes to Shawn and asks again if he told Belle about Colin Murphy but he says no, he already feels bad since he did this to her. Cassie reassures him and says 'There's enough suspicion around me, anyway... being a Gemini twin and all. Besides, you didn't tell me. It was just a twist of fate that I was there and I saw it happen. Obviously, I was there for a reason -- so you wouldn't have to go through this thing alone. We're in this together... you and me.' Belle and Brady walk to John and he informs them of Tony's rare blood type. Brady asks if they could help but he tells them that they don't have that type. Belle is gone and Brady tells John about what Tony said. John still doesn't trust his intentions and thinks that he set up Colin's murder (And Shawn looks on). Belle goes to Shawn and tells him about Cassie's blood type matches Tony's. They think he could be their father, and Shawn thinks it weird that he's everybody's uncle Tony. Belle mentions the Dimera part too and Shawn agrees. Belle has an early class and Shawn stays for the twins. She leaves, and tells herself that she'll wait for him

Marlena has brought the twins to the terrace and explains to them Tony's condition. Cassie agrees to do so and says 'I'll do it on one condition -- you give me the needle. And it shouldn't be hard. I already know that you don't mind hurting me...' OUCH!

John walks up to Lexie and asks a few questions about Tony's condition. We find out that since John doesn't have the blood type still means he could be related to the twins. He wants her to make sure that she does not have the blood type so she picks up the phone to make sure. Sami is listening and is worried she could find out about her switching the paternity test results.

JACK/JEN - Jen pulls over the covers and Jack walks in holding grocery bags. He pulls out the "nice warm ginger ale" and the soup! They can't understand why Jennifer is sick, since no one at the party had a cold and there probably wasn't any food poisoning anywhere. He tries to juggle the ginger ale (they mention how he treed before, witch Maggie's candlestick holders!) Jennifer comments that right now Jack is the only person that can make her laugh :)

HOSPITAL ROOM - Marlena gets Cassie on the bed-thingy and explains what she is doing with the needle and all. Rex is right beside her all the way and Marlena sticks her with it. She supports her as John watches, and the credits roll...