Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/27/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/27/03

By Rebecca
Pictures by Juanita

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POPHAM STREET - Tony waits for Brady as he walks by and they pass glares. Brady walks towards him as Chloe screams for him to stop, she has to tell him something. Tony looks the other way and sees a car headed straight for Brady, and John (in his car) sees it also. Tony runs to Brady and pushes him away and the scene ends. It some back with Chloe crying over Brady and John runs to his son. He sees that he's unconcious yet breathing. He looks at Tony and John closes his jacket and Tony says he can't move...

OUTSIDE THE PARTY - Shawn confesses to Cassie that he killed Colin. *We see flashbacks of Colin aiming the gun at Bo (outside, at the window) but Shawn comes out from behind the bushes and they fight. He gets the gun and wants to take him inside but Colin won't do it. Colin walks towards him and steps on a branch, and he turns around and Shawn shoots him in the back.* Shawn tells Cassie that it's killing him, and he needs to confess. Cassie stops him, and tells him that since there is no evidence against him he shouldn't do anything. He wants to say something, and Cassie tells him not to tell Belle. Shawn wants to, but she tells him that if Belle trys to protect him she could go to jail. Shawn is confused, but Cassie goes on about it. Rex, who just left the Hartley House, comes by and tells Shawn that Belle has been wating for hours. He leaves, will some objection from Cassie, and Rex tells her to STOP trying to break up Shawn and Belle and that they belong together. Cassie tells him that she and Shawn have something he and Belle can never have, they have a destiny. Rex wants her to open up, but she won't and leaves.

HARTLEY HOUSE - Belle awaits Shawn with Rex. Belle is getting angry but Rex tells her not to be, that Shawn must have a good reason and he would want to see her with a smile when he gets here. Belle is touched, but wonders if he's with Cassie. Rex denies this, and explains to her that she got upset over Marlena rejecting her. Rex wants to leave so she can be with Shawn and Belle tells him that she hopes he finds his love some day. After he leaves, Belle gets a feeling that Shawn will break that promise. She puts on her jacket and gets ready to leave when Shawn walks in, and she hugs him. She can tell that something's wrong and he tells her that HE is the problem. She doesn't want him to shut her out again, and knows it started the night Colin was murdered. Shawn agrees, saying it jsut put more stress on his family. He says that he's in a dark place and he wants to free her from him, he wants to let her go. Belle asks if he's breaking up with her, and he says yes as she starts to cry. (continue at ENDING)

BRADY HOUSE - Hope wants to call Abe and confess to Colin's murder but Bo will not let her. Hope tells him that she doesn't want to be protected anymore, but he tells her that he will prove that she did not kill Colin. Abe rings the door bell, and Bo tells Hope not to say a word about the murder and that he will do the talking. He lets Abe in, who wants to talk about the murder investigation. Bo suggests Hope go upstairs to see Zack which she does. Meanwhile, Bo and Abe talk and Abe tells him that the DA is going down on him for not getting Colin's murderer. He also mentions that the DA wants Bo and Roman off the case, since he thinks that one Brady might be covering for another. Just then we hear something break, and it cuts to Hope who let a vase (or cup maybe) fall. Bo tells her that they'll clean it up later and tells them that Carson (the DA) is way off base and no Brady killed Colin. Abe gets a call and leaves, and Hope talks about the DA but Bo isn't concerned. Hope thinks it's only a matter of time. (continue at ENDING)

HOSPITAL - Chloe goes to Craig and asks about Brady (John follows) and Craig says that he'll be fine, just a minor concusion and they go in to see him. He wakes up and wants to know where he is. Chloe tells him about him meeting Tony Dimera and getting hit by a car. She tells him that he'll be fine, they kiss and he says goodbye to his dad.

Meanwhile, Craig tells Tony that they're going to do surgery and there are no guarantees that he'll ever be able to walk again, which he does not like. After, Bart comes in saying that somehow the plan failed. They're plan was to have a car go for Brady, Tony rescues him, and he gets all the gratitude and is free to go after Marlena. Tony tells Bart that he will pay, as will the driver. But John and Brady will pay the highest price of all. In the hall, Abe comes in (after leaving the Bradys) and John fills him in about how Tony saved Brady's life. They both wonder just what Tony had to gain from doing that. In his cubicle, Brady asks Craig about Tony's condition and Craig tells him that he may be paralyzed and he looks somewhat concerned. Later, John comes in to see Tony and asks why he saved his son. Tony says 'Why? Because you're my brother, John, and Brady's my nephew. What more reason does a man need? I'm as protective of my family as you are, John..."

ENDING - Bo tells Hope 'I'm going to prove you didn't do it, by finding the bastard who did.' We cut to Shawn having flashbakcs of pulling the trigger. Back to Bo who says 'I'm going to find murphy's killer, and I'm going to put him away for life' as the credits roll........